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Top Ten Puppet Characters in Fighting Games

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Puppet Characters are some of the most complex types of characters in fighting games. They usually involve one character taking the lead as they puppeteer or command a second character to fight alongside them, so you’re basically playing 2 characters. Despite these characters being referred to as “puppets,” the “puppet” is not always a doll. It can be a robot, random object, or even another person. So let’s take a look at my favorite Puppet Characters that Fighting Games have to offer.

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  1. top ten Rmukio Takahshi nekkied scenes.

    t0p ten NYPD Blue NVVde scenes

  2. You forgot Jack -O from Guilty Gear, Gargos from Killer Instinct, and Farah Tor from Mortal Kombat X. I'm actually pretty surprised you didn't include at least one of them. Especially with Ms. Fortune being your # 1.

  3. Ok bro I love your work but I think #1 should've been Carl from blaze blue. It's not even puppetry miss fortune uses for her head, it's just her still being able to use her body parts even if it's dismembered.

  4. unfun fact, zatos voice actor died of cancer. when this happed they killed him off and let eddie take over

  5. Naruto ultimate ninja have a few puppet character that predate viola though don't know if it's good though

  6. Nice video!
    Shoutout to FighterZ Videl and Captain Ginyu

  7. I'm surprised you didn't include Noob Saibot or Noob Smoke. Still an awesome list though 🔥🔥

  8. What about Sasori? He can literally control 100 puppets at once.

  9. Casually forgot to mention the Ice Climbers in Smash Bros

  10. Bridgett with his yo-yo n teddy bear wouldve been a good character for this list..

  11. Pretty sure the first naruto game was out before soul caliber 3 so they didnt have the first 3d puppet character

  12. Naruto clash of ninja 2 has kankuro for the puppet fighter role, GameCube was awesome

  13. I honestly shouldn't be surprised that Alice Margatroid from Touhou 10.5/12.3 isn't on this list since Touhou fighting games are as well known as a schmucks idea of Iceland
    But point is: Alices puppet attacks in addition to the deck system, allowed her to be very flexible with her combos and control the arena

  14. How … How do you pick labrys over Ken and Koromaru. Ken is the quintessential puppet character of the franchise. 2 persona puppets and a dog as a puppet

  15. Eddie will always be my favourite puppet character because of his godlike theme 'feel a fear' and the fact that since zato=1 is dead in xx the puppet is actually the one controlling the person

  16. Blazblue.
    Best fighting game series of the decade.

  17. While I liked this there are two characters out that needed to be in: Kankuro and Sasori from the Naruto games, they literally fight with puppets, heck, one of them IS a puppet.

  18. Leroy Smith's dog & Kazumi's tiger from Tekken 7

  19. Why not ken from persona 4 arena ultimax, koromaru is an excellent puppet

  20. chang and choi would be even cooler if the player could switch between who is the lead fighter and who is the puppet.

  21. So this man just straight up ignore kankuro from naruto ok

  22. By your book, doesn't Litchi from BB count as well?

  23. Did someone say Devo 🤨 Man that require a high execution to do his combo and still one of the hardest character in the game oh yeahh

  24. i don't play guilty gear (wish i could) but from the clips i see in the video, doesn't he play more like a zoner than a puppet? like sure he has a second character but it doesn't look like how other puppet characters work

  25. big deal, in Mawaru Penguindrum, a little girl turned into /2/ hats

  26. 4:44 is my mind too in the gutter, or is the big guy letting himself get spanked by mini freddy's tornado attack? .-.

  27. I always envisioned Poison Ivy as puppet characters where she zones using a Venus flytrap as her means of attack.

    But she is another basic melee fighter is injustice which makes no sense for her.

  28. Surprised not even a mention of the Pokemon Trainer from Smash. That's who I immediately thought of.

  29. I wish there was more puppets that weren’t on a meter. So many puppets have the drawback be that they can only be out for so long, but I also love the idea of the drawback being that it attacks with you while it’s inactive which increases stuff like damage and reach, but if you put them out your normals get worse in favor for more complex pressure, and puppet specific specials.

  30. Interesting that most of the characters in Skull Girls are puppet characters by this list standards

  31. Cait & Sith?! Wait, is from those children that we have Cait Sith in FF VII!? O.O

  32. I would say I want a character from darkstalkers or mvc but these are the only ideas I have
    Qbee: she uses other small bees
    Anakaris: uses khabit his servant
    Marionette and shadow: literally mirror match characters
    Amingo: uses mini cactuses

  33. Kankuro from Naruto is also a 3D puppet character already came in 2006 or so like this

  34. If this video came out this year, Tom and Jerry from MultiVersus would 100% be on this list

  35. 10. Tag team, NOT Puppet user
    9. Tag team, NOT Puppet user
    8. Summoner, NOT Puppet user
    7. ACTUAL PUPPET USER, via psychic manipulation
    6. NOT a puppet user the weapon HAS to be an actual puppet!
    5. ACTUAL PUPPET USER, via curse/possession
    4. Summoner, NOT Puppet user
    3. Shadow possession/magic, NOT Puppet user
    2. The only puppetry is movement, its a soul vessel with relative autonomy
    1. Immortal, NOT Puppet user

    try again

  36. 8:31 "unless I'm forgetting someone"
    Shows ein and zwei on the screen fighting viola when introducing viola

  37. Kankuro from all the naruto storm games always has his puppet so that’s the first 3D fighter with a puppet

  38. Honorable mention to Kankurō in various Naruto fighting games, he don't do much but his one or more heavily armed puppets do

  39. Noob siabot fights on a 3-d plane in the MK 3-d era

  40. I don't know if anyone mentioned this, but Shadow Labrys' persona is Asterius, the minotaur from greek mythology. And yes, it is always angry, and can curse the user to madness after enough use.

  41. What the fuck, Menat was just the exact same concept as Viola. Why is no-one talking about this?!?!

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