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Top Ten Secondary Protagonists in Fighting Games

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In the struggle of good and evil in fighting games, we always like to focus on the protagonists and antagonists for the basic mechanics and most overpowered moves. But what about the other main characters involved the plot? I’m referring to the secondary protagonists, officially known as the deuteragonists. These characters generally have the easy-to-use mechanics of the protagonists, but give us another option for beginners besides the default character when you start up the select screen. Let’s see who’s the best of the second!

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  1. I’m a Linne main so I like that she’s getting more recognition

  2. I really like the 2 and 1 pick, but I'd personally reverse them. This is an excellent vid.

  3. Chun li was robbed! Ken is just 2P 😭 She literally helps save the day more than him and is used to represent street Fighter along with Ryu in other games. I demand a recount 😭😂

  4. nina was under ogre control when trying to kill jin. Jin won so she owe him in a way

  5. Breakers is nice too ngl.. Sho has the typical shoto moveset, whereas the rival of him, Dao-Long, is more charged-based. Their styles are the opposite of each other

  6. How about Youske Hanamura from Persona 4 Arena?

  7. I was joking over how Robert's gonna be the 1st lol

    I ain't disappointed.

  8. Benimaru is a pretty boy that with a funny haircut Roger Taylor from Queen voice

  9. What about Paul Phoenix. Kazuyas rival and having beat Ogre (first form) Jin Heihachi

  10. Though Ken is originally the deuteragonist and Chun-Li the tritagonist, with the passage of time, Chun-Li has become a more important character than Ken, probably as much if not even more than Ryu himself. Anyways, Chun-Li is the best and most legendary Street Fighter character.

  11. You should do the third protaginist like the comic relif like joe chun li and daimon

  12. “Main protagonist has an easy to play gameplan”
    Me: “Laughs in Jin Kazama”

  13. Thanks for including my first game crush
    Alice on the list. Kinda dissapoint you didnt put BR 3 or 4 on the video, which has much better graphics. Awesome list as always!

  14. Can you do top 10 cops in fighting games?

  15. You should do a top 10 confusing fighting game characters. And what I mean by that is characters who are not what they appear specifically gender roles, for example: like in Street Fighter I always thought Makoto was a guy but it turns out he was she. And the same could be said throughout most other fighting games you or any other player may not be aware of. That's just an idea to keep in mind later on.

  16. I was a bit weirded out when you added Nina as Tekkens Secondary Character but thinking it about now yeah shes the one who interacts with the Mishimas the most. Doesn't mean she's likeable like the rest of the Mishima Family though lol.

  17. I know ken is or was the secondary protagonist of the series until the second one. When the second game came, the other protagonist role was given to someone else. I mean who has been in every Vs. Franchise ever made in Capcom History other than Ken Masters and made an amazing return from absence from two game sequels?

  18. Didn't know Shin Getter Robo influenced KOF.

  19. Robert's staring role in AOF3 was deserving of the number 1 spot on this list regardless of what the Ken fanboys will say.

  20. You really should play Death By Degrees man , Solid game

  21. If Capcom want to make Ken Masters the Main Protagonist, I want a Street Fighter Spin-off about this "I can't Believe it's not UFC"(AKA U.S. Martial Arts Tournament).

  22. 14:14 I want to point out that Linne is pronounced as “La-Nay”

  23. What about top 10 gimmicky fighting game characters?
    I love characters with unique gimmicks like Hakkan and that bow and arrow girl who has limited arrows.

  24. I'm glad Robert Garcia made #1, he was always an underrated character. Great video, y'all! 😎👍

  25. Wish I lived in the timeline where Paul was Tekken’s no. 2 instead of just being a joke character

  26. Can you do top 10 mma fighters in fighting games

  27. “Ken is number 2” Oh shit?
    “Robert is number 1” LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOOOO

  28. The end of Tekken 6 set up a potential Nina AS leader of the Mishima Zaibatsu storyline and I was so excited to see how that would turn out… then Tekken 7 happened… 😑

    7/8 years between games… my favourite character could have become the main hero or villian… but then is written out in the first 10 minutes….

    T7 story was garbage

  29. Or perhaps Ayane real goals is becoming the next protagonist in Fatal Frame 6, she's already appeared as a side story in Fatal Frame 5 so she want to be the protag on the next one…. Yeah Ayane IS in Fatal Frame 5 and no she doesn't fight cause, you can't punch a ghost dummies.

  30. I don't know why but that "sin son" joke never gets old

  31. Ken Masters, my favorite character in Street Fighter!

  32. Ayane and Kasumi fight nothing alike. And Ayane does have a teleport.

  33. Andy is my all time favorite from Fatal Fury. And Ayane has purple hair and red eyes, so obviously she's way better than Kasumi. Ky is my favorite from Guilty Gear too, so I'm starting to notice a trend here…
    Besides, I love Kasumi (the Todoh girl, not DOA) more than baked potatoes.

  34. This is gonna sound mad weird but theres a game that has a guy with a cone head that uses yoyos as a weapon i rented as a kid and loved does anybody hppen to know what that was 🤣

  35. Ayane can teleport, she just doesn't utilize it in her general moveset ever since DOA 2, which was probably so the developers can give her and Kasumi completely different movesets. She does still teleport to avoid stage objects, in the story modes, and during some super moves. Her main fighting style is focused more on her tengu-style spinning, which makes her unique to play compared especially to Hyabusa and Kasumi.

  36. Thank you so much that's the video which I want

  37. Pls make video on top ten secondary protoganist in fighting games.

  38. 1:49 definitely wouldn't call that a loss. "Oh mai!" 😻😜

  39. benimaru was also supported with new main protaganist shun'ei from kof 15

    Also i kinda say that isla was actually was second protaganist because she has a specter (was actually a floating hands with coolest power) and cutscene of team rival.

  40. Viktor_V/-ughn* Da_Vaudville*_villaiN•• says:

    I kinda feel like kilik was the main of soul caliber 2

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