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Top Ten Boxers in Fighting Games

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This video covers another popular and recognizable archetype in fighting games: the Boxer. It’s generally one of the most identifiable fighting styles in fighting games due to the stance the characters use and the fact that these characters use almost exclusively their fists for all attacks, even the kicks. It also helps when they wear their boxing gloves to the match, but that’s not a requirement for this list. These characters just have to be interesting with their history and fighting style in their respective games.

Footage provided by SoftwareAgentsCorp with additional footage provided by Danny Bereza. Video edited by MrTopTenList. Additional footage editing by A.T. Gonzalez, Dark Battleship, Danny Bereza, and R. Michelle Marcel.

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  1. I want to hang out with Doctor Awesomeness.

  2. Dudley will always be on my top 10 list. Classy and pugilist to boot. Capital!!

  3. Dudley isn't a parody of Tyson or Ali, or Bruce Lee, he's a parody of Cris Eubank.
    This is why I like him so much.

  4. Hey… how about fighting game characters that specialize in sports?

  5. Honorable mention to the characters of Black And Bruised. Jackpot, Ally Gator, Tiny, Royal Pain, Pharaoh, Kid U.S.A., Bronto Sore, Odiva, Old Master, King Khan, Matador, etc…

  6. Oh balrog knows that m.bison knows that betrayal means death

  7. Vanessa easily over everybody on this list minus TJ Combo. Balrog simply off nostalgia and popularity should be on the list but definitely nowhere near #1 lol Was C. Jack a Boxer in EX? I want to say he was but don't know his canon fighting style. I was thinking of some Ready 2 Rumble characters as well could be here (Personally Selene Strike for me)

  8. Yugo from bloody roar is by far my favorite, that's how a boxer fights on the streets, faster and also with more speed and more organic moveset.

  9. My Favourite Boxer is Bear Hugger Because He Canadian, Like Me!


  10. How does a knight make it ton the list?

  11. Thanks for the video. You forgot the fighting spirit universe games.

  12. Alex and rogers are not boxers they’re savat fighters

  13. Balrog reminds me of mike Tyson he uses the same fighting style

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  16. I think Jax from Mortal Kombat is a boxer too at least from his moveset that he use a lot of punch

  17. This video just made like boxers in fighting games a little bit more. Almost like they're my favourite characters now

  18. Rat's I was hoping you could limit it to boxing glove characters.

  19. I'm in the middle between Steve Fox, Little Mac, TJ Combo, Dudley And Balrog.

  20. Sorry but I think including Mickey rogers over Rick Strowd and Heavy D is absolutely criminal

  21. Steve Fox is my favorite, coz he can dodge

  22. Watch them make Balrog/M.Bison/Mike Bison/Mike Tyson Number 1

  23. Balrog (M.Bison) is so iconic as a boxer that he´s called as "the boxer" in FGC. (I know it´s called that way because the name confusion, but it´s cool anyway)

  24. Surprised Jax from Mortal Kombat wasn't an honorable mention, as while he doesn't outright focus on boxing, he's got a lot of boxing moves and is probably the closest Mortal Kombat boxer we have

  25. I love n the tru boxer steve fox should have been number one

  26. 1. Dudley (SF4)
    2. Vanessa (KOF XV)
    3. Little Mac (Punch Out Wii/SBU)
    4. TJ (KI 2013)
    5. Mii Boxer (Mii Sports)

  27. TJ Combo is the Stronger and the Best 🥊

  28. Sometimes when i see videos from this pre 2020 era, i note how badly they aged

  29. Tekken was the easiest game to find a main in for me. In Tekken 4 I knew immediatelly that playing Jin found an end, for me Steve's playstyle is just perfect.

  30. Balrog, Dudley, Steve Fox are my favourites
    Steve is cool and all but I wish Tekken had a black, agressive, heavyweight boxer character too.

  31. 13:04 😂 followed by an explosion he obviously does not turn around to look at 😂

  32. Top Ten Duracell Commericals btw dedrick tatum Made me laugh. More Midway videos. Kodacha. hey Beadley I hope you and Michelle Marcel are not mad at me and We can be friends. I really like you guys. and the Agents. Pop Team Epic. Spyro the Dragon . Where's my Review. Power Rangers Operation Overdrive. edits to Dragonm Ball Z Kai. guys I'm sortry im austic. life is hard. What abou Yoshi's story? WHEN IS Sam Gonzalez Stremaing again!?

  33. Vanessa moves so well, she’s the best 2D boxer. Steve obviously 3D.

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