Top Ten Students in Fighting Games -

Top Ten Students in Fighting Games

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A fighting game character’s occupation isn’t always related to fighting. Sometimes they’re a chef, nurse, or various other careers. But sometimes they don’t have a job yet. They’re still in school. In this video, I go over the best students in fighting games, as in the ones that attend school. Maybe they also have a master at a martial arts school, but I’m talking about the ones that attend class during the day and fight by night, or even by day too and just skip class. And to add some teacher perspecitive to the mix, my mom, a teacher, will cohost.

Tatsunoko vs Capcom footage provided by Software Agents TV:

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  1. I haven't even watched this yet, but I'm going to spoil it for you: Sakura is #1

  2. Sailor moon from sailor moon fighting game

  3. Sakura from Street Fighter vs Sakura from Shippuden? Ryu and Sasuke are similar too…

  4. What about a list about “Pacifist Fighters”? You know, the fighters who never want to actually fight because they want to find a peaceful solution and fights when they feel like they have no other options which is like, all the time in fighting games.

  5. Maybe on your next top 10 you can do pinwheel and Skullgirls

  6. Yeah. Great students you've got there especially Phonon-san. In my class however, there's Aino Heart-chan, Tsuzura Saki-chan, Asamiya Athena-chan, Shijou Hinako-chan, Yabuki Shingo-kun, Kidou Hyde-kun, Harada Orie-chan, Nanase-chan, Tohno Shiki-kun, Tohno Akiha-chan and maybe even Yumizuka Satsuki-chan. What do you guys think of my class of fighting students I've mentioned before and which fighting students would you have in your class?

  7. Top 10 worst moms in video games –
    Sindel (Mortal Kombat 11), Dahlia Gillespie (Silent Hill), Queen Brahne (Final Fantasy 9), etc.

  8. Would Joker from Smash be cheating since you already had a persona character on the list?

  9. I was expecting Athena for the KoF entry.

  10. I think Kyo dropped out after he got kidnapped by NESTS

  11. I can’t lie. I only like the video the second I heard your mom was going to be co-hosting.

  12. 10:58 How come I never put that together?:MINDBLOWN….although it shouldve been more or less obvious.

  13. It’s great that Akira’s announcement and recent trailer has hyped up Rival School’s cred…real shame Capcom hasn’t announced a collection to be released so people know what the series is about. And yes, we need a collection, because there’s never been rereleases of the games from their original ports. Even before a sequel, we need ports for context and reference (and translate the school sims left out of the Western releases).

  14. I love Street Fighter and Sakura Kasugano is my favorite School Girl in fighting games. She is cool and I always loved playing her in the classic Street Fighter games. ^_^

  15. Top 10 bruce lee characters,drunken fist characters,military characters,character rivalries,weapon users,& secret characters in fighting games.also top 10 captains like capt. america & capt. planet,& top 10 robot versions of other characters like metal sonic & mecha godzilla

  16. How come u never talk about the bloody roar fighting game series? u missing out on some gr8 lore for ur videos

  17. Top 10 Musicians in Fighting Games, I picked Iori Yagami.

  18. 23:47 Me: (looks at detention and sees just Norimaro there) Nope, you got 'em all!

  19. what? No Jotaro Kujo from Capcom's Jojos Bizarre Adenture Fighting Game???

  20. I really feel like playing Rival Schools right now. I love that game. If I made the list I might have shown some bias to Roy, since we share a name. Batsu is a good pick though.

  21. Sakura is kinda "cheating" though since she is also a playable character in Rival School and also have close relationship with Hinata Wakaba in that game and they were not schoolmates. So yeah kinda "cheating" because two Rival School characters were included in this topic. Ryu and Ken could also be put as an alternative or honourable mentions though since Gouken is still their sensei so to speak

  22. love your content.. the fact your mom will co commentate is cool in my book

  23. Pretty good, also do the top 10 psychopaths in fighting games

  24. I love how SFV had a lot of development for Sakura. Also excited for Akira as DLC! Your mother is a nice addition to this video.

  25. Batsu appears in CvS2 but in a super that Kyosuke uses, Athena Asamiya is earlier than Sakura, but Yuri Sakazaki is possibly earlier than her…but I don't remember if AoF2 was before KoF '94. If there's a female student fighter before 1994 I don't know.

    I like this list.

  26. Top 10 dinosaurs/dinosaur-themed characters in fighting games.

  27. Just announce Sakura already lol. I do love me some Batsu, though. I'd be totally down with him at #1. Loved hearing your mom on the video!

  28. Top 10 Brawlers – fighters with no martial art discipline or magical powers doing what they can with what they've got, by kicking, punching, etc. Battling with pure instinct like Diego from Dead or Alive 6, Cody from Final Fight, Miguel from Tekken, and Mugen from Samurai Champloo.

  29. I love Honoka-chan and Xiaoyu, but for me Sakura Kasugano will always be the best student in fighting games! ❤️

  30. Speaking of being teacher like your mom, I am a Special Education teacher. Being so, can I request top list of characters with disabilities. It can be divided in to two lists: physical and mental. For example, Daredevil is legally blind superhero (physical disability). Or Hulk having uncontrolled agression (mental disorder). I would really appreciate it so much! Always happy watching your videos!

  31. Great list! I’m in the hospital and your list made me smile! Also, this may be cheating but I pick Amy from Soul Calibur. She’s homeschooled by Raphael so she’s technically a student and I love her aesthetic, voice, etc.She was really fleshed out in this recent SC.

  32. honestly since Rival schools had the "every character is a student so want to incldue them all" franchise goal already I woudln't of gone with Yu from Persona 4's fighting game and gone more with Ren/Joker for Smash Brothers since honestly I think the point of being a student in a game where most aren't is much more interesting especially with one as diverse a roster as Smash brothers.

  33. Will you do top 10 Superheroes in fighting games?

  34. Do top 10 female characters in swimsuit or bikini

  35. Aye pog Kaiba was mentioned, I'll take it 👀

  36. Top 10 non playable characters in fighting game

  37. I'm sorry but wtf was that pronunciation of Honoka

    Edit: Scratch that, the Leon pronunciation is the real sin here

  38. Number One: Kyo Kusanagi

    Edit: Oh, he's third. lol

  39. It still gets me how Kyo Kusanagi is man that's into writing poems. Him & Noel Vermillion should team up!

  40. Youve done fire and ice users in fighting games, lightning seems like the next step

  41. I guess that top ten Teachers in Fighting games, I think we cover senior fighters but I guess we can expand the roaster, sadly I don't think "Here Comes the Boom" has a video game, but I guess we could fir Miss Spencer from The Rumble Roses, but I doubt that you would like to have your mom as co-host in that part.

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