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If you are like me and enjoy real RAW fighting games, no magic or any nonsense involved, just straight up hands. Then this is the list for you.

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  1. You sayin that boxing graphical ass game is free is suprising is a bit dumb,Theres literally hellreaver and its multiplayer is gonna,The singleplayer is gonna be robuc though

  2. Hood Fighting actually has a group system like Trap Fighting League does. In most cases, the popularity of the crew you're in determines how much clout you have in Hood Fighting as well as TFL. Hood Fighting actually has a group wins leaderboard too.

  3. Owen, another good ass boxing game is Project : Beatdown i recommend it, its a slight grind game but other then that its fun, kinda like outdoor boxing though

  4. Trap Fighting fell off after the last update. Man I wish the old "The Gym"

  5. Bro I try to join trap fighting again but nobody in the servers );

  6. Do the top 5 best hood wars in robanging history

  7. Some Hood fighting’s players are trashing white people just over a word

  8. If it’s possible, you could develop a fighting system (MMA) in your game. You could make MMA skits, like build a gym and work on a fist tool if you want. I think it’ll be pretty cool, unless CollegiateJokes makes a MMA game lol. Maybe it’ll be a Knockout sequel.

  9. the streets isnt even a fighting game at this point its a shooting game

  10. I love outdoor boxing my goal is to become a dev for it and ive played it since it came out and I have the rarest style. If you want I can help you understand the game some more if you want you can add me on discord if you do want my help which i doubt you will just respond and ill tell you my discord stuff

  11. owen dont even know what he made a video on. there games way better then these like ken omega,ken ashura,tatakai,outdoor boxing,mighty omega,and much more. this man trash

  12. Tell me how im one of the best players in outdoor boxing LOL im in top 10 LOL

  13. They're good but nobody plays them which is annoying.

  14. I really wasn't expecting outdoor boxing at the top 5

  15. yo bro make a top 5 on shooting games on roblox

  16. Trap fighting has 0 players i wanted to play it bruh

  17. i'm on this video because I searched up roblox best combat games. XD

  18. Im with u dude! Love these games so much. I have one u dont know about. Its called GANG. Its kind of like da hood but everyone have guns and fists, its not done yet but still fun to play when ur bored!

  19. idk if I suck or if Knockout has WAY TO HARD bots but I cant beat a AI cuz hes so fucking good

  20. I suggest you play Koenji Rooftops,a epicly cool fist fighting game.

  21. Man trap
    Fighting league been dead for like 4 months

  22. I suggest you try Derpz Fightin' Grounds, pretty obscure fighting game which got released in 2020, revamped entirely in 2021
    it's a pretty good game but underrated and barely got anyone playing since the way they advertise is through way of speech

  23. Someone really needs to make a realistic hand to hand combat game
    Roblox or not
    I want a realistic fighting game

  24. Boxing legend
    By: Kenami
    It a game at you fight online people
    There are 4 Class C,B,A,S
    It a fun game and I hope you like it
    But it a grinding game if you want level up. And you can buy or grind to get gloves and upgrade gloves too
    But when you go to class A it's going to be a lot of toxic people warning.!!!!

  25. Try Out Untitled Combat Demo {private server is a good place to start}

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