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Top Ten Wrestlers in Fighting Games

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After my boxers in fighting games list, people have been asking for a deeper looking into the world of projectile-less hand-to-hand combat characters in fighting games. Most notably, the wrestler has been on this list of requests, so that’s what’ll be covered in this list. I’m going over my favorite fighting game wrestlers who bring on the techniques, flair, and are some great faces (or even heels if applicable).

Footage captured by A.T. and Sam from SoftwareAgentsCorp. Video edited by MrTopTenList with additional footage editing by A.T. Gonzalez, Dark Battleship, Paul A. Marcel, and R. Michelle Marcel.

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  1. eeehhhh as a King main…King shouldve been #1 xD yes biased also Bass is way better grappler and looks more like a wrestler in DOA

  2. Once I saw king at #4 I gave up. Watching. I feel like he is the closest thing to an actual wrestler in fighting games.

  3. 村長おとこお ゼルダの伝説 トワイライトプリンセス リンク 相撲 tatakai

  4. love ir video man,nice to see TIna getting some love ^_^

  5. Condor From Breakers Deserves A Spot On Here!!!!!!
    (Believe It Or Not😌)

  6. The mask is blue demon q Mexican wrestler

  7. Yeah #1 should be King from Tekken; literally the best representation of a wrestler in a fighting game with iconic moves like the people’s elbow, double-axe handle, lariats, moonsaults, and allll the chain grabs just to name a few.
    Plus, he’s one of the longest-surviving wrestlers of any fighting game.

  8. Man, is soo much wrestlers, incluid all from Slam Masters.

  9. What about galactic wrrstling ultimate muscle.

  10. ah wrestlers, not just grapplers. I was looking for Clark

  11. i love when tizoc does aerial attacks "giga cannon!"

  12. No Potemkin in a video about grapplers? Sadly, an automatic dislike for you good sir.

  13. Seriously? Gief not even placing? What kind of blasphemy is this?

  14. Fucking hell! King has most techniques! He should be 1st 2nd Armor King.

  15. King not at #1… Get the fuck out of my recommendations clown ass fool

  16. you didn't choose r.mika cuz she's a good wrestler

  17. Hello Everyone it's L looking at this video gave me an idea that I mention before that Death Battle should make a Wrestling Diva's Death Battle between these four good looking Diva's Wrestlers such as R. Mika from Street Fighter Series Vs Angel from King of Fighters Series Vs Jaycee from Tekken Series Vs Tina from Dead or Alive Series these four Diva's Wrestles to the Death in a Fatle Four Way Battle Royal Death Battle the battle of the Diva's Wrestlers One shall stand and three shall fall and all this they should make for next season of Death Battle One Question For All Of You Are You With Ee On That Idea Of What On Death Battle.!? ♤♡♧◇ 🎱🎳🎲♠️♥️♣️♦️🏋️‍♀️🤼‍♀️

  18. You forgot Jeffrey from VF. His moves are all wrestling moves.

  19. Zangief should have still been on this list. Mika is great, but I feel like everyone watching this knew better.

  20. It's sad that I didn't saw Clark Still in this list.

  21. I swear if king isnt nr 1. I am done with you

  22. No Luca Pikachu, and Incineroar? Bummer……..

  23. Tekken should have its own video lol. C'mon, Tekken has 4 wrestlers. Marduk, Armor King, King, Julia Chang/Michelle Chang

  24. I wouldn’t be able to pick between Tina and La Mariposa

  25. Most favorite wrestler in video games is King from the Tekken series.

  26. So happy you gave Haggar the love he deserves

  27. I'd eat out the chick on right in thumbnail

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