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Top Ten Capoeira Fighting Game Characters

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Capoeira is a fighting style that’s very recognizable based on its active idle stance and rhythmic/dance-based attack motions. As with most real-life martial arts, Capoeira has been featured in a few fighting games, though it’s a less common style adopted by most fighters. Still, it’s an iconic style that has some equally iconic characters attached to it, so let’s see which Capoeira practitioners in fighting games represent the styles the best.

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  1. Hello Everyone I'm Prime Zero L from looking at this video I would say what sounds like a good idea for a Top 10 List on Chinese Martial Arts Practitioners in Fighting Games to see who is better as Chinese Martial Arts and see if the characters follows on the tradition or not of seeing them that makes them the best at fighting in fighting games and their is a lot of good one's & bad one's in every Fighting Games and some of you Fans & People would have to at least agree with me on that one if you like the sound of that idea.!? ♤♡♧◇

  2. I feel like Bob Wilson should have been given a place in the KoF games. He would have been a good fit, especially in 2001.

  3. °𝓑.𝓛.𝓓 𝒮𝓉𝓊𝒹𝒾𝑜 𝒯𝒱 says:

    Brazilian origins????
    It comes from Angola, AFRICA!🙄🙄🙄🙄

  4. I suspect you've probably had a bunch of people commenting on this, but the Capoeira fighter for Tekken 3 was originally supposed to be female, but Namco didn't think they could create a convincing female Capoeira fighter with the relatively blocky fighters of the time, so they made him male, and thus we had Eddy.

  5. I got into Tekken because of Eddy…I been (20+yrs later) practicing Capoeira because of Eddy…Thank You for making this…

  6. There's technically another fighter who fights with capoeira, but he only did it once in his fighting career. Pure fighters only, I know, but hear me out.

    Sonic the Hedgehog
    Look at his Sonic Battle moveset. I wish he used those moves in Smash, since A) it would add variety to the types of martial arts at play and B) would properly canonize Sonic as a user of capoeira in fighting games

  7. Capoeira did NOT originate in Brazil. It originated in Angola.

  8. You really know your fighting games. Let's be friends!

  9. Trident?!? REALLY?!? I know he's listed as a Capoeira (KAA-PWHERE-RAA) fighter, but that's crap! You'd have been better off mentioning Duck King since breakdancing evolved from Capoeira. Or maybe Dee Jay from Street Fighter since he uses Capoeira in his kickboxing. As for the "existence in 110 B.C., all fighting arts come from Africa…which is where Capoeira comes from originally. It gets the Brazil tag because it evolved and flourished there, but its roots come from Africa.

  10. 3:25 – you should know, that capoeira is not quite brazilian martial art.
    It become brazilian nowadays(as a system), but come from Africa(as a style), and still there're no reliable information about where it started from
    So "Brasil wasn't created yet" is not quite right argument for this "mistake"
    "Capoeira wasn't created yet" – maybe, but not a fact also

  11. I was like what Lucky Chloë killed Eddy’s Dad how old is Chloe when she did it lol
    Yeah I know it’s Kazuya

  12. What about top 10 characters that use aikido?

  13. Why is the related game ? Martial Arts: Capoeira? What/??? …

  14. Since you like making videos about Arcade games, have you ever heard of a game called Peter Pack rat?

  15. Special Mention ” Capoeira Fighter 3 “A rather cool PC game

  16. Capoeira actually came from Angola Africa

  17. 9:25 Great, now you're having me think anything that doesn't involve fighting or fine dining will make Bob have a mental breakdown.

  18. Other than bayonetta maybe I am surprised there is no capoeira fighters in smash

  19. Top10 No-Style (Brawler) Fighters…if you can find them.

  20. It's crazy to see capoeira irl, I've seen people playing it and it's crazy how they make gravity look like it doesn't exist. I can imagine how painful it must be to be on the receiving end of one of these moves

  21. Why is Elena basically the Sanji of Street Fighter??

  22. 11:02 Originally Tekken project team wanted female Capoeira fighter for Tekken 3 that's why Christie was created

  23. Good video. This fighting style originated in Africa, but It became popularized in Brazil. I’ve heard martial artists on YouTube say it’s not really a practical style that would work in a real fight. But I love fighting game characters that use it. It’s fun.

  24. Capoeira is a very popular martial art, but then I looked up n'golo and kupira, predecessors of capoeira. Punches, natural fighting stances, and even strikes and stick fighting.

  25. Christie's default 1+3 and 2+4 throws are different from Eddy, but do the same damage, so they are merely cosmetic. There are ways they could make them different, like the Mishimas and the Jacks, but just won't.

    P.S. the flare (swinging the legs in front of you while on your hands) isn't in capoeira, but almost every character does it in video games.

  26. Honestly this was more interesting than I thought it would be. Good video

  27. Can wa talk about Goro Majima using Capoeira but with a knife?

  28. El Generico also runs a orphanage after he left wrestling. Maybe a top x video on characters who run orphanages after retiring in their endings/ last appearances?

  29. Good list.
    My favorite capoeira fighter in KOF is Soiree Meira.
    It is a shame the Maximum Impact series was cancelled 🙁
    The last time we see Soiree, he was kidnapped.
    His brother Alba was feeling sad but with hope to find him.
    Such a sad finale for the Meira Twins.

    Alba and Soiree for KOF XV

  30. 0:49 – Tiger Jackson – Tekken
    2:19 – Trident – Eternal Champions
    3:34 – Richard Meyer – Fatal Fury
    5:34 – Soiree – King of Fighters: Maximal Impact
    6:38 – Pupa – Rage of the Dragons
    7:37 – Momoko – King of Fighters
    8:51 – Bob Wilson – Fatal Fury
    10:10 – Christine – Tekken
    13:05 – Elena – Street Fighter
    15:14 – Eddie Gordon – Tekken

  31. RW :Elena and Christie are my favorite Capoeira fighters!😁✌️

  32. I Hate Boxing And I Hate Punching That Was One Of My Hated Things To See On T.V. And I Hate Balrog He Should Be Banned.

  33. I Love Elena She Can Heal Herself And It Increase Her Health Bar I Love Her Move And That Is Awesome She Is Pure Of Heart.

  34. BRASIL POWEEERRRRRRR 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷💚💛💙💚💛💙💚💛💙

  35. Christie: Here comes my special!
    Abel: My body!!!

  36. Yo. You gotta be cRAYzy step-in here with me

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