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Top Ten Zoners in Fighting Games

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Of the famous fighting game archetypes, zoners stick out, both because they are in nearly every fighting game, and because it’s very noticeable when you’re hit by their game plan. They fight from a distance using whatever tools they have at their disposal, such as projectiles, long weapons, or even their own limbs. With how many cool tactics can arise from this playstyle, I wanted to find the most interesting zoners in fighting games. So let’s see who plays keepaway the best! Embark on a retro gaming journey: play wolfenstein 3d boss classics online.

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  1. Wait…… this is u playing in all the games?!? Do you have a twitch coz the hard work and dedication u have to your videos is amazing!!! You gain a follower just on that dedication alone

  2. Better have peacock or robofortune.

    Edit: nice

  3. Shout out to Chizuru of the King of Fighters series, her mirror moves and illusive zone game is uniquely bizarre and stylish.

  4. Seong Mi-Na! i played that Soul Caliber back in the day so i KNEW Jade’s (MK11) fighting style seemed super familiar to me. i just couldn’t put my finger on it, so thank you for that tidbit lol👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  5. This video came out 2 months ago and you know Happy Chaos exists.

  6. Curiosity, Lambda is now more like Nu-13 than Nu herself, as she began the series as a zoner/rushdown mixed character. In Central Fiction, Nu was changed into a dedicated zoner while Lambda retained the zoner/rushdown mix (she is worse at zoning than current Nu).

  7. I personally feel Ivy is the better zoner in the SoulCalibur series. It’s much harder to get in on Ivy than Seong Mina. But she’s easily the second best zoner.

  8. i didnt know cetrion was so zoney, lol. now if only nrs made appealing characters. they look so dried up and for some odd reason their face scan never ends up resembling the original actor.

  9. Peacock mains caused 9/11 (she has a kamikaze ultimate)

  10. I was thinking maybe vatista instead of Hilda but either of them cover the archetype well

  11. Happy Chaos from Guilty Gear Strive is one hell of a zoner

  12. My favorite zoner is Persona 4 Arena's Yukiko Amagi

  13. Mentioning cetrion instead of erron black surprises me considering he’s the biggest zoner

  14. Didn't know about Hilda. Had 1.0 V13 vibes, tuned up to the max.

  15. I like your list and would like to add I-No from GUILTY GEAR X2 FINAL BOSS .
    she's the reason i learned how to play game shark , codebreaker , etc for that inf health .
    idc .

  16. Surprised he mentioned dhalsim and guile but not sagat

  17. dizzy not being on this lane is a crime smh

  18. Gaara from the fan game naruto vs bleach is a true zoner since all his moves can be used at a far distance (they even push the opponent back)

  19. You forgot to mention "Cable" from MvC 2, and "H-Arms Custom" from Gundam battle assault

  20. I think my only complaint with this list is the omission of Cable from MvC2. Possibly the greatest zoner in fighting game history.

  21. No Cable from Marvel vs Capcom 2? And Kilik was the better zoner in Soul Calibur.

  22. Honorable Mentions:
    Every zoner in NRS games.

  23. Sogetsu must be on this video and 80% of Netherrealm.

  24. Hm, interesting, I pretty well made list.

  25. How can Darkheart from Marvel Super Heroes not make it on this list? 🤦🏿‍♂️

  26. for KOF I feel that Bao is a lot better zoner than Athena.

  27. Pretty sure the strategy in old Mortal Kombat is "get them lined up for an uppercut" and then "remember how to input a Fatality code"

  28. how is launcher from DNF not on here………..?

  29. Zod over Axl? That's blasphemy right there but your list

  30. Peacock doesn't zone with h bang. She zones with George and item drop.

  31. Frieza isn't even in the top 50 characters in his own game. Man, why do I love this character

  32. Honorable mention to young Tenten in Naruto fighting games before Shippuden. She used to have lots of ranged attacks, but also a sweet double jump while hitting you with lots of projectiles, while taking almost no damage ever because almost everyone else was melee. During Naruto Shippuden fighting games she lost her old good moves entirely.

  33. I absolutely despise zoners… which is interesting since the first character I will run to in the off chance I play KOF is athena. Every time

  34. If megaman volnutt or Arthur aren't on this list i won't like it.

  35. Uhhhhh where’s deadshot from injustice 2

  36. Mina fits for Samurai Shodown more, she's a literal archer.

    No mention of Cable, one of the four top tier gods of MVC2, and his infamous Viper Beams.

  37. 05:44 – No, Zoning was a legit option ever since MK2, and there were a ton of Zoners since MK2 as well: Reptile, Mileena, Kitana, Sektor, Shang Tsung etc; Even the 3D characters had some Zoners like Shang Tsung. It wasn't just MK9 that started with dedicated Zoners. Also, "dedicated Zoners" can still Rushdown too, Cetrion herself in MK11 was that, and so are all of the other Zoners in MK like Reptile. That's why in MKX, any archetype isn't "just an option", Reptile, Mileena, Kitana. and Liu Kang are all Zoners and can Zone extremely well regardless of the Variation, even if the Zoning itself is more preferred with specific Variation, the option is still there in all Variations and on it's own it is still extremely powerful. Reptile is the best example of it.

  38. Athena Asamiya is my favourite girl in all video games and it my favourite character in all fighting games

  39. Im sorry, but I personally think that Ryu from Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition should be here. Literally every Ryu be it player or AI spams Hadoken at least 75% of the time. I understand most people think Guile is the main zoner but I personally think Ryu is in there too. Other than that. I completely agree with this.

  40. I never liked zoners until I found axl form gulity Gear. Now I love them 😂

  41. I thought Peacock's bombs were named Fat Man and Little Boy after the nukes that kicked japan's butts back in WWII?

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