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Top Ten Licensed Fighting Games that Should be Remade

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I like it when series I like get a video, but I really like it when that video game is a fighting game. However, the past has shown, licensed fighting games miss more than they hit. So in this video, we’re going to look at some of those licensed fighting games that fell a little (or very) flat and what we would like in a potential remake. NegetiveX (who spells his name like that) is joining me for this with his subpar sound quality that somewhat improves as the video goes on.

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  1. This video was extremely boring. And you missing me with that D.C. Vs bullshit.

  2. Where is School Rivals? Where is Psychic Force 2?

  3. Dragon Ball Z games like Burst Limit, the Tenkaichi series, and Super DBZ with online, new characters, features, and in HD with 1080p.

  4. every game y'all put on this list fuqing suqed. trash

  5. A Star Wars fighting game has tremendous potential. I agree that Soul Calibur would be the best approach, and I'd like to see a game with characters from all the movies plus Clone Wars and Rebels.

  6. SENTURAi Productions! [MK1MonsterOck1989] says:


  7. More Godzilla and Sonic Fighters is all I need(Sega needs to remake or make a sequel to Power Stone)

  8. What SEGA should remade is the Sonic Battle game for the GBA. That game is good.

  9. Wow I would have had Ehrgeiz as one of those games. not sure I spelled the name right. I think it would have been popular as a fighting game because of the ff 7 characters in it.

  10. adventure time fighting game I'm sorry why isn't this a thing already

  11. There's a reason why I avoided most of these games. But these are all great suggestions. Second Dr Ichigaki reference I have seen from you, so yay!

    How about top ten forgotten JRPGs?

  12. They should make a Power Rangers vs Ninja Turtles fighting game but with the old character designs.

  13. I’ll never take Shao Khan seriously again thanks to that image. Thanks for that.

  14. I just wanna see a new Sonic fighting game regardless if it's based of the Fighters, Battle, or any other type of fighter game (though personally I think Sonic would fit the MvC style of gameplay pretty well)

  15. There should be a fighting game remake of any power rangers game, I want to remake of X-Men next to mention, remake a TMNT game heck maybe do a power rangers crossover with a TMNT game

  16. Can we maybe see a "Top 10 biggest fighting game characters?"

  17. I enjoyed destroy all monsters actually and would love a remake

  18. I wasn't to big on SFXTK and they could make a remake and let the Tekken fighters be more like well them…and not have Kazuya fight like M.Bison I mean you saw even how Akuma fought in Tekken uhh 7 I think

  19. I need to see either a legend of korra/avatar or an adventure time fighting game

  20. There was also Digimon All-Star Rumble, and that game wasn't too bad. My main issue is in the story mode, due to some of the enemies being kinda broken, and how repetitive it is. With so many characters to go through it with, it's really not good to have the story mode be exactly the same no matter who you're going through it with. Plus, there are very few health pickups, which is a pain and a half with said broken enemies that can take you down pretty easily, especially when there are multiple of them like the last stage. Shoutmon X4 is also generally a pain to fight. Some of the characters, like Gomamon, also move so slowly, and the jumping seems pointless with how weak the jumps are.
    Another fighting game I would like to see remade would be Ehrgeiz: God Bless the Ring. That is one game that I would really like to enjoy, but I just can't play it. I found it really hard to beat most of the opponents in the story mode. Though, that's probably just me sucking at it. The RPG mode in that game, though interesting, is rather watered-down, too. Not bad, but there are definitely a lot of improvements to be made to the game overall.

  21. 7:10 I want to play a Tom Sarah of the yeah the bonus stage you can be you can be the absolution

  22. Great list! And I agree about DC vs. MK, it could be a great game. I felt the idea was fitting, but needed more refining. I also like the idea of another Yuyu Hakusho game, that would be pretty cool. Also also, one I would wanna see is a "Rise of the Guardians" fighting game… or something similar. It may sound dumb, but think of the possibilities…
    Santa Claus vs. Tooth Fairy
    Boogie Man vs. Easter Bunny
    Cupid vs. a Leprechaun
    … if nothing else, it has potential!

  23. 13:59 Fuck yea I'm a huge godzilla fan I would love to see this.

  24. Homer is already in a side scrolling fighting game!
    You could use that version in the new Simpsons fighting game!
    And all of the other Simpsons characters could have other awesome fighting styles!
    And so could everyone from Star wars Masters of what ever it's called!
    And Mortal Kombat vs DC would be EPIC now!

  25. Godzilla had a chance but they totally fucked it up to no return with the newest one

  26. As a digimon fan..your graphics for the digimon game not matching their digivolutions hurt..

  27. HE MAN in a fighting game sounds incredible

  28. I know this is 3 years too late, but I 100% support another mk vs dc, ESPECIALLY with the new injustice storyline….

  29. You were right about that assassin droid, jokes that aged well.

  30. Why doesn't Fate get more fighting games ala Fate Unlimited Codes? Soul Eater could also get another chance after Battle Resonance. And Yuyu Hakusho had a great game by Treasure on the Sega Genesis.

  31. Godzilla can jump he jumped multiple times in his movies

  32. Not enough fighting games. Too much other bullshit.

  33. How about Venture Bros.? So many cool characters over the years.

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