Top 20 Self explosion Moves(Fighting games) -

Top 20 Self explosion Moves(Fighting games)

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00:00 Samurai Shodown II
00:16 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters
00:29 Kaiser Knuckle
00:44 Golden Axe: The Duel
01:04 Dragoon Might
01:16 World Heroes Perfect
01:30 Mortal Kombat Trilogy
01:53 Mortal Kombat 9
02:11 Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter
02:23 Street Fighter III 3rd Strike
02:39 Samurai Shodown V Special
02:51 Guilty Gear XX Slash
03:19 KOF2002UM
03:27 Skullgirls
03:55 Dragon Ball Fighter Z
04:54 Soulcalibur VI


  1. Predator does that too via Brutality in MKX

  2. I was expecting to see Dynamite by Jin Saotome and Hattori Hanzo's Burning Dragon from Samurai Shodown.

  3. Windchild Including ("I Talk To The Moon") says:

    Oh no, Yamcha's been Yamcha'd again.

  4. Majin Vegeta in dbz series saturn/ps1/ps2/ps3, nope ?

  5. How do you add the midget mime, but not Saibamen from Budokai 3?

    Their explosions will always insta kill Yamcha and you can hear Krillin scream his name from the background. That is peak comedy.

  6. What about Hero's Kamikaze from Smash Ultimate

  7. I always thought cyber sub zero teleported.

  8. You forgot Gamma “INITIATE RECOVeRING MODE” from Sonic battle

  9. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼🔝🔝🔝👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  10. This Dan explosion caught me off guard lmao.

  11. The saibaman blowing up yamcha and killing him was perfect accuracy from the anime 👌👍

  12. The Saiyan characters when they self destruct, that'd be cooler and funnier if they were to grab and strangle their opponent like how Homer does to Bart and they yell:
    WHY YOU LITTLE!!! As they are about to explode

  13. First 13 seconds of "YNW Melly's Suicidal" plays

  14. Isn't Cyber Sub-Zero's just him teleporting, though?

  15. dragon ball z the original Self explosion Move

  16. Weakest Explosion: Dan Hibiki, duh.
    Strongest Explosion: Cyber Smoke and Android 16

  17. This list is missing the Predator's Brutality from Mortal Kombat X where he blows himself up.

  18. Muchos no tienen sentido androide 16 se autodestruye por lo que el daño lo recibe el tambien aparte se presupone que la explosion es tan fuerte que destruye la tierra como control contra cell y chaos no tiene tanto poder para matar napa si acaso le bajaria la mitad de vida al oponente o un cuarto de sangre

  19. Majin Vegeta also does a self explosion style move.

  20. Expecting Majin Vegeta
    Majin Vegeta: "I'm not doing anything for the woman, the boy, or even that clown."

  21. ::Character self destruct and walk out just fine::
    Chiaotzu: 😳…. How???

  22. What am I fighting for… Robo-Fortune… You remind me of someone…

  23. We peaked in YouTube top tens with this one

  24. Enemy decides to self explode: stonks
    Only you take damage: not stonks

  25. Smoke es el mas pendejo porque se baja al planeta entero , incluso mata a los jugadores y a los creadores jajajajajajjaa

  26. O juiz da samurai 2 foi muita apelação. Kkkkkkk

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