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Top Ten Giant Characters in Fighting Games

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There’s generally a size range of characters in fighting games, but how big can a character get? Well, it’s a case-by-case basis, but they can either be just taller than the other characters, or be significantly larger where the camera can barely fit them. The point is, I’ll be looking at some of the biggest characters that fighting games have brought us over the years. The heights may vary depending on how ridiculous the game gets, but regardless, all these characters tower over most of the roster they’re on.

Some footage provided by Software Agents TV:

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  1. This is my first time ever really seeing Faust and (aside from a gaming convention). I love this man

  2. Goro doesn't need a weapon. He IS the weapon

  3. OMG remember when I was obsessed with Psylocke?

  4. I love how Hugo just claps at you as an attack

  5. A standout moment in the Guilty Gear series is Faust's confrontation with Zato-1 / Eddie in Xrd.

    He isn't goofing around, he's face to face with the man, or a remnant of the man, who ruined his life and killed an innocent girl in the process, so seeing him express his anger as he looms over Zato is genuinely menacing.

  6. The robots shouldn't be included in this list bc they're basically objects put together. The mosters and large human characters are the real deal for this giant category. Goro was the OG for me bc he was the first giant character who I played or fought in a fighting game.

  7. 4cm difference between Hugo and Abigail? It said 4inches in the same panel😶‍🌫️

  8. Your speaking voice is terrible. It sounds like you are sarcastically talking to a four year old. I could only get through the intro before your grating voice made me turn this off. Work on your tone and delivery.

  9. Onslaught is bigger than everyone on this list

  10. I always play the biggest characters no matter what. Nemesis was my favorite with sentinel and Abigail behind.

  11. That projectile head reminds me of Altered Beast

  12. Good to see your channel get more view now because I always worried that you will give up YouTube because the algorithm god hate you,
    So thanks for continue to entertain us

  13. Fahkumram is one of the coolest dlc characters ever!!!

  14. Seeing the two giant robots fight made me wanna see Abigail and Hugo fight in Street Fighter 6, which will probably not happen due to Abigail's unpopularity and SF6's more realistic art style being unsuited for such a cartoony character like him.

  15. Where is Sagat? He is Gaigan character in Fighting games, or was he taken out because the Muay thai Gaigant from Tekken was already there?

  16. Nice video as always. And thanks for including metric.

  17. Fahkruman is 7'5", not 6'7"
    Marduk is 7' and is shown looking up to meet Fahk's gaze.

  18. I'm a bit sad that the Pharaoh from Darkstalkers isn't here, even as a Honorable Mention, he's quite the large fighter

  19. Abigail is okay but I'll never prefer him over Hugo.

    One giant character that I always liked was Gaira from Samurai Shodown. When I realized that he was a grappling monk who fought with giant prayer beads I knew he would be my main.

  20. I am so sad I wasted my chance to suggest Iron Giant from Multiverses. If you read this can you leave where you would have put him, honorable mention or other

  21. cant forget my boy sentinel was S teir in mvc2! 😀

  22. That Tekken guy seems like a Sagat rip off

  23. I hope Hugo gets into SF6 at some point😁

  24. I have an idea for a top ten list if you haven’t done it yet. Top 10 paired characters in fighting games. Characters who fights in a pair or more, like the Ice Climbers in Smash Bros.

  25. Do you know when thier next expo video is coning out?? It's been a few months.

  26. I remember 2 giant characters like Gan Isurugi from Rival Schools and Nork from Tobal.

  27. Lol Yammy Llargo's second release in bleach heat the soul 7 is probably a honorable mention for me 😂,dude was massive

  28. Honda Tadakatsu from Songoku Basara X Cross, Raoh/Kenoh from Fist Of The North Star, Zeus from World Heroes Jet.

  29. How to put orochimaru in a top 10. Top 10 mechas in fighting games.

  30. Where is Astaroth? Is he safe? Is he alright?

  31. Fahkumram shouldn’t be in this list at all. =/

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