Top 5 Fighting Games for the DS -

Top 5 Fighting Games for the DS

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  1. I prefer bleach blade of fate myself but to each their own!

  2. I just got custom robo and it is super fun!!

  3. Naruto ninja destiny 1 and 2 is fucking garbage.

  4. Draglade was awesome. I didn't know why I had it, but I played it and loved it.

  5. dragon ball z super sonic warriors 2 should have been on here

  6. Bleach Blade Of Fate and Dark Soul best Fighting games by all critics i've seen, and best gameplay on ds i've played! So You can put DBZ, FT, Naruto in 2 and OP bof, and FMA who is a good Beat them all, but Bleach stay the boss in this category!

  7. Jump Ultimte Stars would stiill be number one. Theres an english rom.


  9. Fighting games suck on handhelds. They are way better to play on home consoles.

  10. Draglade is great fun, but it doesn't have much replay ability. I wish it had offered more things to do after the main story…

  11. Super Sonic Warriors 2 and Jump Ultimate Stars, are 2 games that make you glad you got a DS emulator on your tablet or phone.

  12. 5. Naruto Shippuden Ninja Destination 2
    4. Drag Blade
    3. Custom Robo Arena
    2. Ultimate mortal acombat
    1. Bleach Dark Souls.
    You are welcome.
    My opinion, id rather off playing Street fighter.
    i want a game thats fun, makes you want to be better and that is fun. Story isnt all important, but it makes it better that you have to unlock characters. it really has you motivated throughout the game

  13. Jump Ultimate Stars >>> all fighting games

    Smash + Strategy + SHONEN JUMP + Combination + up to 4 players

  14. lmao Naruto looks like mecha Naruto in that

  15. so i guess psp was a better choice to play fighting games at the time, i mean tekken DR and 6 was exactly like the console versions, soul calibour was a great psp game with kratos included,the naruto games were almost like the ps2 games in terms of gameplay, dragon ball games were just as good as console games (especially tenkaichi tag team) mortal kombat deception was ok, and it also had street fighter alpha 3 MAX (plus a shit ton of other fighting games like my favourite final fantasy dissidia 012)

  16. I've played almost all (if not all) fighting games available in DS, and I'd say Custom Robo Arena beats them all. Naruto, Bleach, DBZ, UMK3, Draglade… none of them come even close to Custom Robo Arena.

  17. Naruto Shippuden shinobi retsuden 3 is far better than ninja destiny

  18. one piece gigante battle 2 is better then jump ultimate stars combat and graphics wise…

  19. dragon ball z kai ultimate butoken is awsome too

  20. Dragon Ball Z Supersonic Warriors 2 is the best fighting game on the Nintendo DS of all time.

  21. Best fighting games if you have 3ds, ds cartridges work with 3ds and you can emulate game boy. This isn't in a list of best to worst but these are the best general games.
    Blazeblue: continuum shift 2
    Dragon ball z: extreme butoden
    Bleach: blade of fate or dark souls (personally I think blade of fate is better)
    Super smash bros 4
    one piece gigant battle 2
    guilty gear x: advanced edition
    Street fighter 4

    Honestly all these games are pretty decent, if you tend to play a lot of fighting games and own a 3ds, ds or gameboy, I recommend these games to play on the go.
    The few gems out of these are bb cs 2, dbz eb and bleach.

    Hope you found this list useful!

  22. U forgot a dragon ball z Game but im not remeber what the Name was

  23. Thats just sad. Even turbografx 16 has better fighting games

  24. all the comments on this video after soo old goddamn

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