TRANSFORMERS Forged to Fight | Official Game Trailer | Netflix -

TRANSFORMERS Forged to Fight | Official Game Trailer | Netflix

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Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and bots across the multiverse are in danger. Ready to build a team, shore up defenses and fight epic battles? Roll out!

Play TRANSFORMERS Forged to Fight on your mobile devices. Available exclusively on Netflix:


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TRANSFORMERS Forged to Fight | Official Game Trailer | Netflix


  1. I heard they removed the bayformer bots. This is 100% a let down for those who grew up with the bayformers. And also 100% waste of assets. Yea G1 is cool but I’ve never really got into it cause I didn’t grow up with it. After TLK I never watched any of the other transformers movie. Upsetting.

  2. Muchísimas gracias Netflix por volver a traer un gran juego pero espero que metan las versiones de la peli lo esperaré pacientemente pero de verdad muchas gracias Netflix

  3. Вы испортили игру, зачем было делать её платной

  4. when FTF coming back: This one sparks joy

    You have to pay to play it: this one does not spark joy

  5. I owe Netflix my life and loyalty to them for short thank you 😊🤖

  6. Kinda sad to see no reasons to remove the Bayverse bots from this game.

  7. Storm Godzilla 2019 God of the Storm Monsters says:

    What a shame but I'm glad the game is back

  8. Ahhhh the memories I shared with people in this game those roleplayers,that one cringy kid always bragging about how strong he is,the weirdos,the ones with usdbdjxkksjd for their username,the lurkers,and that one disgusting kid who roleplays seggs with random people in the global chat good memories glad to see it's back. I've been playing this game for years had several different accounts on it and I still haven't gotten a five star bot….wish me luck

  9. netflix I want to ask you, can this game be said in all countries or is there an exception

  10. Oh no I can't sign up into Netflix Account 😢

  11. I played this game back when it was first released and had all the bots. Would I have to start over again?

  12. I seriously hope that similar to Legacy Wars and Battle For the Grid, this will get a proper game.

  13. Netfilixe sokayım oyunu uynayamıyom

  14. do you need a netflix account to play the game? so its basically a paid app then?

  15. I hope I still keep my 5 star bots and base collection

  16. thank god they are back…. I CANT PLAY SHIT WITHOUT A NETFLIX ACCOUNT

  17. It’s not letting me play error code 6002

  18. Character ideas:

    Beast Machines:



    Vector Prime

    Sentinel Prime


    Long Haul

    Ultra Magnus

    Zeta Prime
    Omega Supreme




    Nemesis Prime
    Nitro Zeus


    Rise of the Beasts:
    Optimus Prime

  19. give us back our game in the name of all sparks, netflix you are already earning a lot of money, so why did you make all the games paid. no one else makes videos on "transformers forged to fight" make it free again

  20. If this game does not get back to free to play I'm going to let the game dye I can't buy a Netflix abbonament yust to play a game also is a kids game tecnicalli so they think that a 10 years old kid as money are they crazy????!!???

  21. What about old player accounts will the data be retained because I used to play it for a while and have some progress

  22. this wa sthe best game i ever played 1year ago and it came back and i just saw now and rushe dplaystore to downpoad it bro yessssssssss😊

  23. and now they abandoned it in 3 months not wanting to make an act 4

  24. This really makes me want a fighting game! Even more if it's done by Netherrealm!

  25. Do i have to have a netflix account to play the game?

  26. yeah F this game.. no matter how well you do while playing the game, eventually they'll throw at you, near invincible enemies, even if its lower rated enemies, they'll be buffed up with everything. and you'll be nerfed so much there's no point in trying. building a decent win streak in arena? not for long.. your team is 12k and ur last enemy team was 9k. ur next opponents are 18 -20k.
    you're as good as dead. it's not even s competitive natch

  27. to the whoever programmed and implemented the enemy AI needs a glass shard stuck in their their urethra..

  28. Netflix is ​​completely worthless: the game was closed most likely because of them, and six months later they re-released it, removing Bayvers and almost the entire account leveling system. What remains either unchanged or destroyed. And the new gameplay introductions are so crookedly and irresponsibly done that you wonder why Netflix hasn’t corrected anything yet. But there is no way to tell or contact them: no communication, no technical support

  29. You did very bad thing to bring this Netflix account problem
    I don't have any Netflix account
    How I will login 😐😐 this was my favourite in 2020 when you don't bought it I am very sad 😓😓
    What should I do you are only make money not only me how others will play those who don't have any Netflix account I am fed up of you
    I hope you will see my comment as a complain to you 😡😡

  30. Not even 4 months before the game's servers went offline. Fun while it lasted

  31. Glad it's back but man I'm gonna miss the 5-star bayverse movie Hound I had in my old account 😢

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