Top 7 Drunken Masters in Fighting Games -

Top 7 Drunken Masters in Fighting Games

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Drunk boxing and its best masters. here are the Top 7 Drunken Masters in fighting Games


  1. Great list. Just wish you would’ve showcased better moves for Shun. Like his back throw, or even back turned moves

  2. Brad Wong my favorite ! guess i can do this ! you should ve shown Brad of DOA 5 better !

  3. Nice intro as always my dude really shows the Sprite that you have when it comes to topics like fighting games

  4. I feel like none should make the list because…

    no one represented "Miss Ho"

  5. i really wish more known fighting games outside of mortal kombat had this style of character because as much as i like the character choices in the newer games except for getting rid of kenshi i think the combo system in the newest one is straight ass and plain janky compared to 10 and as far as things go these other games for the most part arent online games i just wanna whoop someone with a meme character

  6. I totally agree about Shun-Ip, but there's no way that Lei Wulong is number 2: maybe he would be the first on "top 7 KUNG FU masters", but not when you deal with the drunken fist. When you practice Kung fu, you study one style, not 20 all together: he practices also She Quan, like Christie in the DOA series, but she is better since she's really a master in that style. Lei is not a drunk master all the time: sometimes he's a jaguar, then a dragon or a crane, so you have different styles.

  7. BTW, you forgot Hong Yuli from Kensei Sacred Fist! 😢

  8. Wu tang got a fighting game for ps1 you forget odb's drunken master

  9. Honorable mention: Flavor Flav and your Create A Fighter (Martial Arts, Streetfighter, Wrestling) from Def Jam Fight for New York.

  10. Agree with first. Would have put wang over lei

  11. 1:25 Cheng-Fu was Jackie Chan's name in drunken master even had the same outfit in the final fight of the movie

  12. I think I actually remember #7. 2d platform. The guy fell down a lot.

  13. And one more game: Shaolin vs Wutang 😎

  14. I love only tekken character so my favourite character is lei wulong

  15. Ooooooh snap. This makes me super excited for the next Virtua Fighter! I can only imagine how amazing it's gonna be!

  16. In Mortal Kombat X, didn't they name a guy who drinks as his whole gimmick, bo raicho on accident? I swear I heard that before.

  17. What how brad wong didn't make it number one is beyond me lol

  18. Bo' Rai Cho that sounds like "Borracho" (Drunken In Spanish) is just amazing for us spanish speakers

    By the way Brad Wong is one of my favorite characters in DOA and loved his Final Cutscene in DOA 4

  19. Bro I whooppppp on martial masters. You wanna act up at home? Vee ess me on martial masters so I can hand you that discipline.

  20. that person everyone knows but no one likes says:

    Brad is definitely my personal favorite but gotta love them all

  21. I would personally put Brad Wong higher on the list, especially above Bo Rai Cho. His has one of the smoothest Zui Quan movesets of any fighting game save for Shun Di despite looking like he just came out of a club.

  22. Flying dragons for n64 had an awesome one as well

  23. Ps1 Tekken has a pretty good drunken master

  24. joão dos games (olha a descrição do canal) says:

    You forgot the pricipal carachter from a game called drunken fist totally accurate beat em up

  25. I came here to see the virtual fighter Shun Di. My little brother used to whoop my butt with this dude's feet while on his hands. It was super annoying. I could only win if I got lucky with cheap repeated jabs or kicks.

  26. Brad Wong should have been 2nd.

    1. Shun
    2. Brad
    3. Chin

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