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Top Ten Sorcerers in Fighting Games

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Magic is a major factor in many types of fiction, which includes fighting games. I’ll be taking a look at the many sorcerers seen in fighting games (also known as magicians, mages, paladins, spellcasters, etc). These characters simply have to have the title of sorcerer (or any synonym) or have a moveset heavily based around magic, either specified or unspecified. A nice backstory also helps out, along with unique abilities that not just any run-of-the-mill mage can possess.

Footage captured by MrTopTenList, A.T. and Sam from Software Agents TV, Paul A Marcel, Cedric Donovan, and Danny Bereza. Long Dr. Strange Combo by Professor Oats. Special thanks to NeonSaturn and Clover Boy.

Video edited by MrTopTenList. Footage cut by MrTopTenList, A.T. Gonzalez, Danny Bereza, ark Battleship, Paul A. Marcel, and Rachel Michelle Marcel.

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  1. He has a loose interpretation of sorcerer.

  2. Kemi And Febb's Super rockin fun time says:

    Do top 10 self taught fighters in fighting games…

  3. Hey Bradley man when are you and Andre\ doing the Game Boy Breakout clones video and the Game Boy Pinball video?

  4. I loved the Rose, Tessa/Tabasa and Dr. Strange segments.

  5. Quan chi is a necromancer
    TOP 10 idiot characters in games

  6. Thank you soooo much for making this list, and sorry for being a jerk before, I had to undergo a surgery so I was scared and very moody.

    I had the feeling that I was going to die and that I would never had the chance of seeign this top 10 wich to be fair wasn't such a huge deal but it was important to me.

    Of curse I didn't die, in fact the surgury was soo low risk that I was never in danger in the first place, so I wanted to say thank you and also I am sorry, please keep with your amazing work!

  7. Can you please make a video about Super Mario Maker 2?

  8. Hold the phone, did I just see Noel in Soul Caliber?!

  9. I’d be perfectly happy with bringing in Tessa to the Darkstalkers cast if it means a new Darkstalkers. Also, “Vampire Savior” is an awesome name that flips the Japanese name back to the superior name.

  10. So wat about bayonetta she summons demons with her hair and her bulleta are magic hell she uses magic to slow time down.

  11. I think Athena Asamiya could have been featured as well. or Shiki maybe.

  12. Top 10 Bo Staff users in fighting games?

  13. Nine would probably end all the other socerors on that list.

  14. Because you brought up Capcom several times,. Will there be a Mega Man video later this year MrTopTenList?

  15. Huge fan of Eyedol from Killer Instinct. I think his "Warlock Head" could have gotten an honorable mention due to the sweet spells/moves he can perform.

  16. Suggestion: Top Ten List for Stance Characters. Fighters who use multiple fighting styles/stances which change up their gameplay drastically.

  17. Suggestion: Top Ten List for Rushdown Characters. Fighters who like to get extra up close and personal and keep the pressure on the opponent.

  18. Suggestion: Top Ten List for Trap/Set-Up Characters. Fighters who are cerebral assassins who have to out think their opponents.

  19. Of course Shang Tsung would be number one he is the original sorcerer in fighting games

  20. "Amplifying pain" is part of Raven's non magical abilities, namely her empathic abilities. It does sound weird but she really does this in the comics. She can send the entire world's pain, torment, and agony into one single person to cause heavy emotional/mental trauma. She can even simulate the feeling of death to a person and actually kill her target through the feeling and sensation alone. Of course, she can also heal a person by absorbing their pain and speeding up the healing process. Her empathic abilities are one of her most used powers in the comics at least in the classic ones, aside from her Soul Self (A form of Astral Projection that usually looks like a raven hence the raven themed visuals of her powers).

    The ravens appearing in her abilities is possibly her Soul Self manifesting that way since she can utilize and weaponize her soul however she likes such as teleportation, projectiles, protection, etc. All of these will take the form of a raven since that's probably what the demon part of her soul looks like.

  21. reclines on the ground 🤣🤣👏🏽👏🏽🔥🔥

  22. So Dr Strange gets a place here yet Dr Fate gets no mention at all? This video is so Marvel Bias

  23. Did this guy seriously say he didn't know Dr. Strange….

  24. About half an hour of video and you didn’t even mentioned my favourite sorcerer , the supreme of sorcerer supremes.. he is….. DHALSIM !
    And you chose Rose from street fighter and Dr. Strange and others from Capcom over him!
    Wish he YoGa InFerNOes you. 🔥

  25. Please make videos about butts , farts, pooping, peeing,m pubic hair, sperm, menmstration, sweating, characters getting drunk and cartoon pregnancies, Death Note, being transgendered and autism. I'm begging you how many times to I have to ask to get a response?

  26. Dude make a top ten Scientists in fighting game

  27. How are these top 10? You seem unimpressed by most of these or uncertain why they exist?

  28. I can't take this list serious because Athena Asamiya from The King of Fighters isn't there.

  29. I thought fait from brawlhalla would be in here

  30. Top 10 Frankensteins (doesn’t need to be just video games.)

  31. My Top 10 Sorcerers in Fighting Games:
    10. Rose(Street Fighter)
    9. Enchantress(Injustice 2)
    8. Raven(Injustice )
    7. Viola(SoulCailbur)
    6. Kan-ra(Killer Instinct)
    5. Dr Fate(Injustice 2)
    4. Robin(Super Smash Bros.)
    3. Quan chi(Mortal Kombat)
    2. Dr Strange( Marvel vs. Capcom)
    1. Shang Tsung(Mortal Kombat)

  32. Arme from Grand Chase is a awesome character.

  33. I watch all of these videos but never sub. I'm just gonna do it lol

  34. I like your videos, you completely mispronounced Geralt from the witcher 3

  35. Staring at the Black Sun Trying to SEE THE LIGHT says:

    Another recommendation, top ten UNDEAD from fighting games. Noob Saibot, Solomon Grundy, Scorpion, any Vampire from Vampire Savior(yea, we know, you don't think that name is cool, DorkStalker) … I would think there are more … umm … yea … I dunno,I'm not into a ton of the other games you usually cover but dammit … there are more!

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