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Top Ten Senior Citizens in Fighting Games

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Respect your elders. Fighting games follow the martial arts movie/TV/anime trope of the elder master, where he has trained for decades to master his craft and now takes a student while fighting alongside the new generation, only hindered by his frail body. Let’s look into the coolest seniors in fighting games based on their skills and other character traits. Bonus points if they have students! Judgment Meter joins me for this one.

Footage captured by MrTopTenList, A.T. and Sam at Software Agents TV with help from Inverted and Clover Boy. Video edited by MrTopTenList. Footage cut down by MrTopTenList, A.T. Gonzalez, Rachel Michelle Marcel, and Dark Battleship.

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  1. Are Master Roshi and Tung Fu Rue related? Inquiring minds wanna know.

  2. If We get a Street Fighter 6, I want an Elderly Ryu(who look like the Hot Ryu costume from SF5), so play more like Gouken, but you can still get Classic Ryu as Pre-Order.

  3. I want a Top 10 Mimic Fighter(Mokujin is Number 1).

  4. I have a theory why Heihachi and every other Mishima hair stands pointy like that . It's cuz of all the eletricity that flows thru them . Benimaru Nikaido can support my theory .

  5. FYI Gen Fu's Kung fu that he teaches Eliott is much like himself a very old style called Xinyi Liuhe Quan which translates to Xinyi(Heart+Mind) Liuhe(Six Harmonies) Quan(Fist). It was created by a famous General Yue Fei who created the fighting style by adapting it from the Spear. The focus of the style is for battlefield use with minimal grappling and no elaborate high kicks. It's also one of the internal martial arts.

  6. These awesome grandpas and grandmas are amazing!
    Espesualy Tong Fu!
    And Goken!
    And Heihachi!
    He's 300 years old but still a stud!

  7. What about Kitana, she's over 10,000 YEARS OLD. LOL!!!!!

  8. Lau can didnt exactly age, but he has a sickness that he is dying from which cannot be cured since VF4 which may be the cause of why he looks old. He was only 45 during VF1-4 so i imagine he still is 45 right now in VF5 and it may be his illness making him appear older. It wasnt determined as of late.

  9. How about Dr. Bosconovitch from Tekken 3 or Wang from Shaq fu? They should have been a honorable mention. Well, maybe not Wang but still a old man fighter.

  10. Whoever collabed with u kills the mood. Fire her. Liking ur vids tho u know your shit.

  11. And this is totally why Heihachi should be in Smash Bros!…or at least an assist trophy.

  12. Top ten BLACK FIGHTERS and shang tsung cant be a honorable mention hes at least top 3

  13. dhalsim is old, he is 62 years old. half of mk roster should be on this list since a lot of them are gods and 10s thousand years old

  14. Kudos for mentioning "Power Instinct". I liked to play the old lady character, she was rad.
    Another one worth mentioning is the fisherman character from "Last Blade" series.

  15. Don’t mind the game commentary unfortunately the female commentaries are lame and it sounds like she’s on a phone on speaker.

  16. Good video but please get a better mic for your co-worker. It's awful to hear her 🙁

  17. joseph joestar isn't number one?

  18. Lol you were going hard on my man Gouken. His story makes since. . . I guess😒😒😒😂😂😂

  19. I still wonder y gouken wasn't named sheng long instead

  20. These Motherfuckers should stop before they break a bone.

  21. Soul Cal 6 actually gave more depth on Weapons Master

  22. I can't recall his name, but the only old guy I played often in a fighting game was the one from Battle Arena Toshinden. Fo Fai. Only really memorable one for his bizarre style and funny voice.
    My expectation for #1 is Gouken.

    After watching the video:

    Oh yes, Joseph. And his grand son "Joe Taro". He's not really a fighting game character though, he's an anime character in a fighting game. This felt like cheating.
    And Fo Fai wasn't on the list? Aww.

  23. Ok boomers (sorry i came only to say that bye)

  24. When you said respect the claws, I immediately thought Raizo the principal from Rival Schools. 😄

  25. is anyone gonna point out that Lau Chan looks like Tao Pai Pai from Dragonball? 5:36

  26. Gouken and Heihachi are the only masters i would ask to train me

  27. Fo from Toshinden better be on this list

  28. What show is potraying judgment meter in the vid?

  29. Wang Jinrei and Gen are my all time favorites! Wang is a man of great wisdom who trained Michelle Chang and Ling Xiayou! Gen from street fighter on the other was a bitter old man with a grudge against Akuma! He even had time to train Chun Li, Yun and Yang in his pursuits

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