Top 5 best fighting games Roblox -

Top 5 best fighting games Roblox

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  1. Cw and Saitama battle grounds are the best games for fighting and yes its a very toxic community

  2. Strongest battleground us more like strongest spammer

  3. marvelous playground has left the chat

  4. Soulshatters and basically all the soulshatters fangames should be here

  5. Bro Forget the best game Blox Fruits 💀

  6. They didn't add bloxfruit bcs bloxfruit bounty hunter so sweaty:team blox fruit

  7. Mortal Kombat X is more fun than the useless roblox games

  8. people who says blox fruits is bad at pvp
    they are lazy at grinding levels to 1 – 2550 and saying its a trash pvp grinding game

  9. Phighting has left the chat

    (And yes i am serous.)

  10. Fruit Battlegrounds and Blox Fruits have left the chat.

  11. I’m bad at strongest battlegrounds also I’m mobile

  12. roblox players trying not to recomend the most generic ass ability games (impossible)

  13. Why did you not put blox fruits it is best known fighting game

  14. Blox Fruit and Dragon blox💀💀

  15. Bruh Blox fruit is good to play too why did you forget him+_+

  16. item asylum can literally beat all of these games, im not joking its factual check the weapons

    edit: there used to be a weapon that can destroy the whole game lol (btools)

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