Top 8 FREE Fighting Games for PC -

Top 8 FREE Fighting Games for PC

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This is a list of top 8+ best FREE Fighting Games for PC to play in 2021.

NOTE: This Countdown is based on ratings, reviews and personal opinion.
Views may vary between Individuals.

I have also given the Release date and platform from where you can download the game, and there’s much more in the video. So make sure to watch the full video so you can decide which game to play. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed it :)…
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  1. killer instinct is not free to play

  2. Fantasy Strike is an awful game. You need to pay to play with your friends. DON'T DOWNLOAD IT.

  3. I wish every game is free in this world: (((

  4. Bruh half of the aren’t actual fighting games..

  5. killer insttinct is a great game but its really expensive on steam

  6. Most of these look so mediocre that you might as well just pirate

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