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Top Ten Senior Citizens in Fighting Games

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Respect your elders. Fighting games follow the martial arts movie/TV/anime trope of the elder master, where he has trained for decades to master his craft and now takes a student while fighting alongside the new generation, only hindered by his frail body. Let’s look into the coolest seniors in fighting games based on their skills and other character traits. Bonus points if they have students! Judgment Meter joins me for this one.

Footage captured by MrTopTenList, A.T. and Sam at Software Agents TV with help from Inverted and Clover Boy. Video edited by MrTopTenList. Footage cut down by MrTopTenList, A.T. Gonzalez, Rachel Michelle Marcel, and Dark Battleship.

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  1. Nicotine is one of the hardest senior characters to beat even if he s small i size and very old lol ! i love when he laughs and his back snaps

  2. Bo Rai Cho from Mortal Kombat?
    Captain America in the MvC series?
    Raizo from Rival Schools?

  3. This guy is so biased, he always places Tekken characters in the first place, even if there are other characters and games way more relevant. I don't see Heihachi above Chin, Tung or Gen, I don't believe Shang Tsung is not even in the top, he must be at least in third place.

  4. you forgot chun-li's master, look him up sometime

  5. Heihaichi was expected.
    But what about jinpachi Mishima 🙂

  6. Any chance we could get a "Top 10 Drunken Masters in Fighting Games" episode?

  7. This list is thorough, It's hard to argue. 🤷🏾‍♂️👌🏾

  8. Hey you forgot Shujinko from Mortal Kombat Deception I know some may not like him but I thought he was cool.

  9. Sheen (xin) yee (yi) leeo (liu) heou (he) chuuan (quan) 心意六合拳

  10. Oro scares me. He looks like a corpse.

  11. I've been looking for this particular old man in an arcade fighting game since the the 90's. He enters the match appearing to be old and feeble, but just before the announcer says "fight", his shirt rips to pieces ( just by flexing) and unveils that he's actually totally shredded and far from an easy W. Anyone know who this is? And what game?

  12. Lol, Heihachi Mishima defines what it means to be a badass.

  13. Tung Fo Ro looks like Roshi but without the glasses

  14. Shang Tsung in mk11 : Well yes, but actually no.

  15. So all old fighters in fighthing games are males. I mean we don't want any old waifus there right?

  16. I wonder if Dr. Eggman would count in this?

  17. Hello Everyone I'm Prime Zero L from looking at this video I would say since this guy is still making more Top Ten List he should make a Top 10 List on Soldier's in Fighting Games and the good reason why not all Soldier's have the same Military Martial Arts their are some that relies on different moves sets and different Martial Arts sets and they do well in different ways in every match up and some are good and some are bad and not only I give good points to this Senior Citizens List I also give good points and two thumbs way up for all that on this video and some of you Fans & Players & People would have to at least agree with me on that one if you like the sound of that idea on Top 10 Soldiers in Fighting Games.!?¡¿ ♤♡♧◇

  18. we're going to have a Great Time tonight… A Great Time… We'RE GOING to be having A Great Time Tonight in Sam and Andres Stream. will there Be Shirtless Tap Dancing? XD

  19. I Got A Few Ideas on How bradley can rename his chhane:

    Bradlyey And Friends
    Bradley's World

    MrTopTenList might be bad Name For Today's age of youTube and Let's face It … You Have Other People Like Cameron and Jerrics And Emily Helping you out. You Should Use Your Name more Often because it's your Name!

  20. Reason why Nicotine Caffeine was named that cause of one the Workers at SNK who was seen with a cup of coffee and a smoke in his mouth always at work so they made the character after him and his habits lol

  21. Came here just to warn that Master Roshi is now in Dragonball FighterZ!

  22. Make a video about the the TV show Zoids: Zoids New Century Zero, Zoids chaotic Century./

  23. Joeseph Joestar is way more than electricity. The power is Hamon, or the Ripple. It's a special form of energy passed down from his grandfather, Jonathan Joestar. The energy is actually based on the sun's energy and is used to fight the undead. Hamon is the energy of life after all. Hermit Purple just allows him to transmit it better, but otherwise, he more prefers using his Overdrive techniques for combat and Hermit Purple for a quick snag. Otherwise, he uses tricks and misdirection, like in his prime.

    Sorry, I love Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and I'm sure you had this comment 200 times already. Old Joeseph is one of my favorites in Heritage of the Future

  24. Top 10 drunken fist fighter in fighting game

  25. Master roshi from all the Dragon Ball Z fighting game

  26. The top ten drunken fist Fighters in fighting game

  27. Master kiyu and master master live from oc united

  28. OH NO! You forgot to mention Jojo's most famous attack… "all or nothing gambit, EVERYBODY RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!"

  29. Heihachi is one of my favorite tekken characters so im cool with this. But if you make an old men in anime video roshi would win

  30. Sees Joseph and Wang in the thumbnail:


  31. Heihachi basically dethroned Pac-man as Namco's mascot.

  32. I remember there once was an old man fighter who could turn himself into a gigantic bee, but I don’t remember who he was or where from. It was in an arcade

  33. The character Nicotine Caffeine got his name from one of the developers having an addiction to coffee and cigarettes.

  34. TBH I would put Oswald from KOF instead of Chin

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