Top Ten Vampires in Fighting Games -

Top Ten Vampires in Fighting Games

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Vampires are a pretty big staple in horror-themed fiction, but did you also consider how many appear for a little brawl in fighting games. In this video, I take a look at some of my favorite vampires that have appeared in fighting games. I’ll dive into their movesets, appearances and backstories to determine how well they represent the creature of the night and bring something interesting to the figurative table.

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  1. Nrvnqsr Chaos from Melty Blood, is also a vampire. Could've been added as an honorable mention.

  2. Does anybody know the name of a 2d fighting game vampire who has blond long hair and you cant see his face because there is always a shadow cast on his face?

  3. I Love Nitara 💖💖💖💖

  4. Hi , i was searching about a vampire fighting character , but i totally forgot the games name , it is a 2 D fighting such as Kings of fighter or street fighter and it maybe one of them ,,, the character is male , blond , and wears a red cape , he punch and kick by using the cape only as i rememmber , and when he have a speacial move his picture will be in background in differnt shapes based on the move , and his special attack is about dead souls atcking the aponents ,,, any one knows who is that ??! Please help cause it is killing me

  5. and also the Loli Vamp From Blazblue,Rachel Alucard

  6. Hey mrtoptenlist I want to confirmationm this message is not spamm so I hope I don't get deleted this time:

    will you MAKE A VIDEO ABOUT Spongebob?????????? Please respond???? I want to also knoww if you will do top ten anime farts with Judge please.

  7. Do top 10 5th franchises you will see in BBTAG

  8. Eliza from tekken deserves to be on the list

  9. you forgot archetype: earth. melty blood

  10. for me the best vampire is Rachel Alucard for her absolute defense and never get hit her minion does and Slayer from Guilty Gear for reason, and with this video for honoring Rachel I am now a follower keep making top notch video.

  11. I always saw Hsien-Ko/Lei Lei as a ghost type of character, rather than a vampire type. Possession was key in this, as vampire's can have mind control powers, but possession is more of a ghost's ability.

  12. Eliza looks exactly like Nyotengu. Same haircut and make up and everything.

  13. I know it’s not a fighting game character but Kain from legacy of kain?

  14. OMG . . . . . I thought eliza was a demon not a vampire because she has horns

  15. George the 13th is the best BlazBlue character, even all these years later.
    Fight me.

  16. Isn't Jedah from vampire savior a vampire??

  17. What's dissapointing about Inutasha is that they dot have the decency to make a big Budget Ps5 game. … WITH LOTS OF OPTIONS dozens of Hours of gameplay and THINGS to do…Xbox One Series X is also acceptable but make it on PC so I can play it on my Computer PLEASE.

  18. Wouold you do Vamp from Metal Gear Solid 2 and 4? Will you play a Metal Gear Solid in a stream ?

  19. Demitri: I'm the main character of the game
    Morrigan: Hold my boobs

    Donovan: The anime ovas say other thing bro

  20. Eliza could have been replaced with DIO from Heritage for the future

  21. Funny enough I was just watching a sukkah he me remake video by otaku da kune

  22. Faltan:
    Skarlet of mortal kombat
    And jenny the bat of bloofy roar

  23. Hey everyone I'm Roland and also known by my Avatar name Altan The Orc Warrior and I like to say this Now from looking at this Top 10 List Video On Vampires In Fighting Games now to be honest their are a lot of Vampire Fans that really loves Vampires specially in Story's or Movie's or Even In Video Games and the only character I like on this Top 10 List Video would have to be Nitara from Mortal Kombat Series now this character is the only Vampire Character that was in Mortal Kombat Series and she is Master of Martial Arts of: (Leopard Kung Fu & Fu Jow Pai AKA Black Tiger Claw) and she was never mention again but she was how ever given a chance to be in the New Mortal Kombat Movies but not for long but at least she given a chance but if they ever make a new Mortal Kombat Game they should at least think about it and give Nitara a chance to be play once again by other players and including me as well and I give this Mr Top Ten List Video On Vampires In Fighting Games good thumbs up and good credits & points 👍👍✌✌👏👏🚘 and that is it for now and as my man Specter Prime always says it some of you Fans & Players & People would have to at least agree with me on that one on this Mr Top Ten List Video On Vampires In Fighting Games & Give Nitara A Chance To Be In New Mortal Kombat Games If Their Is Going To Be Or Not To Think About It at least.!?¡¿ ♤♡♧◇€£₩¥ 🎮🕹💞👍👍✌✌👏👏🕵️‍♀️🕵️‍♂️😎🚘🙊🙉🙈

  24. Arcueid looks like that teacher who you do not want to piss off

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