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Undertale but it’s a fighting game

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  1. 4:45
    Yeah… I think Jacksepticeye was the one who made Papyrus sound like Skeletor first.

  2. it's cute how creeper gets his friends to help fight the enemy.

  3. “I decided to switch it up and play an actual Rivals character”

    Hate to break it to you, but that’s Dark Matter from Kirby’s Dream Land 2 for the Nintendo Game Boy.


  5. Undertale but it’s a battle game = undertale = detarune fan = detarune .-.

  6. “You could eat this bone”
    Choctopus, 2021

  7. "Wont play megalovania I dont wanna get copyright striked." – Choctopus while playing a song from the same copyright free soundtrack.

  8. We’re all the characters mods? Or were they really in the game?

  9. Undertale fighting in this game makes more sense than in the original game

  10. the jet pack for frisk is the moment with frisk is in the kitchen of mettaton and he have too use a jet-pack for get the food or this is will be him too die

  11. This undertale is a fighting game xd

  12. Fun fact:undertale is already of fighting game

  13. Didnt someone actually make an Undertale fighting game?

  14. Fun fact about me I'm a [[BIG SHOT]] and a [[HYPERLINK BLOCKED]]

  15. "I still have to do the genocide run"
    "dont do it it broke my heart"
    cant wait for them to see wierd run

  16. 7:38 what a weird matchup iam sure we will never see that in smash ultimate … wait **

  17. "I still have to do a genocide run."

    "Don't do it, it broke my heart"

    Funny considering who they were playing as.

  18. play one of these on roblox

    reccomending: soul shatters (its rlly good prob the best roblox fightings game lol)

  19. Creeper should be in smash with the moveset like that little bit more arrangements then boom another version of steve or better for some players

  20. Alternate Title: Sans Beats the Crud Out of frisk

  21. What other characters would you like me to check out?

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