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Top Ten Move Stealers in Fighting Games

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We all love originality in fighting games, but sometimes it can be unique to be a copycat. A handful of characters in the history of fighting games have made a name for themselves by taking moves from other fighters and melding them into a different overall moveset, or having a move that lets them steal moves from their opponent, whether it’s a single move or the whole playstyle. I’m going to look at the coolest characters that fall into these categories and make copying the new innovation.

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  1. You forgot Bartz from FF Dissidia. He copied moves from Classes in NT and other Characters in Duodecem

  2. Fun fact: When you face Shang Tsung in MK9's arcade or story modes, he can transform freely to whoever he wants from the cast just like the original trilogy.

  3. I stopped getting notifications for you and Software Agent

  4. Kirby in Super Smash Bros. is my top pick because of the sheer amount of characters he can copy.

  5. Wow, you prefer Seth being Male? Well, what is your reaction when Seth became a Female on SFV?

  6. The end Universal reason why doesn't come back is because talim heals him a viscous and made some human again Seether his Indiana her ending Soul Calibur 2 without is revealed

  7. i think these are called composite characters.

    in Super DBZ, Cell is considered the best in the game and has other character’s moves to pick on his skill tree and has a move where he can steal the opponent’s move mid match.

  8. Metal sonic showing up scared the shit out of me i hate that rat bastard

  9. From Sonic games, i would rather choose Emerl from Sonic Battle. Its like building your own character that will copy the moves you choose.

  10. 1:37 Fang: Don't lump me in with those losers, I was in that one Game Gear game where Knuckles was still a bad guy for some reason.
    22:20 Oh you totally have to watch DBZ Abridged (especially the Cell Arc) if you haven't already.

  11. How about combot from Tekken the ine from Tekken tag 2

  12. Rouge should get this power back in the next fighting game.

  13. There's also these copycat characters from other fighting games:

    Chaos from Battle Arena Toshinden
    Perfect Cell from Dragon Ball Z: Hyper Dimension and Super DBZ
    Kuroko from Samurai Shodown II & III
    Charade from Soul Calibur 2
    Chameleon/Khameleon from Mortal Kombat Trilogy
    Shinnok from Mortal Kombat 4
    Mega Man from Mega Man: The Power Battles
    Ryu from Marvel vs. Capcom 1
    Spinal from Killer Instinct
    Ace from Street Fighter EX3
    Shujinko from Mortal Kombat Deception
    Mokujin from Tekken 3
    Ancient Ogre from Tekken 3

  14. Thank you, i don't really lay fighting games but think they are really cool and these types of characters fascinate me.

  15. I'd also mention eleven/twelve from Street Fighter.

    Also in Street Fighter 6 world tour mode, your own character has access to other's moveset.

    Also, on Mortal Kombat there are instances of Shinnok copying moves as well as Quan Chi copying finishers.

  16. Emerl from Sonic Battle should've been on this list.

  17. Best Ninjstu, best ninjas from the 80$-$$$$ , I mean best ninjas,ok

  18. Mk 12 the ninjas vs related to next MK ????

  19. You forgot Yuri Sakazaki from King of Fighters.

  20. I often wondered how the kiss didn’t automatically knock out the opponent or put them in a coma

  21. Another one is Xavier Pendragon from Eternal Champions he can transform into the character he's fighting against and a while in a fight, and occasions he'll turn into a different character from the game's roster but that's an insanely rare occurrence

  22. i'm guessing this is different than this list as far as these characters go. Kenshi having the same psychic moves as ermac as he taught them to kenshi. Kira from MK deception/Armageddon had 2 of Sonya's moves as well as the kanoball special move and she used the same weapon style as one of the other fighters too just a different weapon. also what about shujinko? he copied special moves from the main characters on the roster. scorpion's spear subzero's freeze, liu kang's bicycle kick etc…

  23. In sf4 he got moves from way more than just the sf4 characters

  24. I wonder how Mokujin didn’t make it. Also Twelve from SF3.

  25. I wonder how is the name of this game in 0:07 second in this video🤔ᴴᴹᴹᴹ

  26. Yuri from KOF also copied quite a few moves from SF and various other KOF characters.

  27. So, in English Honoka is apparently pronounced Hah Nah Kaw… Good to know.

  28. I'm disappointed Spiral from MVC2 isn't on this list or at least mentioned.

  29. Rogue did not kill her first boyfriend. She put him in a coma. He was killed by Belladonna as part of a revenge scheme against Rogue and Gambit.

  30. I wouldn't mind rogue giving me a good night sugah lol

  31. what happens if ginyu were to steal baby's body, and then stole his body back? o.O

  32. hello mr TTL. Just to let you know, even though I have notifications turned on , sometimes it skips giving me a notification for you for some reason? for like a month or so. they need to fix that.

  33. The stabby twirling axe move of Necrid is actually from Nightmare and not Astaroth…

  34. I was thinking of every character in Ballz could do what Shang Tsung could, but they could stay that way for the whole match if you wanted to.

  35. I really liked the video but you should have chosen Rugal Bernstein for SNK cause most of his moves are copies of different fighters and he adds a bit of flare using them and I love how SNK wanted his character to be and I repeat from his makers "the cheapest Bastard" like even in capcom he stole Akumas moves

  36. The Best move stealer in vs fighting game ever is Kakashi with his sharingan from the game Naruto Gekitou Ninja Taisen 3 or 4 on Game Cube.

  37. Sweet video, even if I did cringe into a small singularity from the pronunciation of “Honoka”.

  38. What?! No Spinal from Killer Instinct 1,2, & Gold?

  39. Easily the coolest archetype in all of fighting games.

  40. For the Sonic entry I would've gone with Emerl. The entirety of his moveset is bits and pieces from everyone on the roster, customized to your liking. The entire story has him learning moves from everyone he hangs out with.

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