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Top Ten Sorcerers in Fighting Games

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Magic is a major factor in many types of fiction, which includes fighting games. I’ll be taking a look at the many sorcerers seen in fighting games (also known as magicians, mages, paladins, spellcasters, etc). These characters simply have to have the title of sorcerer (or any synonym) or have a moveset heavily based around magic, either specified or unspecified. A nice backstory also helps out, along with unique abilities that not just any run-of-the-mill mage can possess.

Footage captured by MrTopTenList, A.T. and Sam from Software Agents TV, Paul A Marcel, Cedric Donovan, and Danny Bereza. Long Dr. Strange Combo by Professor Oats. Special thanks to NeonSaturn and Clover Boy.

Video edited by MrTopTenList. Footage cut by MrTopTenList, A.T. Gonzalez, Danny Bereza, ark Battleship, Paul A. Marcel, and Rachel Michelle Marcel.

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  1. Top 10 Gunslingers or Maids in Fighting Games.

  2. I think this list video needs a Part 2 since there are wayy to many sorcerers to list in just 1 video…but thats just me.

  3. What about terra from dissidia final fantasy??

  4. I'm sad not to see Aoko Aozaki on this list….SHE SHOOTS A HUGE LAZER FROM HER FOOT!

    Weeeeellll so does Nine but AOKO WAS FIRST

  5. I never realized Street Fighter ripped off both Von Stroheim and Lisa Lisa.

  6. can you make a video about being edgy?

  7. Hello it's L looking at this video gave me an idea that this guy should make a Top 10 list on Claw Users in Fighting Games or Top 10 Kickers in Fighting Games or Top 10 Bruce Lee Reference characters in Fighting Games or Top 10 Good or Bad Karate Fighters in Fighting Games or Top 10 MMA Fighters in Fighting Games some of you Fans and Other People and Gaming Fans would have to agree with me on those idea's if any of you like the sound of those idea's.!? ♤♡♧◇ (^v^) (>v<) 🙂 ♠️♥️♣️♦️

  8. I love this segment, and got me want to see more of your content, and see if you are one of the few people who talk and give Rachel Alucard credit. None the less awesome job.

  9. Oleander from Them's Fightin' Herds.

  10. Quan chi is my preferred sorcerer from MK.

    Ivy is an alchemist so she could’ve been mentioned?

  11. Question: Do you still stand by with Robin as your choice as spellcaster from Smash since now we have the Dragon Quest Hero?

  12. 4:15 umm what about ivy? I mean she made her blade out of magic and her blood for crying out load and she's been in the soul calibur games ever sence the very first one. Im just mad she didnt even get mentioned in the video

  13. 5:11 in both amy and viola's bio it does tell how she turned from red to gray. Its apart of her illness/vampire esk thing amy had plus the amnesha thing.

  14. I have a list idea, how bout a “Top 10 most point less MrTopTenList videos”

  15. Nice list, but i thought Athena Asamiya
    was gonna be in it

  16. there is an obvious top 10 list you haven't done yet. You can do top 10 soldiers in fighting games

  17. About Shang Tsung, his new fatalities in MK11 are unique in the fact that he does not (directly) kill you, rather summons your killer; Kintaro in your insides in the Shokan Reborn fatality and a pair of Shaolin monk zombies emerging from a pool of lava in the Kondemned to the Damned fatality. The latter denotes he has mastered some degree of necromancy. Oh, and don't forget he also uses that scroll to cause an obese corpse to fall on you and the EX version causes it to explode, dealing decent knockback.

  18. Top 10 Kids in Fighting Games

  19. I was really expecting Sindel. When I was younger, I litterally just called her "the witch"

  20. Viola is the weakest magical fighter in Soulcalibur and you need to see The MCU Doctor Strange movie.

  21. Huh so the intro had Azwel from SC6 and the honorable mentions had Geralt so 🤔

  22. Top Ten iado Practitioners in Fighting Games (Vergil, Jin Kisaragi, Setsuka, etc.)

  23. I'm surprised you didnt include Aswell from Soul Calibur 6.

  24. Y'all seriously didn't put Dr Fate on here but chose his copycat from marvel? Sad.

  25. I think Shang tsung and raven are the best sorcerers in fighting games

  26. Eric Erica Palmer LORI LOUD THE LOUD HOUSE pronouns says:

    You know what brad,. this is s good episode. this is a really good episode. Yeah yopu did good work and I liked it. Yeah your definatley my favorite youTube channnel.

  27. Is it just me or does Rose remind anyone else of Lisa Lisa from JoJo?

  28. I AM HOPING SOMEONE CAN GET BACK 2 ME ON THIS BECAUSE I DO NOT C THE CHARACTER HERE. i played a fighting game with a female who held a book of spell in her hands when she faught, but i cannot find out who she is. It wasn't tessa

  29. What is the name of the game from 5:09 i am searching an arcade game of witches or wizards i can't remember good the name of the game but it was so cool jeje

  30. Top 10 Fighting Game Characters that know how to punch

  31. 0:59 10# Akari – Last Blade
    1:50 9# Raven – Injustice: Gods Among Us
    3:57 8# Viola – Soulcalibur
    5:30 7# Amakusa – Samurai Showdown
    6:48 6# Robin – Super Smash Bros. U
    8:17 5# Rose – Street Fighter
    10:06 4# Tessa – Red Earth
    12:23 3# Doctor Strange – Marvel vs Capcom
    14:17 2# Nine The Phantom – Blazeblue
    16:11 Honorable Mentions#
    17:34 1# Shang Tsung – Mortal Kombat

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