Top 16 Fighting Games of This Generation You NEED To Play -

Top 16 Fighting Games of This Generation You NEED To Play

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It’s been a crazy generation for fighting games, especially towards the end. We’ve seen classic franchises revived, brand new titles enter the ring and long-awaited sequels to some of the bigger blockbusters. Opinions may differ on which is your favorite but let’s get into the 16 best fighting games of this generation, starting with…


  1. I hate to sound like that toxic Tekken fan but Tekken 7 honestly blows all of these other games out of the water

  2. Says THIS generation. Shows games from the 2 past generations (8th and 9th). We're currently at the 10th gen, which still doesn't have a proper fighting game.

  3. i would be mad about that uniclr was only nr 8 but then i remembered how much it kinda sucks singleplayer wise and has HORRIBLE netcode

  4. MKX beats all these games including MK11, mk11 is just trash nowadays

  5. I know about the shit launch that Street Fighter V had and people usually only judge it based on that, but as it stands now, it's worthy of a top 5 at least. I mean, are you seriously considering Netherrealm trash to be better? Their only appeal is looking flashy or being extremely violent, but from a gameplay perspective they're really not that good. Let's not get into bad combat animations too.

  6. Noooooo I want combat games that are like Batman!!!

  7. I was waiting for a Tekken to be on this list and am thrilled to see that it's #1

  8. How to get everyone to agree with you: Mention everything

  9. Sc6 is so trash and 3 smash games wow 👎🏼

  10. I've never understood Tekken as a good game. You can spam and succeed or read the bible of moves to become "descent" at the game but still worse than the spammers… The game also seems "flat" to me. No interesting mechanics or characters. Just guys with lots of moves and numbers but no coolness to it :<

  11. i think you are spelling the dragonball fighterz the wrong way but i may be wrong

  12. my generation is so messed up they only play fortnite

  13. Tekken is where it deserves to be #1

  14. Imo the best fighting game I've ever played is urbane raign.

  15. Fighterz sucks for me. It doesn't hv the same feeling as real dragonball manga or anime which is ability of transformation.

  16. Oh come on! Fighting EX Layer and Dead or Alive 6 deserves a place over a party game like SMB!

  17. My problem with most fighters is that they all look incredibly similar in terms of art style. That’s why I prefer games like brawlhalla and rivals of aether

  18. Soon many Fighting Games I grew up with

    Street Fighter
    Mortal Kombat
    Soul Calibur
    King Of Fighters – Well it was one KOF game but I can't remember which one it is
    Virtua Fighter
    Dead Or Alive
    Super Smash Bros

    But my favorite Fighting game franchises are Street Fighter, MK, Soul Calibur & Tekken

  19. Tekken as a fighting mechanics the best of all time

  20. Tbh mk11 wasn't that good to be 2nd place, mk9 and x were better

  21. Tekken surely has a good depth of control that I will never learn anyway. But Tekken graphics and movement is like being stuck in 2010, its ugly and sucks.

  22. This is insane Tekken first and mk second this is stupid

  23. Lol if you're judging fighting games based on their story mode, you don't play fighting games

  24. It’s pronounced “fighters” not fighter z

  25. I'm really glad to see Killer Instinct finally got some recognition. Was my favorite game back in the day and to see it updated with its new system and graphics was a dream come true

  26. Yes there is nothing better then tekken😎 cause if you master it its so op😱😱

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