TOP 15 FIGHTING Games on Nintendo Switch ! -

TOP 15 FIGHTING Games on Nintendo Switch !

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This video is about top 15 Fighting games on Nintendo Switch that is available now and you can buy it today!

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  1. Discusting… I'm not a hater but Putting playstation games on another company is weird…

  2. Power Rangers: Power of the Grid should be here.

  3. I loved pokken but know one else would Play it so I'm sad😟

  4. I can tell you haven’t played much blazblue

  5. Soulcalibur 6 on switch and It's perfect 😌

  6. You forgoted about super snash bros ultimate

  7. If you’re a Naruto fan: Buy the storm series, the games are really good


  9. 10:22 че запрещается смотреть? Аааа? Эй англичане ?

  10. Switch's selection of actual PvP fighting games is so dumb. They don't even have UFC 3 on there it really pisses me off

  11. If your watching in 2020 fansty strike is free

  12. i hope someday we will buy ultimate marvel vs capcom 3 in switch…..

  13. Im gonna get pokemon tournament tommorow i have my hero ones justice 2 and xeno but xeno is on xbox

  14. Pourquoi le titre est en français et la vidéo en anglais ??

  15. Por que chucha el título esta en español y el video en ingles 🙄😡😡

  16. Im still waiting for tekken 7 then ill buy the switch

  17. Dude really? Blaazblue? You butchered it.

  18. One's justice and naruto storm they also for nintendo switch lite

  19. Can you help me I don't know the price in my country

  20. Me: What is so good abt naruto 😐
    watches some of it and ends up watching the whole thing
    Also me: I’ll TaKe yOuR eNtiRe sTocK

  21. It's amazing that we can play these triple A games on the go now

  22. why does first naruto storm game goes so bad in battles

  23. I don't understand why namco bandai hate switch so much

  24. I feel like we need a real good last airbender one. The series has so much potential.

  25. Вроде Русское видео, а вроде и нет

  26. I hope they dont make a naruto game on switch Naruto is overrated

  27. Kazuya is now in Smash Ultimate we might get a tekken 7 on switch

  28. Wow 2 of these games arent even fighting games ones a Party game and the other is an Action RPG…

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