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Top Ten Fighting Game Antagonists

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After covering my favorite fighting game protagonists, I knew the antagonists would be right around the corner. They’re always plotting how they can ruin our lives once we climb to the top of the arcade ladder or reach the end of the story mode. To specify, these antagonists must have been the final boss in at least one game they’ve been in, even if they generally just stay as a mischievous member of the roster. So let’s see whose villainous (or chaotic neutral) ways made the biggest impact in fighting games.

Footage captured by MrTopTenList and A.T. and Sam at Software Agents TV. Video edited by MrTopTenList. Additional footage editing by A.T. Gonzalez, Rachel Marcel, and Dark Battleship.

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  1. Did you really have to make that sound from the joke of Bison brushing his teeth XD 18:02

  2. But Geese still didnt die after that fall….right?

  3. "Dural from virtua fighter" ….(instant flashbacks)

  4. Little mad master/crazy hand didn’t show up but cool list

  5. that dinosaur egyptian boss from Tekken 6 made me rage from how he literally destroys you if you even lower his health.

  6. Shao kahn immortal boss in all of time game😍😍😍

  7. Fetus of God… Holy shit, that stage! Nightmare inducing.

  8. Sagat Reminds me of Tong Po from – Kick Boxer. Ive always said that.


  10. Seth is not a great villain. Gill, on the other hand, most definitely!

  11. Yo you really gonna leave out orochi from kof when he was the main plot point for half the fucking series?

  12. Late to the party, but actually, any wish made on the Skullheart will result in a new skullgirl. Wishes are inherently selfish, after all.

  13. another good villian to me would be shang tsung. Yes he worked for shao khan but its implied he defected to out world and basically did a hostile take over in the tournament only to be punished by the elder gods.
    Also I hate netherealm depiction of shao khan

  14. Disagree "AKUMA" should've been #1 he's featured multiple games even outside of his own franchise for a reason

  15. How Superman didn't make it….he killed uh child by heat rayin through his brain

  16. Honestly, number 1 is Kronika from Mortal Kombat!

  17. ……….Magneto, Xmen Children Of The Atom. quarter-munching-boss-of-all-bosses. great video, thank you for sharing. PEACE, and God bless.

  18. I have always missed Steve Ritchie as Shao Kahn.
    That guy had a voice that brought that fear to you the first time you heard him as a kid.
    The newer person they started using is just not as menacing.

  19. @21:06 are those man weenies in the middle of the screen right above the globe they look just like some cut hunks if you get my drift (I mean circumcised) 😂

  20. What about dio from heritage for the future?

  21. I’m surprised that Akuma wasn’t mentioned once

  22. I just Got back from Mc Donalds 10 minutes ago.. I have Chicken Nuggerts and Sprite.

  23. I love how Shao Khan also taunts mid battle

  24. I think shao Kahn deserves to be on the wall of fame infamy

  25. Nice video! Actually, Bison style-fighting is called Ler Drit. You could make a video about non-existing style-fightings, like Ler Drit.

  26. Kazuya and Heihachi Mishima are the best antagonists

  27. Akuma may not be an antagonist but he's the best fighting game character ever

  28. My favorites
    1.Shao Kahn
    5.Geese Howard
    6.Heihachi Mishima
    9.Master Hand

  29. I'd have chosen Asmodeus from Mace; The Dark Age over Dural from Virtua Fighter! Heck, I would have even chosen Raidou from DOA or Amakusa from Samurai Showdown! I was hoping that the Eternal Champion or Karnov from Fighter's History would have made the honorable mentions list, but both of those games were kinda weak. FUN, but weak.

  30. Is it just me, or is Pyron just Alpha Sagat with more glow

  31. Well Dural is Kage’s mother if I remember correctly and he is trying to save her as she was made for a Dural army as you can see other Dural models in VF4Evolution in her stage in a hanger of The Organization she is made from.

  32. Damn right shao kahn is the best, but i'm a little disapointed there was no shadow labrys or shang tsung

  33. Me looking at mk11 shao kahn:
    look how they massacred my boy 🙁

  34. i know its not techniacly a fighting game but what about kuze from yakuza 0 the guy is like half of the bossfights

  35. So….. Mr. Top Ten List. are you sponsored by Skullgirls developer? I ask you because You make more videos about Skullgirl than any other content creator on YouTube. Maybe sometime there will be statistics to back that up.

  36. I think in Street Fighter Alpha 3, Ingrid revealed that the crests on her hair contained Psycho Power, so yeah: M. Bison's not the first one to have it.

    Ingrid doesn't use the Psycho Energy in battle though, she uses her sun powers.

  37. i am surpised rugal is not on 1st place, as he is in my heart.

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