Top 8 NEW Upcoming FIGHTING GAMES of 2017 (PS4 Xbox One PC) -

Top 8 NEW Upcoming FIGHTING GAMES of 2017 (PS4 Xbox One PC)

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TOP 8 BEST Upcoming FIGHTING GAMES of 2017

0:00 Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker
Q2 2017 (PS4, XOne, PC)

00:46 Omen Of Sorrow
TBA 2017 (PS4, XOne, PC)

01:49 Injustice 2
May 16, 2017 (PS4, XOne)

03:25 Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite
TBA 2017 (PS4, XOne, PC)

05:31 Brawlout
Early 2017 (PS4, XOne, PC)

06:36 Absolver
TBA 2017 (PS4, XOne, PC)

09:05 Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Legacy
Q4 2017 (PS4, XOne, PC)

09:47 Tekken 7
Jun. 02, 2017 (PS4, XOne, PC)

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  1. hundred years of civilization only to fantasize about a return to killing

  2. Injustice 2 looks good. i want a street fighter game with all 57 fighters

  3. Its only about Tekken, Mvc and Injustice! The rest are either indie garbage or some irrelevant stuff, that shouldn't even categorize as fighting game!…

  4. where is arms and street fighter for switch?

  5. We all know Injustice 2 is gonna body every one of these titles 🙂

  6. Brawlout "Back to the golden age of competitive platform fighters! So yeah we basically just ripped off super smash Bros. "

  7. The Brawlout game is a Super Smash bros. clone lol

  8. Theory For Fighting Game Of The Year:Injustice 2 Or Tekken 7

    Why:Because Injustice Has More Views Then Tekken (Just Want To Say That I Hope Tekken Wins) But Tekken 7 Is Getting Liked More And The More It's Liked,The More It Had A Chance

    So It's Pretty Much Popularity Vs More Liking

  9. The graphics look the same in every ninja storm…

  10. I miss the days where normal more realistic fighting games that didn't look weird as fuck were still in production.

  11. I'll admit that Naruto game looks fun and absolver

  12. I like injustice game but why don't they make a game on flash just flash like batman, spiderman, x-men

  13. Smash Bros finally coming to PS and XB…

  14. Naruto Shinobi Striker looks awesome, an open world where we aren't just on the ground all the time…oh its online…nevermind

  15. waw awesome games if WE can play this games without FUCKING survey that's going to be awesome

  16. corny need a real boxing game or kickboxing or both in one two modes.

  17. Brawlout is just a shitty copy of super Smash Bros and with characters that we don't know at all, just shit 👎

  18. What do you guys recommend?
    Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker or Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Legacy? I want the character selection to be MASSIVE and if there is one with character creation lmk.

  19. I want a fighting game like gangfights and stuff Not those mario games WTF

  20. Omen of sorrow looks like straight trash

  21. I want a real streefighting game like def jam fight for new york

  22. i'm the only one who remember street fighter x tekken i really want a remake of this game.

  23. Anyone tell me please can I play this game two players together?

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