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Top Ten “Cats” in Fighting Games

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After the near 2-minute intro, I look into one of the most commonly reoccurring animals in fighting games: cats. When I say cats, I mean all the felines from the cat’s extended family in the animal kingdom, ranging from cats to ferocious lions, jaguars, and tigers. Since we love metaphors here, these characters down’t even have to have the cattiness fused with their DNA. Their motif can just be based on a member of the cat family. Judgment Meter joins me in this video.

Footage provided mostly by SoftwareAgentsCorp, with additional footage from Paul A. Marcel and the Skullgirls Official Channel. VIdoe edited by MrTopTenList with some additional footage editing by A.T. Gonzalez, R. Michelle Marcel, Paul A. Marcel, and Dark Battleship.

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  1. Two another honorable mentions :
    Rila from Breaker's
    Annie Murakami from Rage of the Dragons

  2. Neko is in mhgen called nekojiro. Its a cat that has the nickname of the worlds strongest

  3. who else thought he was gonna say plethora of pussy

  4. If this video was updated at the time when Smash Bros Ultimate is releases, I'm willing to bet that Incineroar would be on this list.

  5. No Kokonoe? No Jubei? Wait nevermind they're my favorite chars but thank you adding them as honorable mentions.

  6. Sonico's cats from nitroplus should be here somewhere. Bisclavret from Million arthur as well for more recent games

  7. ¿Not Shigen Naoe from Last Blade? He is the Vessel of the Tiger God himself.

  8. Orchid should've been either 1 or 2 since she can turn into a literal energy panther or summon it

  9. Sagat probably does have a tiger. You see it in Street fighter V Arcade Edition. I think Felicia should have been number 1, but it's not my list. Still, I kinda like the video, and think it for the most part works.

  10. Call me crazy. But I've always believed King was actually a real feline🤷🏾‍♂️

  11. You forgot coyori from battle Fantasia and I'm surprised you forgot Len from melty blood

  12. Top 10 sexy females in fighting games 😍😍😋 !!!

  13. 0:30 Actually, many baseball teams, either Little League or NCAA, have teams named the Cougars, like the Montigny Cougars and the Houston Cougars.

  14. Seeing thay you have even included Volo's cat gloves without mentioning anything about Leo one of the coolest Lion-man characters in fighting games, I am pretty sure that you haven't played Red-Earth, Warzard.

  15. Paku Paku IS Tam-Tam! Watch Cham Cham's playthrough video in Samurai Shodown 2…..

  16. uh, Felecia being number 2 is straight up bullshit lol. Literally the best, most enjoyable cat fighter ever created. The flow, the fun, the effects, just total baddassery. Definitely number 1.

  17. I can only imagine you did this to prove how much bullshit top ten lists are, really a character that is defined by his muay thai devotion turn into best "cat" character because he names his attacks as "tiger" and get a tiger in his intro of SFV….

  18. Super Sonico. Shes in a fighting game. Jesse Cox played it in his 'Super Animoo Fighters' series. Watch it. Look it up. You'll see. Ultimate feline themed fighter. By a long shot.

  19. Adon as a an honorable mention, im crying lmfaoooo

  20. That choice for number 1 is the exact reason I'll never subscribe. You have no respect for the logical order of things and have brought down shame upon your loved ones.

  21. top ten weird characters in fighting games

  22. You can see kings face in the tekken 1 intro

  23. Cham Cham is just a rip off of Flecia who should be number 1. Sorry Saget is a bad choice.

    Can you make a video about Urusei Yatsura with JM and AT?

  24. Shina the leopard, Gado the lion, Long the tiger, Shen long the tiger. Bloody Roar. Also we need a new game. But glad you included Uriko.

  25. Felicia: Literally a goddamn cat
    Sagat: big dude who yells tiger

  26. I guess "LEO" from "RED EARTH" wasn't good enough for this list or even an Honorable Mention.  HA HA.

  27. It’s like I Main every cat character because most of them are Rush Downs
    Ms.Fortune. Also since Eliza is Egyptian I think she also had a few cat things

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