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Top Ten Students in Fighting Games

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A fighting game character’s occupation isn’t always related to fighting. Sometimes they’re a chef, nurse, or various other careers. But sometimes they don’t have a job yet. They’re still in school. In this video, I go over the best students in fighting games, as in the ones that attend school. Maybe they also have a master at a martial arts school, but I’m talking about the ones that attend class during the day and fight by night, or even by day too and just skip class. And to add some teacher perspecitive to the mix, my mom, a teacher, will cohost.

Tatsunoko vs Capcom footage provided by Software Agents TV:

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  1. I love Sakura! I always did. In every single way she is presented! One more time, chapeaux for the best fighting series/games in the world: Street Fighter! 😃

  2. You have done Students, now it's Time to for you cover up Top 10 Teachers in Fighting Games.

  3. I'm surprised you didn't add Shingo Yabuki from "King of Fighters" who he is also a Student, but hey I'm not complaining,

    It's probably obvious that Kyo Kusanagi was once the most recognizable Student Character in KOF from 94 to 98 Era.

  4. Nice, list. I would have put another character in Spider-man's spot. Someone who is clearly in high school. Maybe Bahn from Fighting Vipers?
    I think most of the student characters fight in their uniforms because they are caught off guard.
    I'm sure if I got caught in a fight there would be a good chance of me being in my work uniform sense work is the main reason I go outside.

  5. There’s actually a whole prequel to Skullgirls in the mobile fighter. It explains everything

  6. Hi Everyone I'm Chiho also known by my Avatar name Naomi The Mage Huntress from my favorite Fantasy Action and Adventure Game Skyrim and I like to say this I'm glad this Top 10 List was made to give Students in Fighting Games (good credit & good points & two thumbs way up for all that) I really like the students fighters and I'm glad my favorite Street Fighter Character Sakura made the #1 spot whenever a different timeline has pass she just keep on changing everytime I look at her and when it got to 3d digital I like how she became like that and when it got to Super Street Fighter 5 I like how she became more mature looking and that is all for now and as my friend Proto Prime always says it some of you Fans & Players & People would have to at least agree with me on that one on this Top 10 List at least.!?¡¿ ♤♡♧◇

  7. You forgot to mention that Phonon or Yoshiko have some kind of 8th grade syndrome. I guess that explain why she called herself Phonon in the first place. Also there's actually a scene where Nanase who are her former Underclassmen and she just called her by Phonon's real name and she just reminiscing about the time they have during their club (which i think it's an anime gang) and well…. Phonon just cringe so hard that she challenge her into a fight

  8. How… did I forget… that Sakura was originally a high school student?

  9. Have you ever done a top 10 blind characters in fighting games?

  10. Can you do a top 10 snk characters that will never comeback? I'm mainly asking this just to hear your thoughts on k9999.

  11. Oh love Sakura Kasugano from street fighter alpha series most excellent character ever made it.

  12. Video spoilers below:

    Phonon is an idiot in a game that follows around countless other idiots. She may be a school student, but she has learned absolutely nothing in school. Not a single brain cell in her head. Absolutely empty in there. Absolutely dumb of ass.

    Meanwhile, Honoka is a genius. Made of only brain that girl. Absolute genius, IBM super computers struggle to keep up with the thinkies that happen in Honoka's head. Chess is like tic-tac-toe to her, its a solved game.

    Batsu is okay at school. He thinks sometimes, and his thinkers are what allowed him to negotiate his way into TvC, the best Capcom crossover fighting game.

  13. Video spoilers below:

    Sakura is a "Monkey Punch" style character design which is part of the reason I feel she had so much staying power. She has a simple design, focusing on primary colors, and a unique set of details that make her iconic and fit outside the silhouette of the rest of the series. Add to that the fun differences in her moveset from the other shotos, and you have some immense staying power as a character for sure.

  14. I saw you kept getting clapped by cody on street fighter alpha 3

  15. I think athena was a better choice than kyo…

  16. Lion actually has a good hobby he's planning

  17. Heart Aino or Akane Inuwaka from Arcana Heart.

  18. Sakura Kasugano is my number one favorite student in fighting games.

  19. I'm glad you uploaded this video which is all about School Students! I'm also a School Student, who lives in the Philippines, and I have online classes! Thank you, MrTopTenList!

  20. Yeah about Kyo, according to one of his interaction dialogue in KOF13 (I think it was with Athena), he STILL didn’t finish highschool! XD Love the list and your Mom’s commentary! It was pleasant. 🙂

  21. Hell yes virtua fighter got a shout out. Underated in the US

  22. Kyo kusangi didn't finish school and keeps fighting iori

  23. I got a good list you can do. Top 10 Street Brawlers in Fighting Games. Examples: Diego from Dead Or Alive, Miguel from Tekken, Cody and Birdie from Street Fighter.

  24. Top ten kids in fighting games i mean kids can fight right

  25. can u do top 10 child can fight
    1. peacock from skullgirls series
    2. bb hood from darkstakers series
    3. kula (she looks chidish for me) from kof series
    4.wendy marvell from fairytail series
    5. linne from unib series
    6. ken amada from persona 3 series
    7. shizumaru from samurai shodown series
    8. konohamaru from naruto series
    9. ness from eb and ssb series
    10. ash from pokemon series
    honorable mention
    bowser jr. from mario and ssb series
    lucas from mother series
    claus from mother series
    all ness'friends from earthbound

  26. Its always a treat to have your mom appear. Her voice is so soothing and wholesome

  27. Now it's time for Top Ten Teachers in Fighting Games

  28. 11:54 Fun fact, In Persona 4 arena he has an alt. color pallet that references P3 Protagonist and the Blazblue Cross tag Battle he also gets an alt. Color Pallet that references P5 protagonist (He also keeps the P3 color pallet in that game as well, If I remember correctly).

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  30. Eric Erica Palmer LORI LOUD THE LOUD HOUSE pronouns says:

    0:40 that game play looked cool what game s was it?

  31. Suggestion: Top 10 favorite fighting game characters.

  32. I’m very glad that Spider-Man was on that list. I’ve been watching the movies and cartoons.

  33. As for Spider-Man, where are the references to the PlayStation games? Even the Miles Morales one?

  34. Spiderman was(is) my favorite, too! Also, great list! 😎👍

  35. Do Top 10 Teachers in Fighting Games and of course, Top 10 Princesses/Princes in Fighting Games.

  36. Pls, make a Top Ten Bizarres Endings in Fighting Games!

  37. What if total drama was in fighting game

  38. I like How Honoka Giving You a Hug.

    She Not Here to Fight, She Just Want to Hug Somebody. That The Power of Love and Friendship!

  39. Filia got her memories back as a part of her contract with the skull heart you know the reason why she was after the thing

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