Top 20 Self explosion Moves(Fighting games) -

Top 20 Self explosion Moves(Fighting games)

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00:00 Samurai Shodown II
00:16 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters
00:29 Kaiser Knuckle
00:44 Golden Axe: The Duel
01:04 Dragoon Might
01:16 World Heroes Perfect
01:30 Mortal Kombat Trilogy
01:53 Mortal Kombat 9
02:11 Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter
02:23 Street Fighter III 3rd Strike
02:39 Samurai Shodown V Special
02:51 Guilty Gear XX Slash
03:19 KOF2002UM
03:27 Skullgirls
03:55 Dragon Ball Fighter Z
04:54 Soulcalibur VI


  1. Foxy from KOF is the only one that makes sense

  2. Electrode has one in Smash Bros and Pokken. You forgot about those.

  3. If Cyber-smoke and Cyber Sub-Zero applied, so should Raiden and his also dumb fatality from 3d era.

  4. Eu pensei que o Deidara ia aparecer, já que ele também se auto explode

  5. I was expecting Shuma-Gorath's Chaos Dimension 😌

  6. Kamikazee spell from Hero in Smash Bros is missing

  7. Look at the damage on @ Holy crap no wonder I didn;'t learn about this move until last year, no sane person would do this!

  8. Android 18, 2B, Alita Combat Angel. Damn, they're more hot than any girl alive.

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