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Top Ten Wrestlers in Fighting Games

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After my boxers in fighting games list, people have been asking for a deeper looking into the world of projectile-less hand-to-hand combat characters in fighting games. Most notably, the wrestler has been on this list of requests, so that’s what’ll be covered in this list. I’m going over my favorite fighting game wrestlers who bring on the techniques, flair, and are some great faces (or even heels if applicable).

Footage captured by A.T. and Sam from SoftwareAgentsCorp. Video edited by MrTopTenList with additional footage editing by A.T. Gonzalez, Dark Battleship, Paul A. Marcel, and R. Michelle Marcel.

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  1. I knew beowulf would be in a wrestlers top

  2. Hello Everyone I'm Prime Zero L from looking at this video I would say since this guy is making Top 10 Video's he should make a Top 10 video on Hybrid Martial Artist Practitioners in Fighting Games of Unique Ones that knows what they are doing in a fight and if that doesn't work well how about Top 10 on MMA Fighters in Fighting Games that also knows what they are doing in every fights one of these two suggestions are good ones whichever works and some of you Fans & People would have to at least agree with me on that one.!? ♤♡♧◇

  3. Since you mentioned Dial M for Monkey the main bad guys name was rasslor and he was voiced by the late great Macho Man Randy Savage. I still love the line "Again and Forever I am the Champeon".

  4. Too bad you couldn’t include Incineroar from Smash. Though I think Bowser should’ve been an honorable mention

  5. Raiden should have had a bit more in the honorable mention since he's one of the only wrestler characters I've seen so far who incorporates the concept of heel and face; Raiden is him as a heel, and Big Bear is him as a face.

  6. I play final fight revenge and one of my fav characters is hugo and haggar

  7. My whole world changed i thought haggar took zangief moves but now i know the truth

  8. 4:28 He does not use it, because, it is not his, the mask is from Blue Demon ,mexican luchador ,is a legend in the world wrestling
    👥 luchadores

  9. My favorite wrestlers in fighting games are bane from injustice and wolf hawkfield from virtua fighter

  10. Thank goodness you said her name (Angel from KOF) as "on-HELL", instead of the other way. As for the naysayers, they should take it up with SNK if they have a problem with how that name is supposed to be pronounced, not me. Plus, I'm also giving you props for pronouncing "Zangief" (ZAHN-gee-eff) correctly, too.

  11. Hey dude Mika is from the Alpha series and Zangief is from SFII they are not the same

  12. One odd ball I like but I whould not put on the list is Cyborg 16 from Super Dragonball. There they made him a wrestler. Upgrade him to full and he have a combo that can delete the opponents health bar in no time.

  13. Kang Jae-Mo from Rage of the Dragons. He's what looks like a mix of Rey Mysterio and Yokozuna, lol

  14. Change the name of this series to "MY top ten" because king not being first and R.MIKA over zangeif clearly shows how flawed this series is lol

  15. Umm actually King's leopard

  16. Why does Mortal kombat not have a wrestler or grappler character riddle me that Batman

  17. I’m sad Clark Still wasn’t even in the honorable mention….😢

  18. If you haven't, can you please do a top 10 list of brawler/street style characters? Like Cody (Final Fight), Miguel (Tekken), Diego (Dead or Alive) for example

  19. is abigail from street fighter 5 a wrestling character

  20. 15:24 That was actually an awsome line since birds literally are just evolved dinosaurs.

  21. Can you do top 10 free fighting game like street fighter but on pc plz i like sub

  22. griffon is like inspired by thawk and muscle power hmm aint that what zangief says? and t hawl is he a wrestling character?

  23. Ha ha , what about birdie from street fighter and jeffry mcwild from virtua fighter?

  24. Are their any greco roman wrestlers in gaming?

  25. After i saw Ramón, remmenber to sugest you make a video of top ten characters with eyepatchs (and maybe another of characters with sunglasses) 😁😎

  26. This list lacks credibility at the moment in which not only does it not position King in the first place but to make matters worse it places him in the 4th place.

  27. wolfgang and clark were not even in the honorable mention???

  28. I need capcom vs snk to be a pure wrestling game

  29. Max thunder!!!!!!!!!!


  30. Would Hsu Hao count? He used freestyle wrestling in his Wrestling style in Deadly Alliance.

  31. Killer Instinct DEFINITELY needs a wrestler character, and I have ideas how that character can play
    The wrestler character should have two styles of fighting, one that consists of brawling and other generic wrestling moves like a clothesline, a spinning lariat, a drop kick etc, while the other style solely focuses on grappling, power bombs, piledrivers, back drops, DDT, suplexes etc
    No, Thunder, Tusk, TJ Combo, Aganos, and General RAAM do not count as “wrestlers” which they’re not

  32. Fun Fact: The mask Ramon is holding is Blue Demon's Mask, one of the most iconic masks in Lucha Libre history, besides El Santo. Check for the design and compare to it.

  33. 1:17 10# Muscle Power – World Heroes
    2:14 9# Bane – Injustice
    3:52 8# Ramon – King of Fighters
    5:32 7# Wolf – Virtual Fighter
    6:31 6# Tina Armstrong – Dead or Alive
    7:47 5# Beowolf – Skullgirls
    9:45 4# King – Tekken
    11:37 3# Rainbow Mika – Street Fighter
    13:27 2# T-Hawk – Garo: Mark of the Wolfs
    15:28 Honorable Mentions#
    17:07 1# Mike Haggar – Saturday Slam Masters

  34. Zangief and Alex > Mika
    El Blaze > Wolf

    The mask Ramon is holding is of his master, Blue Demon, a real Mexican Luchador, even if the style of Ramon is the style of Satoru Sayama, Tiger Mask.

  35. By the way, science said Birds are descendants of groups of smalls dinosaurs.

  36. Can you do a list for drunk, drugged, inebriated, or otherwise out of it fighters??

  37. King from Tekken isn't a Jaguar it's a Leopard!

  38. Bane isn't a wrestler XD he's an archetypal Muscle Thug with the tactics intellect to rival Batman and some really intense muscle juice!
    His mask is meant to be reminiscent of luchadores, yeah, but the in-universe explanation is dia de los muertos, The Day of the Dead, because Bane is a beast who WILL KILL YOU and he wants that message gotten across.

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