Top 5 ANNOYING MOTION INPUTS in fighting games -

Top 5 ANNOYING MOTION INPUTS in fighting games

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Fighting games are known for having some hard inputs, so after talking to chat I decided to dig and find some of the hardest, most annoying inputs in a fighting game.

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  1. No Summon Suffering from Soul Calibur?

    Also Pretzel input is in BB too. Been Hazama's astral since BBCS, and is Izanami's in BBCF.

  2. in kof 2002 and i think every other kof he's been in, k9999 has 2 pretzels and in kof 2002 exclusively he has a move called "this is so…" or "this is like" and the motion is 64646464 in midair, tbf, the move does look sick as hell

  3. god i heard "annoying inputs" and was waiting for Arcana Heart pentagram

  4. I was expecting Summon Suffering (Soul Calibur series) to make an appearance.

  5. Don’t play soul caliber I take it?

    Calamity symphony.

  6. I never had a fighting stick and I can't count how many times I've gone to training mode with a character, looked at some input and immediately thought "how am I supposed to do this with a gamepad?" XD
    Imagine 7 years old me trying to pull off that Fei Long move in SSF2 Turbo, damn were my thumbs sore T_T
    PS1-PS2 game pads were super cool thought, the d-pad was precise enough and you could slide your thumb on it with ease. Between BR2, GGXX and bass guitar, teenage me could have stopped a running train with his fingers :p

  7. Chicken wing isn't generally gonna be in a combo more than once, and typically it's the starter, but it is of great importance for Fei Long's pressure game, it's what enables him to set up his offense and put the opponent thru a lot of very fast mixup situations in a short time, so it is something Fei players have to be able to and will do a lot

  8. I feel like there's an Astral with pretzel input, but I could be wrong.
    Anyway, loved the video! Were there any honorable mentions?

  9. Delta's are rough (Guile Ultra 1 and Deejay Ultra 2 as an example) they're charge moves too

  10. doing pretzel move in good old psx controller really torned up my thumb. couldn't play consoles games for 2 weeks.

  11. i love all instant air inputs including chicken wing but sf2 has hard inputs for sure

  12. doesnt Icy from soul calibur have a really crazy command grab input? soul calibur could probably have its own list

  13. I'm late, but "doesn't exist in any anime game I know of"…?
    Dizzy says "Hi" lol

  14. That Arcana heart input sounds like hell even on hitbox LOL

  15. TSNMLito22885 Fighting Games Passion says:

    Yoooo I definitely know exactly what you are talking about with every character lol. Especially Litchi. Fei in the older in Street Fighter 2 the input harder sfiv had it easier

  16. I hate Super Skrull's Rolling Hook in Marvel 3. It might seem simple, but the fact that it is triple forward makes it really awkward, it is almost impossible to do on reaction and most of the time it is only used in combos. The truly sad part is that it is meant to be a full screen poke, but the triple forward motion will trigger a dash which defeats its design purpose, as he will just execute it in the middle of the screen. In general I hate any move which requires mashing the same input more than twice, which he also has with his Tenderizer special.

  17. ANNOYING MOTION INPUTS in fighting games…. then states he dont play street fighter games … wtf

  18. 22 is my personally most hated input. It takes me much longer than it should and I'm often too slow Even though I'm doing KOF 13 combos elsewise

  19. I'm a scrub with Fighting Games so I can't even do DP reliably.

  20. The Pretzel Motion is no that hard, is less uninttuitive than the other… Besides The Pretzel Motion actually did exist in anime FG, Hazama Astral Finish has always been a Pretzel Motion

  21. Dizzy's Instant Kill in Accent Core always makes me wanna cry

  22. To achieve the maximum burst speed in Melee you've got to "boost runs" which is "6413646". But what really makes it hard is that it isn't a smooth motion. You've to hold each direction for a specific number of frames. So it's a good thing it's completely useless.

  23. Ivy's special grabs in soul calibur were pretty bonkers

  24. double 360 and that ridiculously rare triple 360. I hate 360's as it is but to have to do it twice is fucking obnoxious. That's why I love skullgirls where all command throws are qc throw.

  25. Ngl hate the dp imput for stuff like blazblue and shit

  26. Arcana Heart also has 12369, as well as 4628 (but you have to do it very fast)

  27. Yoriko actually has 2 up pentagrams plus 2 up trigrams and 2 upside down pentagrams and 2 upside down trigrams.

    Since you can go to either the left or right to continue the shapes

    And yeah, gotta go to neutral after each direction. Also gotta do it relatively quickly after the initiating move, ancient talisman (632146x)

  28. Also all green is pretty much like Elsa's critical heart in Arcana Heart. Though Elsa's critical heart has very strict timing after an initiating move (28x then 2864ab (or 2846ab, forget exactly))

  29. Virtua FIghter's crouch dashing byakko or SDE would be on the list for me

  30. Pretty much any Fatality or Brutality in Mortal Kombat. There is no way that anyone found them in the arcades by accident back in the 90's.

  31. is the music playing in the background from Final Fantasy X?

  32. 1.Geese Howards original raging storm
    2. Holy Order Sol's original Instant Kill
    3.Guile/Vegas Super from SF4
    4.Justice/ Dizzy super( With Practice it gets easier.)

  33. Anyone got a link to the thumbnail image? I can't find it on the artist's twitter profile

  34. Any combo that requires a charge move mid combo is automatically annoying to me

  35. The super somersault kick motion introduced in Super Street Fighter II Turbo is another pain in the ass.

  36. Hazama's Astral used to be a pretzel motion before it got changed .

  37. In BlazBlue, I believe it was Jin ultimate had 2 full 360 spins on the movement stick to activate it.

    So if you're not turning on easy mode for activating the ultimate you have to use this move in a combo. I find that to be utterly ridiculous.

    The one called Pretzel is one I don't get. It shows 6 moves in total. But doing a half swing on the joypad twice isn't hard for me. I think that quite a few Guilty Gear characters have ultimates that activate that way.

  38. Haomaru's tenhafuujinzan is fucked.
    I think it's 341236421BC.

  39. full motion circle to me is the father of annoying command inputs

  40. bonus: Leona Orochi mode and Vice Overkill grab

  41. Pretzel input is actually pretty easy once you're pass the "quartercircle" phase. My favourite was a semi-pretezel dizzy command grab super. Iirc it's forward-back-forward semi- then 3 and P

  42. Don’t forget the Super DBZ Star Motion either. Oh shoot you actually mentioned it at the end lmaoo.

  43. Only just realised Yoriko's input was a pentagram. Never touched her after seeing the input once.

  44. how about….raging demon? Maybe it lost its punch, since SFIV already watered it so much down, and I dont even know how you input it in V. But in third strike, alpha, CvS2…. you gotta be good to hit somebody with it. the motion itselfs hinders you from hitting someone with it. In most cases you gotta kara it or hide it in a dash or empty jump or something.

  45. Ivy's command grab in soul calibur 2. I remember looking at it in a guide online and crying. tbf that was before I was good at any command inputs and I don't actually remember it very well

  46. Oh God the old SNK games supermoves like Rebout Fatal Furys, Ninja Warriors, Samurai Shodowns were so hard sometimes. Also, Guile, Vega, and Chun Li's charged diagonal down super combos still give me a headache.

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