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Top 20 Muay Thai Fighting Game Characters!

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Top 20 Muay thai fighters from fighter games.
2 per franchise. Today we find who is the king of Muay Thai


  1. Sagats not in the thumbnail. What a joke pmsl.

  2. adon from streetfichter he not muay thai?

  3. They did well giving it to the Muay Thai Giant Sagat but when it comes to realism in fighting I will choose Fahkumram

  4. Hwa jai or the beautiful Muay Thai queen king of art of fighting joe Higashi

  5. Bruce, and Brian fury should have been 2, & 3

  6. We all know it’s zack from dead or alive 😂

  7. Eternal Champions is criminally underrated. It's a pretty competent fighting game. I really like the two games it had

  8. 5:34 Shura (generic Muay Thai character) is the definition of plain 😒
    Even the other World Heroes characters call him plain (or sober) EVEN Shura himself calls him plain when he beats a mirror match.
    You can see that in win quotes against Shura in the japanese version of World Heroes Perfect and in ADK World (a japanese exclusive Minigame compilation for the Neo Geo CD)
    Even the developers joked about how plain Shura is 😂

  9. I would have included DeeJay too. Some real no names on the list.

  10. my favourites :
    Sagat, Adon – Street Fighter
    Fahkumram – Tekken
    Muay Thai (based on Tong Po) – Shaolin vs Wutang
    Chang Tai (based on Tony Jaa) – Kings of Kung Fu

    I like Bruce Tekken too but for me he is always more of a kickboxer than a conventional muay thai fighter

  11. Sagat inspired me to also train this also

  12. i never use mauy thai characters cause they always look lame in games to me lmao. even tho the most popular muay thai fighter in the modern age is tony jaa. Who actually looks cool lol. And before that, we had Van dam play a few muay thai characters. so why do a lot of muay thai video game characters always look so lame lol

  13. What is the song you used at the start of the video?

  14. Payak Sitipitak has 11 kids?? Who does he think he is, Nick Cannon?

  15. You just gave me nostalgic goosebumps by mentioning, Tong Po 😢

  16. Don’t forget Eddie Brown from Dynamite Cop, PD-4 from The Bouncer, and Tong Yoon from Urban Reign. They also used Muay Thai as their fighting style.

  17. On shinsaku vs John
    Muay Thai vs either Muay Lao or letwei

  18. Fakhumram was certainly one of the most intimidating video game characters from Tekken, standing at an impressive 6’7” with an array of ink and gnarly looking scars. Certainly would like to see a match go down between him and Sagat, as both Muay Thai combatants share some similarities and tower above pretty much everyone else on this list.

  19. Sagat character get inspiration from "Sagat Peth-yin-dee" Real live Thai fighter

  20. Are you the VOICE OF TRUTH?? Back in da building!

  21. It's sad to see that you included Jax and not Tong Yoon from urban reign..if you haven't heard of urban reign,that's even more sad

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