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Top 15 BEST Indie Fighting Games

Best Indie Games
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The fighting game is a classic genre that goes way back to arcades, and while huge games dominate the space, indie games in the genre are pretty good as well, so check out these picks!

00:00 ► Start
00:20 ► #15 Two Strikes :
00:49 ► #14 Fight Crab :
01:45 ► #13 Verdict Guilty :
02:17 ► #12 Fantasy Strike :
03:05 ► #11 Divekick :
03:24 ► #10 Punch Planet :
04:26 ► #9 Blade Strangers :
05:05 ► #8 Roof Rage :
06:20 ► #7 Slap City :
07:25 ► #6 Pocket Rumble :
08:01 ► #5 Them’s Fightin’ Herds :
09:22 ► #4 UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH Exe:Late[cl-r] :
10:32 ► #3 Lethal League Blaze :
11:28 ► #2 Rivals of Aether :
12:34 ► #1 Skullgirls 2nd Encore :

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I’m Clement, nice to meet you! I have a passion for Indie Games due to how fun, creative and OUT OF THIS WORLD they can be, so this channel helps get the word out on the Best Indie Games.

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  1. Fight Crab was so amazingly fun. Had a great time with it.

    Veredict Gulty has infinites, no more updates
    Roof Rage its fun but it has infinites too and some bugs on the stages, no more updates
    Pocket Rumble its really well made and balanced but no more updates
    Divekick its good for fundamentas but for the same price range u have games with deeper gameplay, like FOOTSIES or ROBO OH and Pocket Rumble too

  3. Hello Clemmy! You released your video 12 midnight.

  4. That top five is solid as fawk, though TFH would probably be my #2, maybe cause I'm partial to traditional 2d fighters and I so respect the project's history and Mane6's passion and devotion.

  5. D'awww… I really wanted to see Indie Pogo in this top. But well, all of those games are too a bunch of gems.

  6. The devs of Slap City are making the new Nickelodeon fighting game which I'm looming forward too.

  7. Them's Fightin Herds is great really love the music for it. Hopefully it'll add more characters because it needs more.

  8. fighting games are really not my thing just here to support the channel

  9. Some of the games on the list are very good 😍
    But I thought "Brawlhalla" would be one of them 🤔

  10. The key to all/any indie fighting games is imo the animation quality and design.

    Pocket Rumble, Rivals of Aethar both stand out with respect to CLEAR animations you can parse. Skullgirls somewhat but the art style imo detracts from what's going on.

    Two Strikes and Roof Rage both look more interesting than others with different ideas and focus on fun.

    A lot of fighters, the animation quality is not good enough or it's so frenetic it's hard to parse what's going on visually.

    No Pocket Bravery here? It is an early access demo only however. But again the animation is fluid with this one and it's clear what is a combo and how it works even if you see the game first time. I think the speed of animations is part of the trick as well as the fluidity. From that you want interesting variations, eg dodge, counter, recovery, heavy recovery, juggling and so on…

  11. I love skull girls. It really has better art than basically any 2d fighter besides maybe db fighterZ and gg strive. And even compared to those games it still has more character. Just bought thems fighting herds on the steam sale. Should be hype to play

  12. Amazing to see Skullgirls still getting new content!

  13. If you like these games, you should check out Head 2 Head. It's in early access for cheap right now, and is gonna just EXPLODE with content as time goes on. It's even on kickstarter atm! Check it out!

  14. Wait does uniclr even count as indie, i would have pegged it as low profile but not really "indie".

    Hell, if uniclr flies, moreso should melty :3

  15. Punch Planet gets an instant like from me because of the Axe-welding Thicc Amazon. Yes please.

    And don't sleep on Them Fighting Heards because of the equine based cast, It's an amazingly well developed fast paced fighter.

  16. Aw HYPERFIGHT didn't make the list. It's also a great game to check out, free to play, fast pace 1 hit fighting game which is pretty fun.

  17. The Valentine thumbnail didn’t sit too well with YouTube I guess.

  18. Skull Girls really needs to be number 1. Its fantastic. Lethal League is also one of my favorites. Very sad that Samurai Gunn is not on the list. specially since samurai gunn 2 just released an early access and its great

  19. Love seeing this list. My favorite indie fighter of the year is Head 2 Head. If you haven’t seen it yet it’s in early access on Steam. Super super stylish, no complex inputs but really deep and open ended. I was fully expecting to see it in the list but I figured you either haven’t discovered it yet or you’re waiting for the rest of the feature updates like the rogue lite stuff to finish coming online. SamuraiGunn 2 is also in early access and seems like a great contender to make the list as well. Thanks for all the great content. I can’t tell you how many games I’ve discovered watching your videos.

  20. Them’s Fightin’ Herds is one of the best game titles for a game about fighting llamas and horses that I’ve ever seen.

  21. Loved this video. I own some of those games but seeing some fresh games to add to my collection was awesome. Great work and great channel! 😀

  22. guys,i’ve got an indie game buying tip. on steam,indie games that are 10-15 dollars are always really good. idk why but the ones i bought for that price were really good
    Super Fancy Pants Adventure
    Battleblock Theatre
    Castle Crashers
    Super Meat Boy
    (would put rivals of aether here but its more than but still super good)

  23. Terrordrome Rise of the Boogeymen and The Black Heart are two of the best ever. There's a lot of others in the MUGEN community that are at least worth a nod. I know they're older, so most people already know them. If you're just getting into indie gaming then they should definitely be checked out.

  24. Im terrible at fighting games, but i still enjoy playing them. I mostly played Skullgirls for the art anyway. If you know what i mean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

  25. Veredict Guilty its a VERY bad game. Cheap but one of the worst indie games i have ever played and the worst fighting game I've bought by far

  26. There was more in here that I didn't know about than I thought there would be. Somehow I missed that Under Night etc. released as a new game though which sucks for me as owner of the old unsupported one.
    Punch Planet definitely the highlight here for me among the titles I did not know yet.

  27. Amazing video!! I would like to make a suggestion for a fighting game, it is called Pocket Bravery, a very cool Brazilian game!

  28. When you think you've seen it all, a crab fighting game appears. EVO please, consider put this game in the roster!

  29. As a kid I loved fighting games, After getting back into gaming in my 30s, I hate Fighting games due to the "Simplified" controls. I am afraid to buy any indies because of this.

  30. Verdict Guilty isn't bad, but I don't think it merits a spot on the list

    Fantasy Strike is made by a scumbag plagiarist, just pay like $3 and play Footsies instead. Or Tough Love Arena if you really want something free.

  31. Your investigation is BULLSHIT, the wrong people ARE in fact managing Skullgirls now. Skullgirls is everything it is thanks to Mike Z and not the bunch of idiots running it now.

  32. Whoa i'have blade strangers for the PS4, it's awesome And adictive for His iconics characters More the Princess Solange of code of princess 😃👍

  33. anyone know the girl/character in the thumbnail?

  34. Skull girls is a good game. I just hate the setting and style of it. However, if you want a marvel vs style fighter to play. This is the go to for sure.

  35. I was surprised and chuffed to recognise most games on this list! Also, thanks for including Lethal League Blaze, it's truly a brilliant game and needs waaaaaaayyyyy more attention.

  36. Melty Blood Type Lumina is out soon by the same devs who made under night. Its looking very promising so far and at least one to keep an eye on. Skullgirls is awesome and Thems Fighting Herds but while I thought Skullgirls initial DLC was great value (i.e it was free for a few months after its release as it was paid for by crowdfunding) I kinda feel the opposite towards the new DLC. I like we are getting new characters but not at that price.

    I havent played it yet but Hellish Quart is also one I am keeping an eye on.

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