TOP 25 FIGHTING Games on Nintendo Switch ! -

TOP 25 FIGHTING Games on Nintendo Switch !

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This video is about top 25 Fighting games on Nintendo Switch that is available now and you can buy it today!

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  1. My hero 2 is way to low on this list! I mean way way to low! It's in the top 10 fighting games on the console

  2. My hero 2 is way to low on this list! I mean way way to low! It's in the top 10 fighting games on the console

  3. guilty gear xrd: rev2, para nintendo switch

  4. The only fighting game I have ever owned was mk2 and mk11

  5. Fellow switch owners, do you buy games for the switch you already own on ps4 or Xbox just cuz?

  6. Awesome collection of fighters here. Love your channel and been watching it since the beginning

  7. Top 25 fighting games on Switsch? 90% are realy bad. Good job with the video bro, but the games are not good. Verry cheap and i get eyecancer…

  8. Actually Dragonball Xenoverse 2 is getting a new update this July.

  9. I like how you copied 2 old for gaming style of videos

  10. or remake or killer instint 🙈🙈🙈🥺🥺🥺♥️♥️

  11. Fantasy Strike guys is awesome and it’s FREE now!!!!

  12. Werbung werbung Werbung——-Video fast unschaubar..

  13. PIXEL is not that nice, not a top fighting for me, the graphics are not so entertained

  14. I'd like to see Tekken 7, Injustice 2, USF4, and Soul Calibur 6 come to the Switch someday.

  15. Do all the games work ok with a fight stick which I’m getting in the next few day’s as never played fighting games before so it’s all new to me

  16. Samurai Shodown has a special place in my heart from my younger days in an arcade

  17. Blazblue cross tag team
    The best game for switch

  18. Im waiting on Soulcalibur….. I hope one day.

  19. Would be nice to see Eternal champions Fighting game make a come back I remember playing it on Sega CD

  20. When it comes to fighting games, I think it’s safe to say that Ark System Works does it best.

  21. my advice get db fighterz ive been playing it since it was ported and itsnot different from the pc version it also has really good online gameplay if u prefer to play online and a roster with a good amount of characters.

  22. Power rangers battle grid, skull girls and rivals of aether should all be added in this list.

  23. never play fighting games ever in ur life again

  24. Hey think you made a mistake the number one spots a party game

  25. You meant playing Ryuko great game though

  26. In kill la kill her name is Ryuko the rivals name is Satsuki

  27. Smash and brawlhalla would be considered more of a brawler type game rather than a fighting game

  28. What was the first game while he was talking at the start

  29. Bandaaaaaaaaai you foools !!! Where is tekken 7 !!!! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR !!!!! 😡 you are gonna sell the system more and also pro controllers !!! And don't forget about crash bandicoot 4 !! SO MAKE MORE SWITCH PORTS !! YOU ALREADY KILLED THE 3DS 😡💔 resident evil 2 and 3 😱😡

  30. One Strike is Terrible, Don't waste your cents on that trash. Thank me later

  31. I like the list but Metacritic is garbage.

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