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Top 15 BEST Indie Fighting Games

Best Indie Games
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The fighting game is a classic genre that goes way back to arcades, and while huge games dominate the space, indie games in the genre are pretty good as well, so check out these picks!

00:00 ► Start
00:20 ► #15 Two Strikes :
00:49 ► #14 Fight Crab :
01:45 ► #13 Verdict Guilty :
02:17 ► #12 Fantasy Strike :
03:05 ► #11 Divekick :
03:24 ► #10 Punch Planet :
04:26 ► #9 Blade Strangers :
05:05 ► #8 Roof Rage :
06:20 ► #7 Slap City :
07:25 ► #6 Pocket Rumble :
08:01 ► #5 Them’s Fightin’ Herds :
09:22 ► #4 UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH Exe:Late[cl-r] :
10:32 ► #3 Lethal League Blaze :
11:28 ► #2 Rivals of Aether :
12:34 ► #1 Skullgirls 2nd Encore :

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  1. I didn't expect to see Skullgirls in the list because I forgot it was an indie title

  2. Fantasy strike is a fantastic free to play game with ton of depth. Im glad it made the list but deserved more than 12th place.

  3. Them's fightin' Herds!!! Their music is just

    chef kiss Magnifique

  4. I recommend giving Hellish Quart a look – it's basically "what if Bushido Blade, but in 17 century Europe?"

  5. Thems fightin herds is an amazing game that deserves more attention

  6. DONG DONG NEVER DIE is great but it is older and homebrew, so I dont think it qualifies to your list. cheers from Brasil!

  7. PEOPLE STILL TALK ABOUT POCKET RUMBLE?? I really thought it was dead for sure.
    Lethal League needs some love and Rivals is GUUD. That's all I have to say.

  8. I hope to get mine on this list one day, awesome vid^^

  9. Bro, how the heck you put Skullgirls in this list? Let alone that, put it as #1. That game has the most terrible resets & horrible spamming to deal with. Especially with Peacock. To make it even worse, the price of the game went from $10 to $25 and for you to tell these guys to go pick it up is freaking disgusting. 🤮

    Honestly, I was expecting Brawlhalla to make it into #1 but instead, I get disappointment. No wonder people disliked this video. Ugh…

  10. I really like the art and design of Skull Girls 2nd Encore, but I don't like the color palette. The colors seem too dim and almost makes everything look a bit blurry, at least on PS4 anyway. Still a great game, though.

  11. Fight Crab had me dying 🤣 🤣🤣 I love it

  12. brawhala not being included in this list is a crime.

  13. UNIB listed as indie game mfw
    where's Melty Blood in that case

  14. Just FYI, Under Night In-Birth isn't a indie title. The moment French-Bread brought Melty Blood to the arcade, they stopped being a indie dev. Glove on Fight 2 ~ Gleam of Force ~ was technically their last indie title.

  15. Is the image of the videothumbnail from a game not featured in this video?

  16. Would Shing! count as a fighting game, or a beat 'em up?

  17. Pocket Bravery will be on the list soon 😍

  18. >Fightcrab
    I don't really think that counts as a fighting game.
    >Fantasy strike
    That's a valid complaint through.
    As far as I'm aware both the main developer and the artist behind the unique visual style have left and been fired respectively. I'm not sure what they're going to do for future updates but I'd put a pause on this one.

  19. No Fighting EX Layer? No Fight Of Gods? Or Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid?. Owo

  20. Also Skullgirls 2nd Encore Is Criminally Underrated 😔.

  21. Props for including UNI, it's a dope game, but seriously… no mention of Melty Blood!? It has some of the most hype competitive gameplay around, and a massive world of lore to uncover because it takes place in the same universe as the Fate series. Melty Blood Type Lumina is set to release on September 30th 2021, so don't sleep on it!

  22. No honourable mention for Glove on fight? 😑

  23. Under night counts as indie? I know the devs aren't very big but I don't think they're indie.

  24. There are BETTER games than Blade strangers, in fact it is a game that the little good it has is that it rescues characters from the Code of princess franchise, to mention just one Omen of sorrow is BETTER, its only flaw is that its story mode it is extremely short and its characters have no individual ending.
    Two games do not mention: Fighting EX layer that has very good game mechanics (and it is a game that requires TRUE ability to learn to play) and another, that in fact belongs to the same line of the Under night type, would be the entire franchise from MELTY BLOOD featuring iconic characters like NEKO arc

  25. 武装タカアシガニ

  26. TFH is a really well made game too bad it will never be seen as something other than "that MLP fighting game."

  27. Under Night in Birth is my favorite from this list. Much love for this game.

  28. Very informative video, you named a bunch of vastly different gems. I definately gotta give Punch Planet and Lethal League Blaze a shot, once I finally get Persona 4 Arena. I'm really overdue for that one. Great job!!

  29. melty blood was Indie Fighting Game. and it should be somewhere between #1 to #5, way ahead of Them's Fightin' Herds.

  30. There's also Shaolin Vs Wutang on Steam and I think is being developed by just 1 guy, it's basically a fighting game that revolves around characters from old Kung Fu movies, it's awesome but it still needs a lot of work in terms of its animation….but the idea is awesome, there's 2 out so far, I'm hoping they really nail it by the third one.

  31. Under Night isn't an indie game, but good to see it on here regardless.

  32. Brawlhalla 100% deserves to be on this list. It's far and away the most popular indie platform fighter (blowing Rivals of Aether clean out of the water), and has a lot of interesting mechanics that lets it distance itself from its Super Smash Bros roots like the weapon system and its air dodge mechanics/"combo" system. Couple this with 51 characters (far more any other game on this list and more than this list's top 3 combined) and a fantastic free to play model (which makes it one of the few major success stories among fighting games, let alone platform fighters, in the free to play space), and you get a game that absolutely deserves to be on this list.

    The only thing that could discount it is the publisher, but keep in mind that Ubisoft was only acquired as a publisher after the game launched and proved to be successful, and that's not too much different than the Under Night In-Birth entry (which is published by Arc System Works, one of the biggest names in fighting game development)

  33. what a great time for this video since EVO is going on right now

  34. Them's fightin herds had an awesome tournament at EVO.

  35. Punch Planet, Them's Fightin' Herds and…Pocket Bravery are WAY TOO GOOD not to be on consoles. They need to reach a larger audience, console gamers are missing out.

  36. I love Skullgirls. The fact that there aren’t that many other MvC-like games is a tragedy.

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