Top 20 best Sega Genesis Fighting games -

Top 20 best Sega Genesis Fighting games

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Best sega genesis fighting games on the Sega Megadrive / Genesis. NO JAPANESE EXCLUSIVES. This list doesn’t include boxing,wrestling or martial art type games,although King of the monsters comes close to being a wrestling game i’d still class it as a fighter.


Clay fighter
King of the monsters
Virtua fighter 2
Pit fighter
King of the monsters 2
Turtles tournament fighters
Dragon ball Z
World heroes
VR troopers
Fatal fury
Weapon lord
Art of fighting
Mortal kombat
Fatal fury 2
Ultimate MK 3
Samurai shodown
Eternal champions
Mortal kombat II
Super street fighter II
Street fighter II S.C.E


Ballz 3D
Beast wrestler
Brutal paws of fury
Deadly moves / Power athlete
Double dragon V
Dragon the Bruce Lee story
Fighting masters
Heavy nova
Justice league task force
Ka-Ge-Ki: Fists of Steel
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Mortal kombat 3
Primal rage
Power instinct
Rise of the Robots
Slaughter Sport
Street smart
Time killers


Toughman contest
Best of the best karate/kickboxing
Muhammad Ali heavyweight boxing
Boxing legends of the ring
Greatest heavyweights
Evander Holyfield boxing
Foreman for real
James Buster Douglas boxing
George Foremans K.O boxing
WWF Super Wrestlemania
WWF Royal rumble
WWF Wrestlemania the arcade game
Wrestle war
Saturday night slam masters


  1. I played championship edition to death & I still can’t see putting it over super street fighter 2…also umk3 was the most well made version of mortal kombat on the Genesis …mk2 was too much of a terrible port …after we overlooked the flaws in mk1…

  2. Wtf mortal kombat #8 now im interested in seeing whats better than mortal kombat and super street fighter

  3. Justice League Task Force is a great game with good graphics and gameplay. Eternal Champions is underrated I think as well.

  4. Did anyone else play eternal champions? That game was awesome

  5. Взял первые попавшиеся 20 игр и слепил из них топ20, явно не играя и в половину из этого списка. И, как бы не любили многие серию Street Fighter — на Sega куда лучше зашла Mortal Kombat.
    Столько хороших файтингов упустил, зато влепил в список лучших откровенное дерьмо. Сделано для галочки, зачем вообще кто-то ставит лайк.

  6. Is the Genesis' library of fighting games so small that you would honestly rank Pitfighter in the top 20?

  7. Would have Mortal Kombat 1 higher on the list, I know it is only an opinion… Enjoyed watching this.. Thanks

  8. Александр Бондаренко says:

    Street Fighter 2 better than Super Street Fighter 2? LOL

  9. Tengen perfected Pit Fighter on the Genesis, while the Snes Pit Fighter developed by THQ is such a brutal port.

  10. Faltou Yuyu Hakusho e Deadly Moves. E também Fighting Masters

  11. I am really surprised to see MKll in higher position than UMK,
    but than I've remembered how I was konsumed by it being a kid x))))

  12. I was like street fighter champion edition better be above turbo.. I’m pleased to see it earned the top spot. It’s the only 16bit port that’s closest to the arcade! If Japanese games were included, yuyu hakusho takes the cake by a mile and you can include any SNES games on that as well.. the game was way ahead of its time!

  13. El mejor es mortal kombat ultimate o el 3 para sega

  14. Cada uno innovaba a su manera, eso es lo genial

  15. Fatal Fury 2 do Mega tem as mesmas faixas pretas que tem na versão protótipo de Street Fighter II' Champion Edition do Mega Drive.

  16. Hahaha I remember a Genesis pirate game called "Top Fighter 2000"…Ali, Michael Jordan, Ryu, Kyo Kusanagi, Goku and more… 🤣🤣

  17. Sin ánimo de ofender a la comunidad de Sega, pero que horribles gráficos tenían todos los juegos que se presentaron aquí, aunque reconozco que eso no les quita que muchos de ellos eran muy buenos, pero lo digo porque sega también contó con juegos estupendos gráficamente hablando como la saga de Sonic, Comix Zone,Rocket Knigths, GunStar Heroes entre otros.

  18. Street fighter 2 the New Challengers sega best

  19. Nigga htw you gonna list TMNT as a good game?
    Genesis version sucked dog farts

  20. Haven't played all these games but I know TMNT Tournament Fighter has no business being in the top 20. Would replace it with Power Rangers.

  21. I was a child of the 80's and 90's…it's no wonder Mortal Kombat exploded like it did compared to some of this crap. Eternal Champions was absolutely a second favorite.

  22. I was startin to wonder where Eternal Champions was, good call

  23. No Darkstalkers or Primal Rage. Both great games

  24. Eternal Champions is way too high up on this list. The game has great music, characters, graphics and story but the actual gameplay (the thing that matters the most in a fighting game) is absolute shit.

  25. ClayFighter lol forgot about that one gr8 list!!! 👍🍻

  26. How is Super Street Fighter II not better than Street Fighter II Champion Edition? It's literally the same game but with more characters.😵

  27. primal rage definitely deserved a spot on here.

  28. Top exclusives japaneses beat games please

  29. Say, was the Sega Genesis version of Pit Fighter a good port?

  30. The Genesis port of World Heroes was just plain awful. You could've found a better game for this list.

  31. It's a shame Rise of The Robots never got a mention on this list. It was total rubbish but great at the same time. Never figured out how to do the turbo headbutt though 🙁

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