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Top Ten Alternate Costumes in Fighting Games

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Finding the right costume for your character in a fighting game is sometimes just as important as how you play that character to some people. With so many games have multiple costumes for each character, this was a pretty hard list to just choose ten. If I discuss multiple similar costumes in an entry, consider those costumes virtual ties. Emily is in this one, too. Also thanks to Professor Oats for the footage. The Injustice Solomon Grundy combos are all from his combo video, so check that out too. The Soul Calibur V footage and creations are from my game, but Professor Oats was kind enough to capture it for me.

Professor Oats:

Solomon Grundy Combo Video:

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  1. So… Ninja Mime Johnny Cage in the thumbnail was just for the clickbait?

  2. Morrigan was better looking than chun li and cammy.

  3. @ 1:04

    i thought that was Kula Diamond from

    SNK playmore:
    king of fighters

  4. sorry but the street fighter characters are so ugly now. they all look like someone pumped air into their muscles and the women have some serious man feet and hands

  5. Terumi also wears a suit under his coat while curb stomping people. lol

  6. I liked Nemesis' alternate outfit in UMvsC3 where he doesn't have the trench coat and the tentacles sticking out.

  7. Well I think that one of the weirdest outfits that I have seen is the formal – nerdy attire of king, from tekken, I don't remember on what version he wears it but it actually goes complete with glasses and tie, it looks weird above his jaguar mask, like when you say something about the technician’s mother.

  8. Kazuya Mishima has a purple suit for a alternate costume (my favorite costume for him)

  9. Yup Anna is the most fashionable fighting game character of all time!

  10. What about Planet Hulk in UMvC3?

  11. what about the alternate costumes in naruto ninja storm four?

  12. my favorite of all will always be megaman x on zero from mvc3

  13. Al Bundy looks more like a rip off Mr.fix it Hulk.

  14. Kazuya from Tekken wears a purple suit as an alternate costume and looks really cool when he fights in it!

  15. a lot of these are actually really ugly and you didn't stick by how you said you'd make the list at the beginning diskike

  16. wtf where is the aboslutely best costume eddie/tiger

  17. I know Poison used to be a dude, but DAMN !

  18. What a boring list. There are so many GREAT and actually EXCITING and character-changing outfits and you chose casual Morrigan, casual Christie, just another blue lingerie Kitana and Outfit-that-is-going-nowhere Maxi.
    The only "astonishingly good" alternative outfit on this list is Vampiress Mileena

  19. About Kitana's sleeves, she may hide her fans inside them :/

  20. You guys remember back when we used to unlock this kinda stuff instead of paying for it? Good times

  21. snoop dogg wore a suit in def jam fight for NY

  22. Hey Mr. Top 10 List. Has anybody ever told you that you sound kind of like Randall from the Kevin Smith movies???

  23. Love your vids tho great job!!! Keep up the good work!!!

  24. my fave alt costume

    Morrigan Aensland's Human form or her other human attires. UMVC3
    Scorpion's Human form or Hanzo Hasashi costume (real name). MKX canon attire
    Jill Valentine's Classic costume. UMVC3
    Phoenix Wright's pink sweater with the face mask (Turnabout Memories reference).UMVC3
    Jax's Carl Weathers costume (Predator Carl Weathers). MKX
    Johnny Cage's Commando costume (You son of a b**ch).MKX
    Hsien-Ko as Mei-Ling (her sister).UMVC3
    Sub Zero's Revenant form (story mode costume unlocked by test your might single player). MKX

  25. Solomon Grundy's main costume is a suit

  26. Dark Empress Kitana reminds me of Maleficent, I think her name was

  27. mmmmmmm chun lee she looks delicious

  28. That girl's voice kinda ruins this video abit. Most of her commentary are pretty unnecessary. They're not funny, informative, interesting or meaningful in any way. She just makes alot of pointless random remarks that hardly add anything to the video.

  29. So is the narrator the actor that played Randall from Clerks or just doing an impersonation?

  30. Phoenix Wright also has a hoodie in UMvC3, though he too doesn't have it on

  31. rose looks like a witch without the pointy witch hat

  32. I think Evil Ryu's 'Alternate 1' is good enough to make the list.

  33. she also where is the exact same outfit in Street Fighter 5

  34. what about kazuya from tekken he is a demon and rocks a purple suit like a boss

  35. Ed Boon once tweeted "So we're already doing a Carl Weather as Jax. What do you think about a Jean Claude Van Damme costume for Johnny Cage?" To bad never happen but that it would be awesome

  36. Is it just me or did Poison's alt costume look a little like Bailey Jay?

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