Top 15 PC Fighting Games of the Last 10 Years (2009-2019) | whatoplay -

Top 15 PC Fighting Games of the Last 10 Years (2009-2019) | whatoplay

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– Full ranking of the highest-rated fighting games for the PC

The ranking for the best fighting game on the PC is up. These are the top-rated brawlers, versus, and 2v2 fighting games available for PCs.

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  1. Lethal league Blaze improve every aspect of lethal league.

  2. All of these games are on steam. Steam is amazing.

  3. Skullgirls is just too hard… I can’t even finish training mode…

  4. Video would be more interesting if facecam was there

  5. +respect for putting games over 10yrs ago

  6. I know this isn't your opinion, just a calculation of user ratings, so this is more of a "what the fuck is wrong with people", but:
    -So many anime fighters, and so high in the ranking
    -GG and Tekken so low
    -Lethal League, Rivals of Aether and Naruto being included
    -No KoF

    Jesus Christ, this list is whack

  7. Where is mortal kombat? F….k you….

  8. صيادلة من أجل حياة أفضل says:

    all games are great and I have most of them but mk 10 and 11 are the best

  9. I think tekken is best fighting game of all time

  10. Mortal Kombat X may have had a rough start, but once the bugs were fixed, it's been great, at least in single player form. And how could you include Injustice but not Injustice 2? The second one was so much better than the first.

  11. Cross platform games is such a cop out I was looking for exclusives

  12. no Injustice 2? I thought that was highly regarded??

  13. what about mortal kombat, thats a fighting game

  14. I was honestly expecting Mortal Kombat here somewhere

  15. No Mk game but you put injustice God's Among Us??????

  16. this channel is criminally underrated man
    Keep up the good work

  17. WTF is this LIST??? What about Mortal-Kombat and Killer-Instinct???? SMH

  18. Melty Blood were released in 2016? what? i think i played it aged ago like 2011-2012 PC

  19. SK is a masterpiece. Nice to see someone finally giving it some recognition.

    However, you were wrong on the character count. The game has 13 playable characters with unique sets. It goes up to 14 with Fukua, but outside of the lore, she is just a reskin of Filia.

  20. fighting force was a good game sick of all the street fight clones…need more double dragon style games…

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