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Top Ten Alternate Costumes in Fighting Games

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Finding the right costume for your character in a fighting game is sometimes just as important as how you play that character to some people. With so many games have multiple costumes for each character, this was a pretty hard list to just choose ten. If I discuss multiple similar costumes in an entry, consider those costumes virtual ties. Emily is in this one, too. Also thanks to Professor Oats for the footage. The Injustice Solomon Grundy combos are all from his combo video, so check that out too. The Soul Calibur V footage and creations are from my game, but Professor Oats was kind enough to capture it for me.

Professor Oats:

Solomon Grundy Combo Video:

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  1. I really like Ivy's P2 costume from SCII. Also not a single mention to Magneto's banned costume from MvC3?

  2. As for today, MK11 has the best alternate costumes in game ever.

  3. Chun's alternate costume should have been no.1 to be honest

  4. Purple Villager from Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

  5. some of my favorite alternates that weren't shown here are pikachu's head band and goggles from super smash brothers jigglypuff's bows and summer hat from super smash brothers oh and all the trainer hats in super smash brothers. xaiyou's casual wear in tekken 4 johnny's suit witch you mentioned but didnt' place on the list technically. and every costume in smash that literally turns you into another character

  6. Neat! I love Boss Grundy, glad you had that as #1. If you ever need some more random footage from my old videos, just let me know 🙂

  7. kitana looked like a man in mk9 lol the crimson chin!

  8. I actually like the alternate outfit of Yugo from Bloody Roar.

  9. lop 10 soinc ☺☺☺☺☺☺ali

  10. f**d 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  11. f**********😈😈😈😈😈ali

  12. Emily needs to talk more. I like hearing her voice. Other than that, great video!

  13. This was cool just a bit long to keep my interest for a top Ten

  14. Cody's SSF4 alt with the tanktop and jeans. <3
    I am also a big fan of Cammy's new hero alt with the goggles, though I'm not big on the loose flat pasta hair.

  15. Bryan Fury's Captain Falcon outfit from Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – Wii U Edition.

    That is the only reason to play TTT2 on Wii U in my opinion.

  16. I assume you never played Virtua Fighter. Since best alternate costumes and the ideas behind them are all from VF4 and VF5

  17. Every time I saw Little Mac in Sm4sh I kept having the feeling he looked like someone… then watching this video I realized he looks an awful lot like Colton Haynes, who played arsenal/Red Arrow in the "Arrow" series!!! lol

  18. For Sm4sh I would have chosen Zero-Suit Samus's alternate costumes mainly because she looks hotter with less clothes covering her body.

  19. The Jin alternative hoodie should of be number 1, it literally made him look so much cooler.

  20. I do wonder if the MK IX Johnny Cage suit outfit is a reference to the suit he wore in the MK Movie myself.

  21. Who was that dressed up in Noel's costume before the list started?

  22. How can you mention tuxedos without mentioning Lee Chaolan? Disappointing -_-

  23. My favourite is the "Classic Red" for the Warrior of Light in Duodecim Dissidia Final Fantasy.

  24. hoodies are also called parkas which are common pugilistic training attire

  25. you forgot Kazuya in his suit from tekken 2 on!!

  26. cant believe you didnt mention Balrog when you were talking about suits..his pinstripe suit alt w the brim hat is too boss in USF4

  27. i gotta say i love your videos, not only for the explanations on why u picked your choices, but also the fact that u explain why u didnt pick some other choices, keep up the good work man

  28. Kasumi's X Night Sakura is the better DOA alternative IMO

  29. Kazuya Mishima's purple suit from Tekken 6.

  30. you got good stuffs but soo slow that is boring

  31. sometimes I wish little mac would toss of the pink jogging suit to reveal another pink jogging suit under it.

  32. Boss Grundy keeps his pimp hand steady and strong

  33. Asuka's alternate costume in Tekken 5 was the ultimate bomb! Black yukata with spiderweb design, sakura in hair, leg with tattoo, yummy as hell.

  34. You're telling me that Zebra Anna tops Octopus Anna in TTT2?

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