Top 20 best Sega Genesis Fighting games -

Top 20 best Sega Genesis Fighting games

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Best sega genesis fighting games on the Sega Megadrive / Genesis. NO JAPANESE EXCLUSIVES. This list doesn’t include boxing,wrestling or martial art type games,although King of the monsters comes close to being a wrestling game i’d still class it as a fighter.


Clay fighter
King of the monsters
Virtua fighter 2
Pit fighter
King of the monsters 2
Turtles tournament fighters
Dragon ball Z
World heroes
VR troopers
Fatal fury
Weapon lord
Art of fighting
Mortal kombat
Fatal fury 2
Ultimate MK 3
Samurai shodown
Eternal champions
Mortal kombat II
Super street fighter II
Street fighter II S.C.E


Ballz 3D
Beast wrestler
Brutal paws of fury
Deadly moves / Power athlete
Double dragon V
Dragon the Bruce Lee story
Fighting masters
Heavy nova
Justice league task force
Ka-Ge-Ki: Fists of Steel
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Mortal kombat 3
Primal rage
Power instinct
Rise of the Robots
Slaughter Sport
Street smart
Time killers


Toughman contest
Best of the best karate/kickboxing
Muhammad Ali heavyweight boxing
Boxing legends of the ring
Greatest heavyweights
Evander Holyfield boxing
Foreman for real
James Buster Douglas boxing
George Foremans K.O boxing
WWF Super Wrestlemania
WWF Royal rumble
WWF Wrestlemania the arcade game
Wrestle war
Saturday night slam masters


  1. Street of Rage 2 was the first fighting game I played and to this day the best beat em up ever!!

  2. Lamentablemente el único superior al SNES fue MK 1

  3. 2:11 bout time somebody showed pit fighter some love. One of the best and underrated games ever Imo 🤓

  4. Clay Fighter? Seriously?? Well, people really have got different tastes. Two games I think could appear in this list are Power Athlete and Power Instinct – although I guess the latter falls into the Japanese exclusive category you left out.

  5. This is stupid,why no japanese exclusives? Yu yu hakusho is the best with street fighter 2

  6. 1. Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
    2. Street Fighter ll
    Y después el que quieran…..

  7. Road Rash 1 2 and 3, Primal Rage, Street of Rage 1 2 and 3, Street Race 1 and 2, Sonic 1 2 and 3, Sonic 3d blast and etc

  8. Faltaram YuYu Hakusho sunset fighters, Shaq Fu, Westlemania WWF…

  9. Clay fighter hard to get you only could rent it

  10. 1. UMK3
    2. Super Street Fighter 2
    3. MK2
    4. Street Fighter 2
    5. Fatal Fury 2
    Despues me da igual…

  11. Samurai shodown é uma conversão boa pro mega drive, mk 3 e ultimate também, acho que esses são os melhores pro mega. Esqueci do Street fighter 2 special champion edition e da Super Street fighter 2 também.

  12. Genesis sempre um passo atrás do super nintendo .

  13. There's no way in hell I'm putting Street Fighter over Mortal Kombat

  14. Pit Fighter was an affront to video games. Get it outta there, chief

  15. Jeez. Alot of hate on Pit Fighter. Sure the console ports were awful, but it was pretty badass in the arcades back in the day..

  16. Wtf ever happened to Eternal Champions 2? It had been rumored to be in the works for the Saturn and then the Dreamcast; Definitely a bummer that it never worked out.

  17. Ultimate Mk3 should have been #1. They clip that was shown of it, made the game look retarded😒

  18. Im big fan of sega games, than the XboX, games, thats all;-)

  19. Pit FIghter & Virtua Fighter 2? The title says best not worst…

  20. Eternal Champions, the most underrated fighting game ever in my opinion.

  21. Q buenos juegos yo tengo elvsega y lo juego todavia

  22. Q buenos juegos yo tengo elvsega y lo juego todavia

  23. Strange list. Virtua Fighter was a 3-D game turned into a 2-D game because the console wasn't powerful enough to deliver decent 3-D polygon animation. What's left was a terrible port that's misses the point of the original.

    Clay Fighters was entirely too pixelated and grainy because the console didn't have the color capability required for good, smooth shading, resulting in a very low-res-looking game. Many Genesis games suffered greatly from the console's limited color palate.

  24. Did anyone else find the Clay Fighter controls a bit awkward?

  25. All of these games are amazing! 🦄🦄🦄

  26. am i the only one that notice that the authors that made dbz spelled Krillins name wrong? 4:43

  27. Primal rage is 100% better than a lot of these titles, otherwise nice list/vid

  28. I'm looking for a game similar in style to eternal champions one character has a move "wheel kick"

  29. good order
    note there's fixes for the audio for SF2 / Super SF2 which fixes the distorted speech samples

  30. No Shaq-Fu? Not even joking that game is really good fun once you figure out the controls. It's a 7/10 game. Eternal Champions is a 1/10 game, no joking at all. That game is a hot mess of controls and limp sfx.

    I have a theory about Super and Street Fighter 2. They run too slowly. Even sped right up they feel too slow to play. I don't play them for that reason. My theory is Capcom nerfed the play speed because they took a bung from Nintendo. If Shaq-Fu has a fast mode which is a game which already plays too fast and has more frames of animation and animated backgrounds, I feel Street Fighter 2 could be running much more quickly as it plays too slow to be fun for me.

  31. Wow, thanks for this. King of Monsters and Eternal Champions were my shit. Honorable mention: Primal Rage. 👊

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