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Top Ten “Cats” in Fighting Games

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After the near 2-minute intro, I look into one of the most commonly reoccurring animals in fighting games: cats. When I say cats, I mean all the felines from the cat’s extended family in the animal kingdom, ranging from cats to ferocious lions, jaguars, and tigers. Since we love metaphors here, these characters down’t even have to have the cattiness fused with their DNA. Their motif can just be based on a member of the cat family. Judgment Meter joins me in this video.

Footage provided mostly by SoftwareAgentsCorp, with additional footage from Paul A. Marcel and the Skullgirls Official Channel. VIdoe edited by MrTopTenList with some additional footage editing by A.T. Gonzalez, R. Michelle Marcel, Paul A. Marcel, and Dark Battleship.

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  1. Yeah, I was fully with the list until No. 1. C'mon man…..Felicia is No.1 Cat-Bae 4 LIFE!

  2. With the No.1 in THIS list, you have no choice but to do No.1 Dragon in fighting games. That is if you haven't done so already.

  3. All of these cat people look amazing!
    Espesualy the one who looks like a cat themed black mage girl!
    And I like Sagat, but King is my favorite on this list!
    he is a wrestler and such a brute!

  4. 1:21 Which, Last Time I Checked, Was Hidomi from "FLCL Progressive" which had Cat Themed Headphones.

  5. Jubei from Blazblue series should be the number 1. He's the strongest being in that universe

  6. Come on, Felicia-chan is the Best Cat in Fighting Games, She is a Cat Girl :3

  7. [14:15] How the fuck DARE YOU disrespect my Cinnamon Toast-ass-CurAYANCH!!!

  8. King should've been way higher on this list considering number one doesn't even have the likeness of a cat. Was fine with him being behind more cat-like characters like Taokaka and Felicia until number one threw the rating factors out of the window.

  9. Don't forget Jamm from Golden Axe: The Duel.

  10. sagat has a pet tiger named  Willa Maiu, so theres that

  11. If it hasn't been said yet, Sagat's "Story Mode" in SF5 actually shows he has a pet tigress named Willa Maiu (somehow pronounced "may-you"). So that definitely qualifies him in regards to an animal companion, if only for storyline purposes.

  12. Not trying to nitpick, but tiger knee is an attack with his knee. Hence the name

  13. A note on uriko. Her sleeves being as long as they are is actually a reflection of a specific kung fu style (forgive me, I forget the name), which presumably is the style Long is teaching her when they train together

  14. I guess your secret number 11 on this list is Incineroar from Pokemon/Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Why? Cause he's a fire tiger with wrestling heels. That's what makes it a fire and dark type

  15. 20:05 The way Sagat says "You like…some cornflakes?" Is hilarious all on its own! The laugh afterwards just adds that touch of hilarity to it!

  16. I am not sure if I commented but… you forgot Gato from Bloody Roar in the Honorable Mentions.

  17. You missed:
    Roomi (Galaxy Fighters)
    Leo (Red Earth and Fighting Jam)

  18. In Street Fighter 5 Sagat has a Tiger pet.

  19. I’d like to see Felicia in a future Smash game! She’s my favorite Darkstalkers character!

  20. Definitely think Sagat should have been lower on this list. Have an actual cat for number 1

  21. You forgot Gadou the Lion from Bloody Roar

    And Leo from Guilty Gear.

  22. You have the nerdiest, most annoying voice.

  23. Hello Everyone I'm Prime Zero L from looking at this video I would say I in favor Lucky Chloe knowing she should been part of this list and not only i like the way she looks I also like the way she fights and according to her info her fighting style is base off of Freestyle Dancing and Capoeira and I mostly give Lucky Chloe good points ✌✌ I also give good points and two thumbs way up for all that on this video and some of you Fans & Players & People would have to at least agree with me on that one on her at least.!?¡¿ ♤♡♧◇😎👏👌✌✌👍👍🤘🥊🥋🤼‍♀️🤼‍♂️💞💓💕💖💗💙♥️🐱

  24. Why my man ARMOR KING is always an honourable mention 😂😂

  25. Do a list of top 10 animal characters in video games

  26. can we get an Inuyasha top ten about…


    with judgment meteR?

  27. Can We talk about Ms Fortune in the thumbnail?


  28. I knew King's mask was a mask due to him not moving his mouth.

  29. cats. okay. yeah, Cats. speaking of Cats, I've been experimenting with eating pet food the past two months. just a little bit every so often. a few spoonfuls. . i Just hid it in my room so no one notices. kiddles and bits is pretty tasty. sometimes I sneak it on my oatmeal. I mix pedigree with Belvita. fecal matter I produce with it smells and feels intresting when it squishes out of my tail pipe. generally speaking i'm liking dog food better than cat food, friskies isnt too good neither is meox Mix. we dont have pets in my family. thought my aunt who passed away recently had a very bad dog but I didnt live with her, she was a very bad dog. made a mockery of my autism. 3:01 I like it.

  30. FELICIA Cham Cham catwoman Kintaro TaoKaka are the best they should be in the top positions 😑

  31. 👎🏼for this vid bcos the co-host mentioned not liking cat. 😂😂😂

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