TOP 11 BEST FIGHTING GAMES For DS (Nintendo DS Fighting Games) -

TOP 11 BEST FIGHTING GAMES For DS (Nintendo DS Fighting Games)

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This is the Top 11 Best Fighting Games for DS (Nintendo DS Fighting Games), this list is based on MY OWN choice, and… the last one is my favorite :))

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  1. The DS fighting game choices are very limited. The GBA library is way better imo.

  2. Honestly, the first supersonic Warriors is way better, the mechanics of the second one are horrible, it makes me want to forget that the sequel exists 😢

  3. So is bullying Uryu the only thing you can do in Bleach-Dark Souls

  4. Knew this was gonna be good as soon as I saw Gigant Battle 2

  5. Got myself a used 3ds for around 35 dollars.Games are stupid if youre not a nintendo fan.Only thing i like is SMT Devil Survivor which is a DS port.Well i cant complain since its hacked.3ds, ds, gba native support no emulation.The new 3ds are capable of emulating Neo Geo but then again, just get the Vita.It has the best dpad hands down from years of my experience.And its way way more powerful than 3dsPerfect for fighting games and the oled screen is amazing.

  6. Ese Dragon Ball Kai , esta genial!!
    menuda joya de la NDS 😉

  7. Ngl I kinda prefer the psp when it comes to fighting games. Especially blazblue

  8. Basically the creator of Nintendo fighter games was a weeb

  9. 格鬥遊戲卻放出不怎麼好玩的感覺的片段…放點連招或是技巧演示的不是更能吸引人嗎……

  10. Mortal kombat and both of the bleach games are the best fighters on the ds in my opinion

  11. Its a pitty that NDS never got a street fighter, KOF, marvel vs capcom, darkstalkers or any capcom or snk fighting games from 90s. Many games from that ages never were released on nintendo 64.

  12. bleach darksouls is like a guilty gear but w/ steroids

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