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Top Ten Questionable Guest Characters in Fighting Games

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Guest characters have become a mainstay in fighting games. While some of pretty fitting for the universe that they’re guest fighting it, maybe even to a point where they seem like just a default member of the roster, others make us question why they were brought into the game. They could have a fighting style not meant for the game’s mechanics, or they could just be from a different series that doesn’t mesh well with the fighting game they’ve wandered into. However, in the end, they’re likely fun to play and we’re going to take look at why these characters may have been chosen, despite seeming like a questionable inclusion at first.

Footage of Link in Soulcalibur 2, BattleToads, Killer Instinct, and Marvel vs Capcom 2 provided by Software Agents TV:

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  1. I think with how choppy and bad some the animations in MK are Robocops clunky movement was the perfect fit.

  2. 1:32 10# 2B from NieR Automata in SoulCalibur 6
    4:02 9# Rush from Battletoads in Killer Instinct 2013
    7:18 8# RoboCop in Mortal Combat 11
    10:14 7# Negan from Walking Dead in Tekken 7
    12:48 6# Heihachi Mishima from Tekken and Spawn in SoulCalibur 2
    16:32 5# Raiden from Mortal Combat in Injustice 2
    19:44 4# Rambo in Mortal Combat 11
    22:34 3# Leatherface from Texan Chainsaw Massacre in Mortal Combat X
    26:01 2# Noctis from Final Fantasy XV in Tekken 7
    28:20 Honorable Mentions#
    30:18 1# Cole McGrath from InFamous in Street Fighters X Tekken

  3. 25:14
    I always wondered about this franchise and how many parts there are. Never knew it one of THOSE naming conventions.

  4. I'm surprised Doom guy hasn't made it into any recent MK/NRS game.

  5. I didnt know Todd designed Necrid, I think the game description of him said he was a fanmade character or something. I don't remember seeing his name inside the game or the boxart.

  6. Yoda is on the run after order 66 and Vader is after him along with his apprentice

  7. Seems every MK was trying to make some characters paired as rivals, like Alien and Predator (Both alien species, fought before in crossovers, Alien relies on physical abilities and Predator relies on weapons and technologies), Jason and Leatherface (Both Slashers, fought before in crossovers, Jason is undead and Leatherface is human), Robocop and T-800 (Both iconic killer robots, fought before in crossovers, Robocop is flesh in metal and T-800 is metal in flesh), Rambo and T-800 (Both played by competing action stars, A hider VS A tracker), Spawn and Joker (Spawn's enemy is a clown and Joker's enemy is a caped dark hero, Anti-Hero and Villian), Omni-man and Homelander (Both Superman's dark parodies, fought in many fan-fictions, An alien and a metahuman)

  8. Rash is their because killer instinct has 90s trope characters robocop fought terminator in the comics so they added him for the rivalry..rambo (styling rivalry to Arnold) Raiden is earth's protector and there's trouble on earth realm duhh..

  9. I still think 2B is better fit for Soul Calibur series than Star Wars characters. I mean, she maybe an android from the distant future, but she still wield cold steel, unlike Star Wars characters who wield lightsabers that should cut everything like it was nothing but thin air, and unless your weapons are magical, your weapons will be cut to pieces by the super OP (by medieval standards) lightsabers.

  10. It was the chance to get Terminator vs Robocop in a fighting game and I'm glad they went with it.

  11. 2B actually makes a ton of sense in Soulcalibur when you realize the events that kickstarted the plots of the Nier games were caused by a dragon and a giant evil angel traveling from their own medieval-like fantasy world to 2003 Tokyo and battling it out, thus introducing magic and the concept of alternate universes to the "real" world (i.e. the Nier universe)

  12. this video could have been so much more entertaining if you didn't alternate your voice between alto and screaming like your balls were squeezed every other syllables ..

  13. Negan took a wrong turn and somehow wandered into Tekken and not Mortal Kombat.

  14. I'm surprised I didn't see Tekken's Larz come up for being in Naruto ninja storm

  15. I completely forgot that Cole McGrath was in SFxT. That is definitely the strangest fighting game guest character. They didn't even try to make him fit with the game at all. He was just there.

  16. Negan would be an awesome character in Dead By Daylight.

  17. 27:02 and now 2B is in granblue god I love fighting games 😂

  18. I was bummed there were no horror movie icons in MK11 I understand they tried to kinda fill the void with Spawn and who else could they really use other than Michael Myers who might play dangerously close to Jason. I think Ash Williams should be a guest character in a future MK but I’m 95% sure I’m not the only one who thinks that.

  19. Raiden being in Injustice 2 was just Ed Boon being up his own ass. There's literally dozens of DC characters people were clamoring for. Sticking a second MK character in was inexcusable. I remember being on Injustice 2 boards at the time, and only the most ardent NRS fanboys were defending the choice. There's a very limited number of slots available, and people wanted them to go to the countless DC characters. Ones like Hellboy that were from other comics got a pass, and everyone expected 1 MK character shoved in. But not 2. When he was datamined, nobody believed it because they had a history of trolling dataminers. But Boon was really sniffed his own farts far harder than we thought.

  20. What do you mean players in ther 20 or 30 dont know robocap thats a movie or movies that was big so that would be like saying that we have not seen die hard or rambo

  21. 9 Month later correction:The ugly yellow, more human proportioned Mega Man IS the original Mega Man seign, which was changed to a more child-like blue armored Astro Boy like character when the original design was not well received.

  22. Aren't guest characters a beautiful thing to fighting games.

  23. Mk 11 guests were theme 80s action movies characters. .not sure how anyone who plays mk wouldn't get that like. Maybe you're too young

  24. Mk 11 guests were theme 80s action movies characters. .not sure how anyone who plays mk wouldn't get that like. Maybe you're too young

  25. I always thought that Negan would have fit in with Mortal Kombat rather than Tekken

  26. I always thought that Negan would have fit in with Mortal Kombat rather than Tekken

  27. Who let bro cook 💀💀💀

  28. Who let bro cook 💀💀💀

  29. Negan showing up in Tekken and NOT Mortal Kombat will always be a head scratcher to me.

  30. Negan showing up in Tekken and NOT Mortal Kombat will always be a head scratcher to me.

  31. Aren't guest characters a beautiful thing to fighting games.

  32. Weirdest Cameo for midway was having a Scorpion Team and Sub-Zero team in MLB Slugfest Loaded (or 2003, been a long time)

  33. Negan 100% would deserve his place has an MK guest

  34. idk if it counts, but Snake from Super Smash Bros. Brawl
    It was very out of the blue for a kids game

  35. A Cyberized Stryker would have been kind of cool as the MK universe Robocop.

  36. Was Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe a bit forgotten?

  37. If MK11 battle intro dialogue is to be believed, the Spawn we know and live isn't the first Spawn out there and a mediaeval Spawn could be a possibility for Soul Calibur

  38. if they make an injustice 3, im still trying to figure out what MK character would guest in that game, i mean they pretty much used all the characters that even NON fans know, so who'd be next?

    id probably want one of the cyber ninjas personally, probably Sektor or Triborg

  39. Gon from Tekken 3 should have been on here. Also Ryu and Chun in power rangers.

  40. I still dream with kiryu as a fg character

  41. First time coming across this channel, this is the first time I've felt a list being sooo… endearing, like the personal touch is so prominent from the personal preferences to having your mom on here. Great job man!

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