Top 15 Best Sword Fighting Games That Will Test Your Mastery -

Top 15 Best Sword Fighting Games That Will Test Your Mastery

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Video games have a lot of aspects that make them unique from other forms of media, for example, while movies allow the viewer watch action take place on the sidelines, video games test the player in the skills that they will procure from playing the game. Some games like to use guns, while others prefer a more . . . up close and personal method. With that out of the way, here are 15 Best Sword Fighting Games That Will Test Your Mastery.





  1. For honor is the only real game the others are only dodge and hit

  2. Where’s the legend of Zelda skyward sword

  3. chivalry is a very realist medieval game, and lot of funny

  4. Thanks for explaining the difference between games and movies guys

  5. No kingdom come deliverance?? Mordhaus combat system was basted on it!

  6. Ok , I need answers.
    Metal Gear Rising Revengeance , the first and only game that ever had the free blade mode (zandatsu) that can cut enemies , and while fighting , when you deal enough damage , you can cut parts of enemies bodies off. The game isn't always just go in and kill instantly , some parts need stealth , some need you to think before acting (like in Monsoon's and Sundowner's fights) , and some are just avoid and attack at the same time (Sam's and Armstrong's fights). The story might be short , but the gameplay is more realistic then in any other game to exist. So tell me , why not number 1 (I'd understand if this was based off of a pole , that the fans voted , but if not , then I don't understand).

  7. How did Kingdom Come: Deliverance not make this list? Also, the Soulsborne games should have been in the top five.

  8. i think now we all know Mordhau is greater then Chivalry in ever aspect except when it comes to becoming a Ballerina, we all know chivalry is great for ballarinas

  9. I watched just to check if there is Mount&Blade or not 😀

  10. Ok I didn‘t think Infinity Blade was by epic games like what the fuck

  11. 1. place for honor, a game that had no balance, bad mutiplayer with constant connection issues and a 5min solocampaign. Sry but this kind of discredits the whole list.

  12. what about the witcher 3, best game of decade! Amazing CoMbAt kek lul jk

  13. 2009's Deadliest Warrior has a great system too. Specially if Sudden Death is active.

  14. Where the hell is Sekiro Shadows die twice?????!

  15. 2:34 Here you say that Mordhau deserves on a place due to the fact that the player can't rely on span clicking and that it requires skill. Then you put Shadow Warrior 2 in the list

  16. 2:39 This game looks like everyone there are drunk.
    "Drunk Knights" – this should be a proper name for this game XD

  17. Can anybody tell me about a game? So this game is about a girl that has superpowers and this game is with sword fights and gun fights. When you hit new game it spawns you in a room and behind you theres a desk with some papers on it.

  18. Souls Making You Rage 3 times…..More Like 1003 times

  19. When more than half the games are old asf … We need some new ones

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