TOP 15 FIGHTING Games on Nintendo Switch ! -

TOP 15 FIGHTING Games on Nintendo Switch !

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This video is about top 15 Fighting games on Nintendo Switch that is available now and you can buy it today!

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  1. I have mortal kombat on switch suddenly is did not fit on my memory technically i need a sd card or something

  2. Switch needs more games if they want to stay in the competition ps4 is killing it rn and i dont wanna here diehard xbox players so stop right there.

  3. It would be cool if they ported over Naruto Rise of a Ninja

  4. is POKKEN DX worth to buy including its DLC pack?? $75????

  5. Zero research and zero effort. You’re just reading out Metacritic rankings and braindead blurbs. “Company Y has done it again.” Thanks for that. Very enlightening.

  6. комбат оценили на 3.4 а какое то говно на 9.0 вы че там ебанулись юзеры?)))

  7. Still no SoulCalibur or Dead or Alive? Eh.

  8. เกมโคตรติ่งต๊อง

  9. Hoping for Soul Calibur 6, Injustice 1/2, Absolver, Dead Or Alive 5/6 either or. But we need more fighting games.

  10. Wait xenoverse is in the top 10 ?geez the switch is really needing more fighting games

  11. What's the deal with the MK11 "user score" of 3.4?

  12. Wheres the King of fighters it's one of the best games ever created better than blaze blue

  13. Hi friend, would you like to test something OIVO, we have many products for Nintendo switch, PS4 and Xbox one consoles. If interested please feel free to contact @oivogames in Instagram.

  14. Need we internet connexion for play Naruto storm trilogie ?

  15. Just me or is my hero acadamia game 10 times better then arms

  16. Please release tekken 7 and kof 14 and street fighter 5..those we're the best fighting game that most people playing..

  17. Recommending a game that has 3/10 user score requires a lot of courage 😀

  18. Ay amigo, Dragon Ball Xenoverse ??? Really ? Es un pésimo juego, su forma de controlar es horrible…

  19. Any fighting games with character customization?

  20. I love fighter games but there is just one problem

    I have no friends

  21. Deberian sacar el far cry 4 para la nintendo switch el pe'aso de juego

  22. Imma need for soul calibur to come on switch js

  23. NO LUCK On BUYING a “NINTENDO SWITCH” or EVEN A “NINTENDO DS Console’s” They’re ALL COMPLETELY SOLD ALL SOLD OUT AT MY LOCAL WALMART STORE ! AND They’re ALL SOLD OUT ONLINE TOO. 🧐 🤨 🙃 I Couldn’t Buy Either – But I DID FIND “A RED NINTENDO 3DS XL” I Couldn’t Buy a Nintendo Switch Console SAD DAY People. I wasLooking forword to Getting one ☝️ But No 🙃

  24. The pokemon game idk the name so plz no get mad I'm aloud to talk likes because I'm a kid YOU NEED TO GET THE POKEMON GAME ITS THE BEST

  25. Fighting games that must come out

    Dead or alive six. So caliber six. Injustice two.
    Jo jos bizarre adventure

    Virtua Fighter. More specifically Virtua fighter 4
    Fighters Megamix
    There's my list. Obviously not every game may not be on Nintendo switch. But here's hoping at least most of these games will come out and if not, will just be happy with one of those games at least

  26. Seeing those Naruto games again after all these years. What a great series that was. Three was especially good.

  27. I'm getting the switch for my birthday along with this awesome game 5:33 my fav anime btw

  28. Blazblue Centralfiction is a sequel to Chronophantasma, not Continuum Shift. Also your pronunciation is off.

  29. If Pokken Tournament had gotten at least 40 characters I would have been all over that.

  30. Did you download it from e shop or or get free

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