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Top Ten Alternate Costumes in Fighting Games

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Finding the right costume for your character in a fighting game is sometimes just as important as how you play that character to some people. With so many games have multiple costumes for each character, this was a pretty hard list to just choose ten. If I discuss multiple similar costumes in an entry, consider those costumes virtual ties. Emily is in this one, too. Also thanks to Professor Oats for the footage. The Injustice Solomon Grundy combos are all from his combo video, so check that out too. The Soul Calibur V footage and creations are from my game, but Professor Oats was kind enough to capture it for me.

Professor Oats:

Solomon Grundy Combo Video:

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  1. Is it just me or did Poison's alt costume look a little like Bailey Jay?

  2. Shao Kahn can bitch slap Johnny Cage with Green power. Shinnok gets ass kick by Johnny cage with Green power.

    Shao Kahn >>>>>>>> Shinnok

  3. some costume make the game (character) look cheap! like the ones from killer instinct or soul caribour…

  4. i liked this video a lot… more than i thought i would… i didn't think anyone else notices some details in the design of characters as i do.

  5. Kinda disappointed you didn't mention any alt design from KOF Maximum Impact. They were SO different from the original outfits but still kept the "aura" of the characters. Most of them were just gorgeous ! 🙂

  6. top ten soulcalibur boobs? lol #1 Ivy

  7. I was going to comment on the absence of Hobo Ryu in Street Fighter V, but I saw that this video was published before the game came out.

    It's funny how all Ryu needed to do is not shave and you get a completely different, definitely memorable, version of him.

  8. Surprised that there wasn't any examples from Ultimate Ninja Storm.

  9. Kitana’s Dark Empress and Revenant outfits are excellent.

    Vampires Mileena

    Anna Williams’s Tekken 3 alternate/3rd outfit (Zebra) and her 2nd Tekken 6 outfit.

    Nina Williams’s Tekken 4 and Tekken 5 2nd outfit.

    Ashrah’s 2nd outfit in Mortal Kombat Deception.

    Christie’s Dominatrix Outfit in Dead or Alive series.

  10. Mario fighting), sounds awkward

  11. This shouldve been divided into a Male and Female list

  12. I loved King's Player 2 outfit in Tekken 4. The blue cowboy jacket and white slacks with fancy white shoes. It shows King's sense of style outside of his wrestling gear. His long, flowing hair in that game was also a nice touch

  13. Morgan is the most sexy character ever to me

  14. The Wild Pack DLC costumes from "Ultra Street Fighter IV" are pretty awesome and sweet, especially since I happen to be a fan of animals. 😀

  15. Practically all the revenant skins in MKX are pretty badass

  16. Plz do a tekken alternate costume top ren? Like asuka's 3rd costume in tekken 6, or yoshimitsu's alternate costume in tekken 6. Tekken 6 has a lot of good and not so good alternates.

  17. nah, best alt is easily Dudley's Freddie Mercury costume.

  18. I could respect as number one Solomon or hulk suit them guys weqr them fine

  19. sooooooooooooo that wasnt a Kraken representation of Reptile he is the Creature from the Black Lagoon does this guy even know what a Kraken is?

  20. The Joker wears a suit but I don't think it's an alternate attire

  21. Kof reference parasoul with blue hair that's kula from kof

  22. How about Top 10 Costumes in Street Fighter V?

  23. Morgan's Business suit makes her look hotter. Maybe because it's more of a shock to the system after seeing her in that skin tight suit for so many years… Or I just have a thing for Business Casual.

  24. Ermac's Alternate (MK9)
    Siegfried's Alternate
    (Soul Calibur 3)

  25. Chun Li's cocktail dress in SF5
    Asuka's geisha costume from T5
    Juri's Morrigan costume in SF5
    Nina's catsuit in T7

  26. I know how her hat stays on in one of the screenshots there is a strap on her hat witch keeps the hat on

  27. Morgan from Street Fighter and Draksiders alternate outfit honestly makes me want to fuck her. Besides Lori Loud Candice form Phineas and Ferb and Wend Courdory she is my waifu.

  28. Tsubaki Yayoi from Blazblue ChromoPhantsma

  29. Mortal Kombat 9 All Klassic Ninja Skins

  30. Wow. Clickbait…didn't see the link costume from the thumbnail… Really annoying when users do that crap.

  31. She tilts it to the side because how else will she avoid the seabear attacks.

  32. Awesome list!

    I’d like to see a Top 10 Mademoiselles in Fighting Games.

  33. i kinda want to see May Lee from SNK actually dress as a kamen rider like its clear that she loves

  34. I know its been changed from an actual fighter from a reskin, but what about shadow jago?


  36. Kitana's MK9 alt costume is ugly as hell. However, all of her MKX costumes are brilliant!

  37. Top 10 fighting games palette swap characters. Example Mileena from Kitana, Reptile, Noob, Rain from Subzero/Scorpion, Christie Monteiro from Eddy Gordo in Tekken and Violet for Lee Chaolan, Lilith from Morrigan, Anna for Nina,

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