Top 16 Fighting Games of This Generation You NEED To Play -

Top 16 Fighting Games of This Generation You NEED To Play

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It’s been a crazy generation for fighting games, especially towards the end. We’ve seen classic franchises revived, brand new titles enter the ring and long-awaited sequels to some of the bigger blockbusters. Opinions may differ on which is your favorite but let’s get into the 16 best fighting games of this generation, starting with…


  1. I was gone say if tekken or soul caliber isnt number 1 I just dont understand lol

  2. I thought that BBTag should've been included too. It's fun and easier than the main Blazblue games and Under night. Although the "easier to play" is also its own weakness, as I became such a noob when i went back to play BBCF and UNiB. Also bbtag could have so much more potential if they keep adding more characters which is its greatest selling point. Come on Arcsys! Also you guys forgot Skullgirls😕

  3. FGC Boi here to remind u normies. Smash is not a fighting game. Also play bb tag. The chibis welcome u.

  4. None comes close to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, then we can Say MK, KI, Tekken but Ultimate is way more fun and complete (and the only console Seller) than anything in the list.

  5. Smash Bros games aren't fighting games

  6. – I actually prefer Mortal Kombat XL to MK11. Story, new fighters, everything.

    – Love Dragon Ball FighterZ. Incredible presentation.

    – Can't earn XP or FM in Street Fighter's V's Arcade modes. The grind is pointless.

    – No Dead or Alive 6 😕 Ignore the ripoff DLC and it's solid fun.

    – Tekken 7's features are weirdly lacking (No Team Battle, Survival, or even Vs CPU)

    – Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 is amazing. Probably my #1.

  7. No question Tekken is still the best (even if 4, 5 & 6 were much better). I only like Namco fight games and a little Mortal.

  8. Super Smash Bros Ultimate is the only deserving on the list

  9. You should’ve put MKX on this list. Look I like a lot of what MK11 has to offer, but MKX succeeds in the gameplay part because it’s just so fu*king great.

  10. Not to bother you, but is there any chance you can finish up the Zelda timeline? You left us hanging on part 3 more than 2 years ago now

  11. Your gameplay in fighting games are too weak to show what is the game all about. Next time practice a few combos before showing us gameplay

  12. 1.Tekken 7
    3.Super Smash Bros Ultimate
    4.Killer Instinct

  13. Arc system works games have most of the spots

  14. Tekken 7 shouldn't even be in the list. More than half the characters are locked out with paid dlc.

  15. This top was made by a casual weeb player of fighting games !
    Shame on you man !

  16. sad to not see skullgirls on here. amazing gameplay, stunning visuals, actually great netcode. definitely one of the best fighting games that has come out

  17. Doa 6 wow you fell out of grace. But tekken 7 is king. Waiting for virtua fighter 6 to come and take over the reigns but Sega will be Sega

  18. Street fighter sucks..
    Mortal kombat looks cool as fuck but the gameplay sucks
    Tekken has awesome gameplay but the characters are goofy and campy and they suck…

  19. What about naruto ultimate ninja storm 4???

  20. so you have smash bros on 3ds and smash bros on switch in the same list….i hate this fucking channel

  21. My favorite games
    1. Tekken 7
    2. Injustice 2
    3. Marvel vs capcom 3
    4. King of fighters IV

  22. Smash bros my favorite the roster is amazing were else can you see Sephirot vs Steve from minecraft go at it

  23. I just can't take you seriously at all putting Mortal Kombat 11 over smash knowing how many people are saying Mortal Kombat 11 is completely broken

  24. You took it to far man putting smash 3ds above king of fighters

  25. 1. Mk 11 ultimate, the best fighting game ever made
    2. Injustice 2
    3.tekken 7
    4.street fighter V
    5.soul calibur

    The rest of them nobody really cares

  26. Dont u know there is a game called shadow fight??🤣

  27. "Top 16 Fighting Games of This Generation"
    Ehm, I don't think that more fighting games exist in this generation… soo… the a big list is kinda weird.

  28. good list, I like both tekken 7 and MK11 but for me, mortal kombat 11 would go in the first place

  29. Where tf is mkx? I’m a diehard mortal kombat fan, and I recently bought mkx(the game is still alive) and I also mk11, and I can confirm MKX is way better than MK11!

  30. Wait where is Dead Or Alive 6??? Deserves definitely top 3

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