TOP 13 AWESOME Upcoming FIGHTING Games 2022 & 2023 | PS5, XSX, PS4, XB1, PC, Switch -

TOP 13 AWESOME Upcoming FIGHTING Games 2022 & 2023 | PS5, XSX, PS4, XB1, PC, Switch

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Top Upcoming Fighting games 2022 & 2023 – New Amazing Upcoming Fighting Games 2022 – Best Upcoming Fighting Games 2021 & Beyond

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  1. Yeah I got a question for you Street fighter 6 is coming out for PlayStation 4 to why are you not showing that

  2. I think Project L’s name speaks for itself

  3. Langweilig! Nichts neues das wirklich mal anders ist… 😴

  4. KOF 15 could have been a great game. The fact that they got rid of Kim Kap-Hwan, Chang Korhan, and Choi Bounge made me avoid purchasing the game. Imagine if Street Fighter got rid of Guile

  5. i think a lot of developers seem to rely on having big flashing images during hits to make the game look good but fail to realise its actually worse when you cant make out what the characters are doing its like watching a bunch of fireworks instead of actual combat

  6. Why do game development houses still think we live in the 90s arcade era? The genre needs a monumental reboot, as Sifu and Wutang vs Shaolin is trying to pioneer.

  7. Good compilation, its going to be a great year for fighters

  8. Right today this morning i was talking to myself while listening to super nintendo street fighter and i said to myself they should make a classic street fighter one remake game that looks real af with all of the stages and ad some new school sauce to it and now im watching this shit wtf is going on.

  9. Coreupt looks awesome – good for uncovering that one. No one's talking about it and that's a bummer when it looks so cool. It is real odd though – I'm almost certain it has something to do with another game called Black Salt CoreUption (which is another fighter on Steam, just a fully 3D "Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm"-style arena fighter), but I can't find any real links between the two. The companies behind them are different, but games look pretty good. I'm a fan of indies making fighters, so I hope a lot of these turn out well.

    Been waiting on Metal Revolution for awhile, and that Project L one too. I'm wary of DNF Duel a bit, both because that Arc Sys art style is pretty… not special anymore (not to mention the Japanese-style anime designs are kind of a downgrade from the Korean-style anime designs in the other Dungeon Fighter games like Project BBQ and DNF Overkill, if you ask me), and also because Granblue Fantasy Versus was way too simple for its own good, but if DNF Duel turns out to exceed expectations, I'll happily nab that one too.

    A little surprised Varvarion isn't here, but I guess it's not a pure fighter anyway and features over-the-shoulder brawling action as much as it does 1v1 fights a la Anarchy Reigns, so I can understand it. More surprised Phantom Breaker Omnia (which is launching in, like, 3 weeks)or Breakers Collection is absent, actually. Still, lotta good stuff here coming up for fight fans… this is a solid, solid list of titles to look forward to. Awesome job 😄

  10. I think Mortal Kombat is the best fighting game of all times……Street Fighter is cool but Mortal……Liu Kang Wins is iconic…….👹👹👹👹👹

  11. Street fighter is the best fighting game of all time just I want them to make one featuring all their damn characters and not make me pay for DLC characters of old characters that were already in the game before.

  12. kof 15 is not on the xb1 it's only out for the series x/s

  13. waiting for the next Tekken and Soul Calibur.

  14. Bro You are F Game Killer man But Your Channel F Game Killer Where Is

  15. You said kof14 visuals are good? That's a major cap.

  16. Everyone of these fighting games are wack.

    They play the same nothing different and nothing new.

    Waste of money and time

  17. streetfighter is only awesome when you have a fightpad or stick, i only use a basic controller so i think it's fair to say it sucks?

  18. Not a single games thats like Tekken, Soulcalibur or Virtua Fighter.

  19. I'm not trying to be mad but why metal revolution is coming out on PS4 xbox 1 pc but ok on the switch 👍🏽 but why not the next Gen Version

  20. They need an online fighting game where you can create your fighter and it will be a one of a kind no fighters will look alike and of course better the fighter the stronger they are and you can have two fighters who are undefeated and set up a online date for the bout title fight and other players can watch anyone fight and hundreds of people can watch two undefeated characters go at it. That's a type of fighting game we need.

  21. okay Blazing strike looks amazing I never heard of it

  22. It's 2022 and all we have is bunch of the same 2d games… I wish for sleeping dogs 2, soul calibur 7, ea ufc5 and hack and slash game like ninja gaiden or bayonetta ( f devil may cry)

  23. They should come up with a Cosplay Fighters game with some nice female avatar and with graphics as is Dead or Alive.

  24. Where’s the open world martial arts games?that’s what I been waiting for

  25. i cant wait for gigabash if anything its the best thing xbox is getting for fighters

  26. What are half the comments on this video? Did everyone drink corrosive liquid from underneath the sink?

  27. These games are garbage we need better fighting games besides multiverse

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