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Top Ten Capoeira Fighting Game Characters

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Capoeira is a fighting style that’s very recognizable based on its active idle stance and rhythmic/dance-based attack motions. As with most real-life martial arts, Capoeira has been featured in a few fighting games, though it’s a less common style adopted by most fighters. Still, it’s an iconic style that has some equally iconic characters attached to it, so let’s see which Capoeira practitioners in fighting games represent the styles the best.

Songs used:
Smoke by Silent Partner
Josefina by Quincas Moreira
Proctor by Topher Mohr and Alex Elena


  1. Top 10 captains like capt. america,capt. falcon,& capt. planet to name a few

  2. Top ten Karate users in fighting games next

  3. Isn't Blanka from Street Fighter using it as well?

  4. Actually Capoeira came from Africa and went to Brazil due to the slave trade.

  5. Did Blanka have his style change from Street Fighter 2? I thought he was the original capoeira fighter. I understand why you wouldn't be on this list given these probably not totally reliant on that fighting style.

  6. Very good! This is the best video to me. "Os capoeristas" from fighting games.

  7. I miss Bruce too man. But on another note u should have more subscribers this was great man good stuff

  8. momoko is so goddamn cute i cant…lol

  9. Rhinos in Brazil, uh? Classic! We have a lot of them at Buenos Aires, our capital.

  10. Have you dont top 10 wrestlers in video games yet? I feel like that should be a thing… or top 10 crossover characters in video games.

  11. Any top ten list 6 of the 10 the roster is belong to snk

  12. Bruce was like a father to me, but my real father was a giant…….. he was who I would have liked to be…….NM, I like Bruce. RIP big guy.

  13. Capoeira is an African martial art brought to Brazil by Africans who disguised it as a dance so the slave masters wouldn't ban it learn your history before spreading incomplete information

  14. Nem sempre a capoeira apresentada nos games é a mesma da capoeira treinada aqui no Brasil

  15. "How many capoeira stars can say they fight with a wrench? Well, not many since they don't bring a wrench to a foot fight"
    Hahaha, you clearly have never been to the northeastern states of Brazil

  16. Yo MrTopTen you should do a video on 10 fighting game monster characters that would be awesome

  17. Why are you using tekken 6 gameplay when eddy is in tekken 7

  18. Animal style karate fighters in fighting games

  19. I know Lisa a.k.a La Mariposa in the DOA series is branded as "Mexican Pro Wrestling" but she's definitely Capoeira.

  20. Top Wing chun fighters, in video games. Hopefully there's enough to make a list. I can think of at least 2. 😂😂

  21. I learned this year during black history month that capoeira was developed by slaves in the Caribbean as a way to fight back against slave holders. Later on, black culture took it on and adapted it to break dancing.

  22. Blanka is also supposed to be Capoeira. Yeah.

  23. Was Dee Jay from street fighter a capa user?

  24. Everyone knows that in Anient Atlantis they practiced Capoeira. Duh.

  25. The martial art originated in Brazil, but copeira is a product of another marital art called Engolo that originated from Angola actually

  26. 4:30
    We need "Top 10 fighting game characters trying to advertise their restaurant"
    I can think of at least 3 so I'm SURE there's more out there

  27. Elena and Christie are my Favourites, and Momoko is very adorable! ♥ LET'S DANCE!!

  28. In the original Street Fighter 2, Blanka was listed as using capoeira, though his move set really had nothing to do with the style. I think they just said “he’s from Brazil, so he must use capoeira”. XD

  29. Im surprised that you didn’t mention dee jay from street fighter

  30. Capoeira, is awesome, loved it when capoeira well represented on a fighting game, ohh yeahh hi from 🇧🇷, loving the Chanel.

  31. Eddy Fat and Hwowowowowowoararang are the characters that horrible players choose to make a newbie not liking Tekken for the rest of their lives… True story.

  32. BTW where's DOA's Lisa Hamilton? She's not only a scientist and a bikini couturier but also a Capoeria practitioner I know, she mixes it with Lucha Libre, the fact she appears as her luchadora persona "La Mariposa" and that the wiki lists her fighting style as wrestling doesn't help, but if you see her moves or try her in game you can see how much Capoeria she uses in her moves.

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